Generic Modem ADSL Instructions

Generic Modem ADSL Instructions
New Service Guide;
ADSL 2 + internet services.
1. Ensure your computer is ‘ON’.
2. Ensure power is connected to the modem and the modem is ‘ON’.
3. What you will need;
a. 1 x ADSL/Phone Splitter (this is normally provided with your new modem
b. 2 x phone lines (RJ11) – depending on the splitter, you may need an additional
phone line to connect splitter to the wall phone socket.
c. 1 x Ethernet cable – Connect modem to computer or;
d. 1 x USB Chord – Connect modem to the computer. (this is normally provided by the
modem manufacturer).
4. For Wifi modems, it is essential that you obtain a good area of projection to enable best
results in all areas of the household and/or business.
Diagram 1. WiFi modem position.
Connect the equipment and cables as seen below. Note: you only need a phone/adsl
splitter if you are intending on using a phone line in conjunction with the ADSL Data line.
Diagram 2. Cable connection with phone/ADSL splitter.
Diagram 3. Cable connection with out phone/ADSL splitter.
It is essential to read the manufactuers information and instruction details regarding your
This will provide in depth information on the formation and sequence of the lights to determine if a
connection is active or if there are any issues with the internet connection or computer network.
Diagram 4. Modem Lights
Modems generally have similar light notification sequence/setup. Generic light indications;
Activity/Connection – internet (WAN)
WiFi (if enabled)
If you are experiencing slow or no connection, check the lights on the modem, if the (WAN) or
internet connection is not green or ‘ON’, there has been a disconnection.
You should try and recycle the power of the modem to establish another connection. Some other
techniques to understand the issue is to;
check the phone, is there a dial tone? (if no, disconnect the phone line from the wall socket,
wait 60secs, then re-connect) this will reset the line with the exchange.
2. Disconnect the Phone/ADSL splitter and go directly from the modem to the wall socket.
Once you have established that there is no connection after attempting the above self-assessment.
Contact Support ensuring you update them that you have attempted the recommended selfassessment tests with your equipment and the line connection.
Standard ADSL authentication and modem settings;
What you will need;
Modem instructions to connect and update settings
Username and Password – Provided by GoInternet
Browser, modem URL address and Username and Password (default on a majority of
modem/routers is username: admin password: admin (or blank).
Once you have entered the URL and logged into your modem/router, you can then select the option
to update ‘internet’ ‘WAN’ are common phrases used on modem/router connection software.
Most modem’s and Routers have a wizard you are also able to select for a simple and easy setup
ADSL2+ - standard connection general settings;
Connection Type/Encapusulation - PPPOE or PPPOA
Encapulation Mode – LLC
VPI – 8
VCI – 35
Authentication - PAP or AUTO
ADSL2+ - Static IP Settings;
Connection Type/Encapusulation - PPPOE or PPPOA
Encapulation Mode – LLC
VPI – 1
VCI – 34
Authentication - PAP or AUTO
GoInternet Support Team
P: 1300 277 136
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