Wiring Instructions and Diagram: Alternate Light Heads

Wiring Instructions and Diagram: Alternate Light Heads
T3 Surface Mount
Mounting Instructions:
See illustration for mounting information
Rubber Pad
1. Place the unit against the selected mounting surface.
2. Mark the areas where the mounting holes will be drilled. If
the mounting surface is part of the vehicle, make sure no vital
components could be damaged by the drilling process.
3. Drill two mounting holes in the marked surface, as well as a 0.5"
diameter hole for wire passage (if mounting on a vehicle). Make sure
to deburr holes thoroughly.
4. Pass the wires through the 0.5" diameter hole, and secure the
light head to the mounting surface with the provided hardware.
Wiring Instructions and Diagram:
1. To power the unit, extend the red (+) wire to a 12V+ post. Extend the black (-) wire to the ground post of the vehicle's battery.
2. Momentarily tap the blue wire to the activated ground (12V-),
source to cycle through the flash patterns.
3. Synchronization: To Sync two or more light heads together:
40° Lightspread
A. Apply 12V+ power to the red wire and apply 12V- to the black
wire to turn unit on.
Color Specifications:
B. Cycle through all patterns by tapping the blue (flash pattern
changer) wire to the activated black, ground wire until the steady
burn pattern is selected.
C. Connect the red wires of the two light heads together; connect
the black wires of the light heads together and then connect the
Alternate Light Heads:
D. Follow Steps A-B.
E. For the light heads to alternate, one light head must be set as
master and the other as slave on the mode wire intended for use.
To do so, hold the blue (flash pattern changer) wire to ground for 3
seconds. If all LEDS turn on this indicates master mode. If no LEDs
activate this indicates slave mode.
F. Follow Step C. Change patterns by tapping the blue wire to the
activated black, ground wire.
Red / Mode 1
Blue / Pattern Sync
Black / Ground
Single Slow
Single Fast
Single Combo
Double Slow
Double Fast
Double Combo
Quad Slow
Quad Fast
Quad Combo
Attack- 1
Attack- 2
Steady On- 3 Sec
Brake Pop- 70%
Tail Mode- 10%
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