Skype for Business – recording an external speaker

Skype for Business – recording an external speaker
Skype for Business – recording an external speaker
Skype for Business can only record video calls with another Skype for Business user, or when using
the web app. An external cannot be recorded from their personal Skype account and so they should
be directed to the following guide which shows how to connect to a meeting using the web app.
1. Login to the PC with your University username and password.
2. Click Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office 2013 > Skype for Business 2015. You will be
automatically signed in with your University email address.
3. Now select where to store the recorded mp4 file by clicking the cog icon > Tools > Options.
4. Click Recordings and then browse your computer to select an appropriate folder on the C: drive
or an external hard drive. Click OK to save the changes.
Note that it is not necessary to increase the resolution from the default 720p HD if the external
is using a standard webcam. As a rough guide, every minute of recording will result in a 1Mb, so
recording to your H: drive is not recommended when recording long video conversations.
5. Now start a meeting by clicking the cog icon and then Meet Now and click OK at the prompt
6. The external is invited to the meeting by emailing the meeting URL. Click the options icon and
select Meeting Entry Info. Click the Copy All Info button and then Close.
7. Now go to your email account and paste the meeting info into a message and send it to the
external speaker’s email address.
Note that a meeting can be set up in advance
from the Outlook Calendar (client version)
where it is referred to as Lync Meeting.
8. When the speaker appears in the meeting room then click the camera icon to share your
webcam. When ready to record the conversation click Start Recording from the menu.
Similarly, the stop recording option
is accessed from the same menu.
9. To monitor progress of the recording click the Manage Recordings option.
The mp4 file will take some time before it is ready to
play. Once ready it will be available to play from the
Windows folder you defined in step 4.
10. To share a Skype for Business recording then upload the mp4 file to the University Online Video
Server (OVS). There are three categories in the OVS where videos are hosted;
public - can be viewed by anyone on the internet
secure – only available to staff and students by logging into the OVS
personal - only available to the creator of the video, however these videos can be made
available to students via the Moodle plugin.
Visit the OVS pages on the staff intranet for further information on sharing videos.
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