PLC 180 Classroom Technology Tutorial - UO Libraries

PLC 180 Classroom Technology Tutorial - UO Libraries
PLC 180 Classroom Technology Tutorial
1. Turn the projector on
a. In the upper right-hand corner of the touch panel, press the power button to wake the
b. Select “Projector On” button on the left-hand side of the screen.
CMET Classroom Support:
2. Connect your device
a. Connect your device to the desired cable located to the right of the touch panel. The
system supports the following signal inputs: HDMI (audio and video), VGA, Blu-ray,
Document Camera, and RCA.
i. NOTE: the “Computer” labelled source on the input plate refers to a VGA cable.
ii. For some devices (such as Macbooks and tablets), it may be necessary to connect
an adapter to either the VGA or HDMI.
3. Select your projection source
a. To route a source to a specific display, select the icon for the source that you would like
to use (HDMI, VGA, Blu-ray, Doc Cam, RCA).
4. Audio
a. Connect the device’s sound to the classroom system:
i. HDMI: If you are using the HDMI cable, the audio is transmitted through the cable,
you do not need to connect anything extra. If the audio is not working, please see
troubleshooting tips.
CMET Classroom Support:
ii. VGA: If you are using the VGA cable, plug the audio cable into the headphone
input of your device. Increase the volume on the device and the player (Youtube,
Window’s Media Player) before turning up the classroom volume.
b. Control the volume by tapping the volume options along the bottom of the screen.
5. Microphone
a. Locate the microphone in its charging station next the touch panel.
b. At the bottom of the Crestron touch panel. Select the “Audio Control” button to adjust
audio levels. “Mic Level” can be adjusted to individually control the microphone’s
c. When finished, turn the microphone off, return it to its charging station and press down
until it clicks into place.
CMET Classroom Support:
6. Please turn off the system when finished.
a. Press the power button on the upper right-hand corner of the touch panel and select
“Yes, shut down the system and display now” button.
Light Controls – located on the front left-hand side of the podium.
Remote for Blu-Ray – located on top of the podium near the document camera, or inside the top drawer.
A. What if my audio isn’t working?
a. HDMI users: If you are connecting the audio through HDMI source and the audio is NOT
transmitting to the room system, please follow these steps:
i. In the lower right-hand corner of your laptop, right-click on the speaker icon and
then select “Playback Devices”
Next, right-click on the “Crestron” input to enable, you may have to right-click on the
“Speakers/Headphones” to disable,
B. The Crestron touch panel is frozen.
a. Contact CMET immediately so a technician can properly reset the system: 541-346-3091
Center for Media and Educational Technologies
University of Oregon Libraries
Knight Library, ground floor
CMET Classroom Support:
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