Youth Launchpads - Frequently Asked Questions

Youth Launchpads - Frequently Asked Questions
Youth Launchpads - Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Launchpad?
o Playaway Launchpad is the first-ever secure, pre-loaded learning tablet created
just for children in a circulation environment. Each Launchpad is pre-loaded with
high-quality, ad-free learning apps grouped by age, grade level, subject area and
theme. The tablets do not have a camera and cannot access the internet.
Can I check one out?
o Each tablet can be checked out for 14 days. There is a $1 per day late fee.
Can I place holds if I see a tablet that I want, but it is checked out?
o You may place holds on items, but you must be a Plymouth card holder and you
must pick up the item at the Main Library.
Can I renew?
o The items may not be renewed.
What comes with the tablet when I check it out?
o There are 3 items in every plastic case: a tablet, a USB cable, and an AC power
Can I use the tablet in the library?
o You may use the Launchpads while in the library, but they must be checked out
first. Bring the Launchpad to the Children’s Desk to be checked out.
Is my game history saved on the tablet?
o Your playing history and points are saved on the tablet until it is reset. There is a
one touch reset button when you first turn the tablet on making it easy for a
new user. This reset button will clear all device and app data for a fresh start.
Tablets are also reset by staff when they are returned.
What is the parent console?
o The parent console visually summarizes how time is spent on the device
according to 6 different learning areas. It also highlights the top 3 apps played.
What is the battery life and charging time required?
o The battery lasts 4.5 continuous play hours and takes approximately 4 hours to
fully re-charge from a dead battery with a wall charger and 6 hours via USB cord.
Don’t worry, you can enjoy the tablet while it is charging and it can even be
charged in the car.
How will I know how much battery life is left?
o The battery indicator can be viewed at the top right of home screen. The battery
indicator is displayed as green when charging and when the remaining battery is
at 15% or higher. The battery indicator is displayed as red when the remaining
battery life is low and under 15%. A pop-up message will also appear indicating
low battery life.
Where can I buy one for myself?
o The tablets are not sold in stores; you cannot purchase them yourself.
What will I be charged for a lost or damaged item?
o Tablets range from $99.99-149.99
o USB Charging Cable: $6.99
o AC Power Adapter: $9.99
o Bumper: $8.99
o Plastic Case: $7.99
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