Event Host

Event Host
Event Host
After you start an event, as the Host, you can
Number of Attendees: If you wish to hide the
total number of participants in the event from the
Attendees, uncheck this box. Panelists will still
see the number of participants.
Assign Participant Privileges
Assign Panelist Privileges
Change a participant’s role from attendee to
Mute and Unmute Panelists’ telephones
This job aid offers tips to help you smoothly conduct
your event.
Starting an Event
To start an event:
1. Log in to your WebEx site using your Host Login
2. Click on My WebEx > My Meetings.
3. Locate the Title of the Event, then click on
To set the Panelists Privileges:
1. From the Participant Menu select Assign Privileges>Panelists.
The Panelist Privileges dialog box displays.
To join the teleconference:
1. Use the information displayed in the Teleconference Dialog box.
2. If you are using the WebEx Integrated Telephony, please be sure to enter your Attendee ID
Setting Privileges
To set Attendee Privileges:
1. From the Participant menu, select Assign Privileges >Attendees.
The Attendee Privileges dialog box displays.
Record the Event: Recordings should always
be done from an Attendee machine; the Host
and Panelists have a different view (such as All
Questions and the Attendee Information) that
you may not want captured in the recording.
Private chat with: Uncheck the Presenter and
All Attendees boxes to prevent Panelists from
accidentally sending Chat messages to All
Participants in the event.
Note: When the Presenter Ball is passed to a Panelist,
Chat automatically reverts to All Participants. Change back
to All Panelists before sending private chat again.
Private chat with: Allows attendees to engage
in private chat with Host, Presenter, & Panelist.
Uncheck to disallow private chat for attendees;
Panelists can still use private chat.
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Event Host
Managing Your Event
Each participant in the event has a role and usually the
invitations specify which role a participant will have. If
an assigned panelist joins as an attendee, you, as the
host, must promote an attendee to the Panelist role
before that person can function as a Presenter.
The Presenter:
Is Panelist with the Blue-Green ball next to
his or her name.
• Controls the view for All Participants.
• Can share documents, presentations, etc.
Additionally, as the host, you may find it necessary to
mute and unmute the phones of your panelists during
the event. You may also want to assign a panelist to
coordinate polls for you.
To pass the Presenter Ball:
1. Highlight the Panelist’s Name.
2. Click the Ball icon at the bottom of the Participants panel.
Mute & Unmute:
Upon entering the teleconference, each attendee
(except Host) will see:
A telephone icon next to their name. (If they
entered an Attendee ID number upon entering,
• A red X by his or her name to indicate that the
phone is muted.
To unmute the Panelist’s phone:
1. Highlight their name and click on the Unmute
Event Center Roles
2. To Mute the Panelist again, click on Mute.
To Promote an Attendee to Panelist: (host)
1. In the Participant panel, click on View All
The List of Attendees dialogue box opens.
Attendees are listed in the order in which they
joined the event.
2. HIghlight the name of the attendee you want to
3. . Click Promote to Panelist.
To Assign Poll Coordinator:
1. Highlight the name of the Panelist you want to
assign as Polling Coordinator.
2. Click Participant > Change Role To > Polling
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