CUB series - Mini line array system

CUB series - Mini line array system
CUB series - Mini line array system
10663-10664-10665-10666-10730-10731-10732 - Version 1 / 2017
CUB series - Mini line array system
1 - Safety information
Important safety information
This unit is intended for indoor use only. Do not use it in a wet,
or extremely cold/hot locations. Failure to follow these safety instructions could result in fire, electric shock, injury, or damage to
this product or other property.
This product contains non-isolated electrical components. Do not
undertake any maintenance operation when it is switched on as
it may result in electric shock.
Any maintenance procedure must be performed by a CONTEST
authorised technical service. Basic cleaning operations must thoroughly follow our safety instructions.
WARNING : This unit contains no user-serviceable parts. Do not open the
housing or attempt any maintenance by yourself. In the unlikely even your unit
may require service, please contact your nearest dealer.
In order to avoid any electrical malfunction, please do not use any multi-socket,
power cord extension or connecting system without making sure they are
perfectly isolated and present no defect.
Sound levels
Risk of electrocution
Our audio solutions deliver important sound
pressure levels (SPL) that can be harmful
to human health when exposed during long
periods. Please do not stay in close proximity
of operating speakers.
To prevent the hazard of electric shocks, do not use
extension cords, multi-socket or any other connection
system without making sure metal parts completely are
out of reach.
Recycling your device
• As HITMUSIC is really involved in the environmental cause, we only commercialise clean, ROHS compliant products.
• When this product reaches its end of life, take it to a collection point designated by local authorities. The separate collection and recycling of your
product at the time of disposal will help conserve natural resources and ensure that it is recycled in a manner that protects human health and the
Symbols used
This symbol signals an important safety
The CAUTION symbol signals a risk of product deterioration.
The WARNING symbol signals a risk to the user’s physical integrity.
The product may also be damaged.
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CUB series - Mini line array system
Instructions and recommendations
1 - Please read carefully :
We strongly recommend to read carefully and understand
the safety instructions before attempting to operate this unit.
2 - Please keep this manual :
We strongly recommend to keep this manual with the unit for
future reference.
3 - Operate carefully this product :
We strongly recommend to take into consideration every
safety instruction.
4 - Follow the instructions:
Please carefully follow each safety instruction to avoid any
physical harm or property damage.
5 - Avoid water and wet locations :
Do not use this product in rain, or near washbasins or other
wet locations.
6 - Installation :
We strongly encourage you to only use a
fixation system or support recommended by
the manufacturer or supplied with this product.
Carefully follow the installation instructions and
use the adequate tools.
Always ensure this unit is firmly fixed to avoid
vibration and slipping while operating as it may result in
physical injury.
7 - Ceiling or wall installation :
Please contact your local dealer before attempting any ceiling
or wall installation.
8 - Ventilation :
The cooling vents ensure a safe use of this product,
and avoid any overheating risk.
Do not obstruct or cover these vents as it may
result in overheating and potential physical injury or
product damage. This product should never been
operated in a closed non-ventilated area such as a flight case
or a rack, unless cooling vents are provided for the purpose .
12 - Cleaning precautions :
Unplug the product before attempting any cleaning
operation. This product should be cleaned only with
accessories recommended by the manufacturer.
Use a damp cloth to clean the surface. Do not
wash this product.
13 - Long periods of non use :
Disconnect the unit’s main power during long periods of
non use.
14 - Liquids or objects penetration :
Do not let any object penetrate this product as it may result
in electric shock or fire.
Never spill any liquid on this product as it may infiltrate the
electronic components and result in electric shock or fire.
15 - This product should be serviced when :
Please contact the qualified service personnel if :
- The power cord or the plug has been damaged.
- Objects have fallen or liquid has been spilled into
the appliance.
- The appliance has been exposed to rain or water.
- The product does not appear to operate normally.
- The product has been damaged.
16 - Inspection/maintenance :
Please do not attempt any inspection or
maintenance by yourself. Refer all servicing to
qualified personnel.
17 - Operating environment :
Ambient temperature and humidity: +5 - +35°C,
relative humidity must be less than 85% (when
cooling vents are not obstructed).
Do not operate this product in a non-ventilated,
very humid or warm place.
9 - Heat exposure :
Sustained contact or proximity with warm surfaces may cause
overheating and product damages. Please keep this product
away from any heat source such as a heaters, amplifiers, hot
plates, etc...
10 - Electric power supply :
This product can only be operated according to a very specific
voltage. These information are specified on the label located
at the rear of the product.
11 - Power cords protection:
Power-supply cords should be routed so that they are not
likely to be walked on or pinched by items placed
upon or against them, paying particular attention
to cords at lugs, convenience receptacles and the
point where they exit from the fixture.
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CUB series - Mini line array system
2 - Introduction
Creating a discreet sound system with both an attractive design and high-quality output regardless
of its location or usage is one of the hardest challenges to face.
This concept is appealing, for both permanent and temporary installations. Our CUBsat4 speaker
can be added to any regular multi-source installation, of course, but it can also be part of Line
Array columns thanks to its smart coupling and angulation system, with up to 8 speakers per
Under this scenario, no need for a multitude of amplifiers or power sources since each speaker
features its own built-in cabling system: only one amplifier is required to power up both your
columns of 8 x CUBsat4.
3 - Quick start
When mounting a speaker onto any stand, always ensure that the stand is on a fiat, level sur-face,
with the legs fully extended. Be sure to check that the maximum load weight for the stands is
greater than the weight of the ARRAY SYSTEMS loudspeaker. Never use a stand with a maximum
load weight lower than the speaker. Do not attempt to mount more than one speaker on a stand
at one time.
The ARRAY SYSTEMS loudspeakers are heavy. It is recommended that a second person to help
place the cabinet on a stand.
When the speaker is placed on a stand, always check the integrity and center of gravity of the
If the speaker can be tipped easily, or the pole is swaying, it is recommended that you lower the
height of the stand. Position the stand and route cables so that the performers and the audience
cannot tip over or trip on the system.
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CUB series - Mini line array system
4 - Satellite layout of the connection panel
One module CUBsat4
More module
Versatile mounting options
Compared to many other speaker designs, the satellite Series is remarkably easy to
install in several ways. It can be hung easily with chains, strong wires and cables using
the accessory brackets.
There are also options for hanging with a pre-install frame by itself or configured with a
subwoofer. There are also other options including ceiling and wall brackets as well as an
adapter for use with a dedicated stand.
The bracket support wall and ceiling mounting with most 8 modules. The direction and
angle can be adjusted from any side.
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CUB series - Mini line array system
Connect Manner
1- Align two units to make the latch hole in the same line. Insert the latch and lock the
screw tightly.
2- Adjust the angles of the unit (four angles: 0°-4°-8°- 12 can be adjusted), insert the
rear connecting pin into the related slot and put the latch into the hole.
You can insert each three different holes when connecting the rear bracket. You can
obtain different sound by different angles.
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CUB series - Mini line array system
Adjustable sound dispersion (for example four pcs)
A system in configured by vertically stacking four speaker modules with a total driver
complement of four woofers and 12 tweeters positioned along the baffle surface,
this configuration allows the variable directivity control and low-frequency dispersion
control comparable to using a large constant-directivity horn speaker. A choice of four
directivities angles (0, 4, 8 and 12 degrees) can be employed as needed. For instance,
a specific directivity angle, or each module can have its directivity independently set
for a specific coverage requirement. When two or multiple modules are connected to
configure an arc, they effectively function as an immense single speaker controlling
directivity for considerably lower frequencies. As a result, public address functions
demonstrate optimal intelligibility even in environments with long reverb times.
32° angle
48° angle
Minimal reflective effects
Whether mounted on the wall or ceiling, the satellite is remarkably free from the comb
filter and interference effects often encountered with other speaker designs. It can
therefore produce more low frequency output even when mounted on the wall or ceiling.
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CUB series - Mini line array system
5 - Satellite back panel description
Receive the power coming from an external power amplifier.
Power output for another product to parallel, parallel and input are link.
Power output for another satellite speaker to series.
4 SERIES OUT slide
Parallel or Series Transform Switch
a. Set the slide switch at «OFF» position to make the product in parallel.
b. Set the switch at «ON» position to make products in series, but the slide switch
of the last product has to set at «OFF» position
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CUB series - Mini line array system
6 - Satellites connection
Down connection
See safety instructions in section 7
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CUB series - Mini line array system
Up connection
See safety instructions in section 7
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CUB series - Mini line array system
7 - Satellite technical data
4" Two-way passive system
Rated Power
88dB Continuous/ 91dB Peak
Frequency Response
100Hz-20kHz (-10dB)
Crossover Frequency
3.0kHz passive
Transducer Low
4" (105 x 105mm) Neodymium Woofer, 1" Voice Coil 8 ohms
Transducer High
3 x 0.5" (13mm) soft dome tweeters / 16 ohms
Dispersion (-6dB)
110° Horizontal, 20° Vertical
Aluminum Alloy Cabinet
Resistant Black Paint
Parallel or Series 6.3mm Socket / Selection Switch
Fittings Information
Steel stirrup material, 3 Flying Points M6 Threaded sockets (3 in
Dimensions (H x W x D)
(W)141mm x (H)170mm x (D)162mm
Net Weight
Satellite Line Array
Single channel configuration
Array Power Rating (AES)
1 module array
1 channel - 8 Ohms
2 module array
1 channel - 4 Ohms
4 module array
1 channel - 8 Ohms
6 module array
1 channel - 5.33 Ohms
8 module array
1 channel - 4 Ohms
Be sure to observe the minimum impedances of your
amplifiers or you could burn the diaphragms of your
speakers or damage your amplifiers.
Any wiring errors will not be covered by warranty.
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CUB series - Mini line array system
8 - Sub layout of the connection panel
Configuring the CUBsub112 / CUBsub208 Subwoofer
Before you start plugging in cables, you should take a minute
to decide how you want to inter-face your new subwoofer. Most
system set-ups fall into one of two categories: Mono or Stereo
sub operation
Mono Sub Operation
ln most cases, a common (mono) sub bass setup is preferable.
Low frequencies produced by a sub-woofer tend to be nondirectional. Since low frequency waves take so much space
to develop, it is difficult for the ear to tell if sub bass is coming
from the left or right side (unless you are in a very large room).
Because of this phenomenon, just about all sub bass material is
mixed in mono.
Stereo Sub Operation
ln larger rooms, as well as in theaters and theme park installations
(for low frequency special audio effects), two or more subwoofers
can be used in stereo. For additional low-end, you can daisy
chain a pair of subwoofers to each side of your speaker system
using the parallel outputs.
Positioning the Subwoofer
The placement of the subwoofer can affect the overall performance
of your system since room acoustics may create standing waves,
an acoustical phenomenon that causes certain bass frequencies
to sound louder. Here are a few points you should consider when
setting up your system, which can help you achieve optimal
performance in your space.
The ideal placement of the subwoofer is as close to the main front
of house speakers as possible, in order to blend the satellites and
subwoofer. Mounting the satellite speakers on top of the subwoofer
allows you to align the drivers. The closer the subwoofer is to
a wall, the louder the bass frequencies will sound, and you can
adjust the mix between the subwoofer and satellite speakers by
moving the subwoofer closer to and further from a wall.
Avoid placing the subwoofer in a corner. This can make the
subwoofer appear to be louder, but only for a limited
frequency band, and will make the mix sound «boomy» and
not well defined. The best way to increase the overall
level of bass is to add a second subwoofer.
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CUB series - Mini line array system
9 - Subwoofer back panel description
Receive the power coming from an external power amplifier.
Speakon +1/-1 connected ; Speakon +2/-2 not connected.
Power output for satellite speaker, under passive crossover filtered at 180 Hz.
Speakon +1/-1 connected ; Speakon +2/-2 not connected.
3 4 pins screw terminal
Not connected
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CUB series - Mini line array system
10 - Subwoofer technical data
2 x 8" passive Bandpass Subwoofer
Rated power
300W, 600W max.
121 dB Continious / 124dB max
Frequency response
52 Hz - 800 Hz (-10 dB)
4 Ohms
2 x 8" woofer (208 mm), 2"coil
Plywood Cabinet
Resistant Black Paint, Metal Grille
4 PIN Terminal Block and 2 x NL-4 Speakon©
One Metal Standard Pole-mount
Dimensions (L x H x P)
(L)510mm x (H)250mm x (P)540mm
Net Weight
18,5 kg
12" Passive Vented Subwoofer
Rated power
300 W RMS/ 600 W max
122 dB Continu / 125dB max
Frequency response
45 Hz - 2,8 KHz (-10 dB)
8 Ohms
1 Boomer 12" (320 mm), bobine 2,55"
Plywood Cabinet
Resistant Black Paint, Metal Grille
4 PIN Terminal Block and 2 x NL-4 Speakon©
One Metal Standard Pole-mount
Dimensions (L x H x P)
(L)350mm x (H)500mm x (P)542mm
Net Weight
20,1 kg
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CUB series - Mini line array system
11 - Typical use
Right speaker cable
Stereo amplifier
Left speaker cable
Left speaker cable
Stereo amplifier
Sound processor
DSP cable
Right speaker cable
Main output
Left / Right
Mixing console
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from the illustrations.
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