Manual - Valet
Part No. 100-997
Bluetooth music interface for wireless connection between
intercom and music devices having Bluetooth capability.
The use of this device requires an optional USB/3.5mm Wallplate (P/N 100-998) to be fitted to the
intercom system. Compatible with M200 and M250 intercom masters only.
Connect the Bluetooth receiver to the 3.5mm audio socket
in the wallplate, using the supplied 3.5mm adapter, as pictured.
Connect the supplied USB lead to the Bluetooth receiver and to the USB socket in the wallplate to
provide power and charge the Bluetooth Receiver’s inbuilt battery.
Note: The USB lead can be left permanently connected to the Bluetooth receiver. With the USB
lead removed (after being fully charged) the Bluetooth receiver will operate for approximately 8 hrs.
Press and hold the button on the Bluetooth receiver for 5 seconds to turn on.
If not already paired, the red and blue LEDs will begin to flash alternatively after about 5 seconds.
Enable the Bluetooth setting on your phone or music device.
The Bluetooth receiver will display as DL-LINK on your music device.
If your device makes a BLUETOOTH PAIRING REQUEST, select PAIR.
If not, select DL-LINK on your music device to pair.
When successfully paired, the blue LED will flash slowly on the Bluetooth receiver.
If paired but not transmitting music via Bluetooth signal, the red LED on the receiver will eventually
flash slowly in stead of the blue. When music is again transmitted, the blue LED will again flash.
If the Bluetooth connection is lost, the red and blue LEDs will again flash alternatively on the
Bluetooth receiver. If this occurs, the connection can be established from your device by selecting
DL-LINK in Bluetooth settings.
Press the AUX button and then press the 3 button at the master to select the Auxiliary Music input.
- The AUX MUSIC indicator at master will illuminate.
Press the MUS button to enable music mode at intercom stations where music is required.
- The RED indicator will illuminate at stations where music mode is enabled.
Initially, adjust volume on audio device to achieve desired volume throughout intercom being sure
that the volume level is not set too high, causing noticeable distortion.
Once volume level on the device has been set, use volume controls at individual intercom stations
to set volume levels as required.
To switch from auxiliary music back to the radio, press the AUX button and then the 3 button at the
master - The AUX MUSIC indicator will turn off and the TUNER indicator will illuminate.
If not able to achieve the desired audio level, enter Program mode at the master by pressing the
MUS and PRIV buttons at the same time.
Press the Volume + button twice so the Audio Options menu is displayed.
Press the LOCK button twice to arrow down to SYSTEM AUX VOLUME
Press the Volume + button to increase the setting to approximately 50 or 60 or until the music level
sounds right.
Press CEAR to exit program mode.
With system volume level programmed, just use the volume + and – buttons at each station from
then on, to adjust volume as required.
Product Part No. 100-997
Document Part No. 890-465
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