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Make the most of your
TV proposition
WIT TV Suite
WIT has a set of software products targeted for TV Operators
and Service Providers to boost the differentiator value of the
TV offer.
TV Go – Solution for Android Set-Top Boxes
TV Everywhere – Multi-device TV solution
See What I See – Sharing content from mobile to TV
Key Benefits
• Over-the-Top TV solution for TV operators.
• Multi-device solutions.
• Leverage the use of mobile data broadband.
Client software solution for Android Set-Top-Boxes.
Linear TV & VoD
Watch Free-to-Air and Premium channels.
TV Guide
Browse EPG, schedule recordings and manage favorite
Video Calling
Make video calls from browsers and smartphones directly
to the TV.
TV Recommendations
Based on purchase history and collaborative filtering.
Bring your favorite Internet Apps into your TV screen
with WIT TV Apps.
WIT TV Everywhere
WIT TV Everywhere allows an easy discovery and consumption
of TV content across smartphones, tablets, PC and smartwatches.
Linear TV & VoD
Access to Free and Premium TV Channels.
VOD: Rent Movies & Series
Available from Video-on-Demand Catalog.
TV Recommendations
Based on interests from Facebook friends and with users
with similar profile.
TV Guide
Browse EPG, schedule recordings and manage your favorite
Schedule and watch recorded TV programs.
TV Remote Control
Use your smartphone as a remote control.
See What I See - Features
Broadcast live video to the TV
Stream real-time video to the TV.
Can also be integrated with a GoPro camera.
Share Video to multiple devices
Send Notifications to TV, PC, Smartphone or Tablet.
Block unsolicited video share
Block contacts and stop receiving unsolicited video clips.
Share local media to the TV
Send videos, photos and music from mobile to TV.
Keep the Videos in your Inbox
Watch the last received videos from your inbox whenever
you want.
See What I See - Devices
Available for:
- Android
- iOS (integration with GoPro)
Support for Ericsson Mediaroom, Android and HTML STBs.
WIT TV Solutions
TV Content Management
• Centralized CMS for IPTV and TV Go.
• Metadata, ingestion, validation, enrichment and content
• Integration with Ericsson Mediaroom IPTV.
Analytics and Reporting
Reporting of accounts and STBs expansion/growth.
Audiences for Live TV and recordings.
S/T-VOD revenue, ARPU, margins, content views.
Fraud and network diagnosis reporting.
WIT TV Expertise
• 10 years of experience with TV projects for IPTV and
Cable Operators.
• Specialized teams with high skilled resources.
• Compelling UI & UX solutions.
• Comprehensive know how on video workflow.
For more information please visit: tv.wit-software.com
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