The EMC Solution Suite for Microsoft SQL Server

The EMC Solution Suite for Microsoft SQL Server
EMC Overview
The EMC Solution Suite for Microsoft SQL Server
Scalable, highly available storage solutions for business flexibility
Enterprise-grade performance, scalability, and availability
To improve their decision-making capabilities, businesses need to improve their decisionmaking infrastructures. Yesterday’s distributed database deployments created a proliferation of isolated servers and storage systems. Today, companies struggle with complex
administration and widely distributed data assets with poor system availability and high
overhead costs.
The introduction of Microsoft SQL Server™ 2005 can eliminate many of those problems.
Now, organizations of all sizes have within their reach an enterprise-grade database platform for critical OLTP and business intelligence (BI) applications with superior levels of
availability, performance, scalability, and security. As businesses set out to deploy SQL
Server 2005, it is essential that they synchronize storage infrastructure planning with database and application design. This synchronization enables quick adaptation to change,
growth, and new business paradigms while extracting the maximum value from shrinking
IT budgets.
A comprehensive and integrated storage infrastructure
The best decision a company can make as it approaches the implementation of SQL Server
2005 is to leverage best practices, services, software, and platforms from EMC and its
Microsoft-certified Velocity2 ASN partners. The EMC® Solution Suite for Microsoft SQL
Server 2005 provides a comprehensive and integrated storage infrastructure based on
information lifecycle management (ILM) to simplify the development, deployment, and
operation of flexible business solutions.
Ask yourself these questions
1. Is our underlying storage infrastructure fully optimized to support SLAs including
performance, scalability, and availability?
2. Do we need to accelerate upgrades or migrations to SQL Server 2005?
3. How can we enhance our responsiveness to changing business requirements?
4. Are we being asked to consolidate existing databases and infrastructure to lower costs?
5. Do we need to simplify the IT infrastructure and increase the productivity of our IT staff?
If you need these questions answered, EMC can help.
EMC real-world SQL Server experience and best practices expertise
EMC began working with SQL Server nearly ten years ago in Microsoft’s original scaling
project. Today, EMC continues to develop best practices for SQL Server with its participation in “Project REAL.” This cooperative endeavor between Microsoft and select partners
has created a BI reference implementation using real large-scale data from a real customer.
Through Project REAL, EMC is developing storage best practices for SQL Server 2005
• Optimized infrastructures to support performance, scalability, and availability SLAs.
• Improved ROI of IT investments through consolidation and alignment of storage assets with the
changing value of information.
• Reduced complexity to implement high-availability SQL Server enterprise infrastructures.
Comprehensive offerings
EMC delivers significant value across the SQL Server 2005 lifecycle including:
• Upgrade and migration: EMC and our certified partners can help accelerate upgrades to SQL
Server 2005. Using proven best practices, EMC can enable a fast transition from older, inefficient deployments to new SAN- or iSCSI-based infrastructures.
• Consolidation: EMC simplifies the consolidation of SQL Server environments with best-inclass SAN or iSCSI storage solutions to improve asset utilization, reduce management costs,
and increase uptime. EMC can also help consolidate server environments with expertise from
our certified partners.
• Comprehensive backup and recovery: EMC provides organizations of all sizes with timely and
reliable data recovery and replication. Our backup and recovery solutions for all operating
systems and critical SQL applications provide the scalability and flexibility to handle organizational change and growth.
• Disaster recovery: EMC delivers data security and business continuity with a range of solutions from local and remote replication to backup and recovery options.
• Data replication for operational productivity: EMC increases the ROI on your SQL Server
deployment with high-performance data replication to support accelerated data warehouse
refreshes and test and development environments.
EMC helps enterprises maximize the effectiveness of their SQL Server investments and
attain their business goals with an integrated ILM strategy and comprehensive services,
software, and platform offerings.
EMC Services for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 are best-practices engagements based on realworld experience.
• EMC Proven Solution Upgrade and Migration for SQL Server: Assessment and planning for
upgrade and migration.
• EMC Proven Solution Database Layout for SQL Server: Delivery of an optimized SQL database
on an EMC storage platform.
• EMC Proven Solution Recovery Optimization for SQL Server: Planning and implementation
solution that addresses local and over-distance (remote) backup and recovery needs.
• EMC Proven Solution Replication Accelerator for SQL Server: Database layout with EMC automated replication capability.
Getting Started
To learn more about the EMC
Solution Suite for Microsoft
SQL Server 2005, contact your
EMC representative or visit
EMC software products simplify and automate the management of your SQL Server 2005
environment. You can lower costs and enhance productivity with:
• EMC SnapView™: Backup and recovery for EMC CLARiiON® systems.
• EMC TimeFinder®: Local replication for EMC Symmetrix® systems.
• EMC SnapSure™: Local snapshot for EMC Celerra® systems.
• EMC MirrorView™: Highly available data mirroring for CLARiiON systems over any distance.
• EMC SRDF® Family: Distance replication for Symmetrix systems.
• EMC Replication Manager and Replication Manager SE: Automated information replication.
• EMC Legato® NetWorker® Module for Microsoft SQL: Fast, online backup and restore.
EMC solutions for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 rely on industry-leading networked storage
platforms offering a range of tiered storage options.
• Symmetrix systems: Enterprise-class performance for mission-critical environments.
• CLARiiON systems: Entry-level and mid-range products offering Fibre Channel and iSCSI connectivity.
• Celerra systems: Scalable, high-performance IP storage platforms offering iSCSI connectivity.
• EMC CLARiiON Disk Library: Backup-to-disk appliance that emulates tape subsystems.
EMC2, EMC, CLARiiON, Celerra, Legato, Legato NetWorker, Symmetrix, SRDF, TimeFinder, and where information lives are registered trademarks and MirrorView, SnapSure, and SnapView are trademarks of EMC Corporation. All other trademarks used herein are the property of their respective owners. © Copyright 2005 EMC Corporation. All rights reserved. Published in the USA. 9/05 H1835
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