Sony : Product Information : SSC-E473P (SSCE473P

Sony : Product Information : SSC-E473P (SSCE473P
CS-Mount Color High Resolution type with Day/
Night function.
Sony introduces new SSC-E470 series camera in order to further strengthen Sony’s analogue security
camera line-up. This new SSC-E470 series is included
in the category called CS-Mount Color High Resolution
type with Day/Night function which is expected to
show CAGR of sixteen percent between year 2002 and
2006 in terms of world wide quantity base.
Slim and Stylish Design
These slim and lightweight color cameras can easily
be installed in places where space is limited and
where installation was previously difficult for larger
cameras. A stylish rear panel cover and transparent
lens cap come as standard on these cameras so that
they will not detract from the natural décor of the
room in which they are installed.
Day/Night function
SSC-E470 Series features a "Day/Night" capability,
which provides optimized sensitivity in both day and
night shooting applications. Under low light condition,
SSC-E470 series automatically switches the infrared
cut filter to a clear dummy filter and changes to B/W
mode. This results in minimum illumination of 0.05 lx
which is a drastic improvement from 0.55 lx in color
mode. The refractive index of the dummy filter is adjusted to visible spectrum, considering that there is
some visible light even under dark circumstances in
the majority of cases. Therefore, if only infrared illuminator is available as light source, the object will become out of focus with standard lens. There are some
near-infrared compatible lenses available from several
manufacturers including Cosmicar to avoid it.
State-of-the-Art SuperExwaveTM Technology
SSC-E470 Series incorporates a newly developed
1/3-type CCD with SuperExwaveTM technology that
achieves extremely high sensitivity levels and produces high quality images. This CCD imager provides
a minimum illumination of 0.55 lx at F1.2, enabling
cameras to capture clear and detailed images even
under low light conditions. What’s more, these cameras reproduce images with a high picture quality of
380,000 pixels (SSC-E473) / 440,000 pixels (SSCE473P/E478P) and have an excellent S/N ratio of
more than 50 dB.
Newly developed innovative DSP Technology
Unlike conventional DSP’s, the newly developed DSP
technology employed in these cameras increases the
horizontal resolution attainable by the CCD. Thanks to
a combination of this DSP technology and the SuperExwave CCD technology, these cameras offer a highhorizontal resolution of 540 TV lines, providing amazingly clear and detailed images.
A Wide Auto Tracing White Range - ATW Pro &
ATW is a feature that automatically adjusts the camera white balance to adapt to changes in lighting
conditions. SSC-E470 Series provides an extremely
wide ATW range of 2,000 K to 10,000 K, allowing
adjustment-free operation under a variety of light
conditions. Users can choose from two modes: ATW
Pro and ATW. ATW Pro mode is ideal when the lighting condition changes frequently and is particularly
suited to applications where the operator needs to see
objects as they appear to the eye. This ensures that
the precise color image is always obtained.
Back Light Compensation
Unwanted backlighting can often cause the subject
matter of the image to be cast into shadows. The BLC
function incorporated in these cameras automatically
compensates for such conditions and allows the subject to be more visible. The BLC mode is selectable
between OFF and ON.
SSC-E470 Series have CCD-IRIS function to automatically adjust the shutter speed depending on the
amount of incident light. As the image brightness increases, the camera adjusts the exposure by automatically reducing the CCD photo sensor’s exposure
time (charge accumulation time). The CCD-IRIS enables to continuously control the exposure by electronically adjusting the shutter speed in the range
from 1/60(NTSC) / 1/50(PAL) second to 1/100,000
second. Manual iris lens with CCD-IRIS function can
be used instead of more costly automatic iris lens.
Turbo AGC
boost camera gain up to 24 dB, enabling viewers of
the image to distinguish the subject more easily even if it is shot in low light. The AGC mode is selectable between OFF and TURBO.
The SSC-E470 Series cameras are equipped with an
advanced Turbo AGC function. This allows the user to
Technical Specifications
Image device
Sensing area
Video Signal
1/3type CCD with SuperExTM
4.8 x 3.6mm
1.0 V peak to peak at 75
Ohms, sync negative
Horizontal Resolution
Auto Iris Lens
540 TV lines
Better than 50 dB (AGC OFF,
Weight ON)
DC servo
OFF / TURBO selectable
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