Changing the Net2 PC, Net2 V4

Changing the Net2 PC, Net2 V4
Changing the Net2 PC, Net2 V4
Changing the Net2 PC
To change the PC running a Net2 system, the
software must be loaded onto the new PC and all
of the files containing the site-specific information
must be transferred across to the new PC from the
old. Once these tasks have been completed the new
PC can be connected to the data line containing the
Net2 ACU's and the system will operate using exactly
the same site information.
Choosing a PC for Net2
It is important that the PC chosen to run the Net2 server meets the minimum specification.
The current specification for compatible PC hardware, network and operating systems is available on our
website at the following link:-
Site specific Net2 Files
All of the files containing the site-specific information in a Net2 system are stored in a single folder. This
contains all user and door details, events, reports, pictures and back-ups (see also Application note:
AN1070 - Net2 backup procedures, Net2 V4 < >. The default folder for this
information is C:\Net2 Access Control.
When changing PC it is important to copy the files contained within this folder across.
Making the change
Once the system files have been located the changeover is straightforward. Do not move any hardware
until the software has been confirmed as working correctly with all user data present.
On the old PC
Using the Net2 Server Configuration Utility, go to the Database tab and click the Create Copy button. This
creates a copy of this existing database into a Zip file.
Save the Zip file to an appropriate location where you will be able to access it.
On the new PC
Load the Net2 software onto the new PC, making sure that the version is the same as the original version
being used. Run the Net2 software.
Close the Net2 software and the Net2 server on the new and old PC's.
Copy the file from the old PC into c:\Net2 Access Control on the new machine.
Open the Net2 Server Configuration Utility. In the Database tab click the Import Copy, browse to the in the c:\Net2 Access Control folder and click Ok.
Run the Net2 application to confirm all details have been transferred correctly.
On RS485 networks, disconnect the Net2 data line from the old PC and connect it to the new PC.
Net2 control units connected via TCP/IP and wireless networks must be rediscovered using the Server Configuration utility. This information is PC specific and is not held in the Net2 database.
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