1 by CHislaine van den Bulk What is the game about?

1 by CHislaine van den Bulk What is the game about?
by CHislaine van den Bulk
A speedy mouse
hunt for 2 to 6
„cat‘s paws“ with
fast reactions, 6
years and up
The mouse goes out. In this season, fashionable mice wear the latest collection
from Carl Catscoat, together with a handbag from Cootschi with an integrated
cat-protector in the form of a cheese. Because of this, it is getting more and more
difficult for tomcat Kilian and his pals to catch mice. But now, the cats came up with
an idea: they “show“ the mice that they have identical pieces of clothing. Shocked
that these felines don‘t wear designer pieces, the stunned mice can be caught. And
zap—the paw strikes again…
What is the game about?
Players try to grab mice. If you have a piece of clothing on hand that matches the
shape and color of a piece of clothing of the mouse revealed, you whack the mouse
with it as quick as a flash. If you don‘t have a matching piece of clothing on hand,
you shout “Mouse Attack!“ and strike with your entire collection. That is because
wacky rodents are stylish and can be caught with only new clothes.
But watch out! The mice carry a cheese with them that protects them from cat‘s
paws. If you can‘t keep your hands off the protected mice, you‘ll only wind up with
dirty laundry instead of tasty rodents …
Game materials
• 58 pieces of clothing
(13 different kinds in
2 colors)
• 32 mice
• 9 pieces of cheese
cheese pieces
pieces of clothing
• Shuffle the pieces of clothing. Each player gets
7 of them for his hand. Put the remaining pieces of clothing aside as a face-down draw pile.
• Shuffle the mouse cards also and place them in
a pile face down in the middle of the table.
• Shuffle the 9 cheese pieces and put them face
down in a pile next to the mouse cards. Then flip over the top cheese piece.
How the game plays
The player who has the cleanest “paws“ starts and reveals the top mouse in such
a way that all players can see it at the same time. Now quick perception and the
correct reaction are needed to catch the mouse.
To do so, there are two possibilities:
1) With an identical piece of clothing
You pick a piece of clothing from your hand that matches
the color and shape of a piece of clothing of the mouse
uncovered, and, quick as a flash, whack the mouse with
this card.
If you were faster than the other players, you take the
mouse and put it down in front of you. It will score 1 point for you. You place the
played piece of clothing face up on the discard pile for clothing and pick
another piece of clothing from the draw pile so that you have 7
cards in your hand again. Then you reveal the next mouse.
But if the mouse involved does not wear the
piece of clothing you played, you put the piece
of clothing face up in front of you as “dirty
laundry“ (minus point). The mouse has not been
caught; it is put on the bottom of the mouse card
pile. Then you draw another piece of clothing.
T-Shirt is wrong:
discard in front
of you
If the draw pile with pieces of clothing has been used up, shuffle the clothing discard
pile and use it as the new draw pile.
Since players whack the mouse with card and hand, you can almost always
make out who was the fastest. If, however, it remains unclear who was faster (and
if the respective players have played “correct“ cards), one player gets the uncovered
mouse and the other one gets 1 mouse from the face-down draw pile as a point.
Players who were not the fastest get nothing and take the card they played back
into their hand.
2) With a new collection
If you don’t have any of the pieces of
clothing in your hand that the mouse is
wearing, you may catch it anyway: take
all hand cards together and whack the
mouse with them, shouting
“Mouse Attack!“
“Mouse Attack!“
If you were faster than the other players and your cards show only clothing that the
mouse is not wearing, you caught the mouse. Put it down face up in front of you.
Take your cards back in your hand. Then reveal the next mouse.
However, if you have pieces of
mouse clothing (that are identical in
color) in your hand cards, you place
this “dirty laundry“ in front of you as
minus points, putting one of these
pieces face down, the others face up.
The mouse has not been caught and
is put at the bottom of the mouse
card pile.
flip one
Dirty laundry lying in front of you face down indicates that you have incorrectly
shouted „Mouse Attack!“ If you have 3 pieces of clothing lying in front of you face
down, you may not shout “Mouse Attack!“ any more for the rest of the game;
that means you may not try to catch mice any more with a new collection.
Finally, you draw as many pieces of clothing as required to get to 7 hand cards again.
Cheese as protection against cat’s paws
face up
If a mouse is revealed whose cheese matches cheese piece
the piece of cheese showing on the cheese
pile, then you should keep your hands off this
mouse since it is protected.
If, in spite of this, you whack the protected mouse with any piece of clothing,
you burn your “paws“ and, as a penalty, get the card with the piece of cheese
instead of the mouse. Each piece of cheese scores 2 minus points.
If you even tried to catch the protected mouse by shouting “Mouse Attack!“, your
hand of cards is examined as well. If, among your cards, there are also clothes that
the mouse is wearing, you get these clothes in addition as dirty laundry.
The mouse is put at the bottom of the mouse pile, and a new cheese is flipped over.
Then you bring your hand up to 7 pieces of clothing.
If nobody wants to “touch“ the mouse because all have realized that this mouse is
protected, it is put underneath the mouse pile. The piece of cheese remains lying
The player who gets the mouse, dirty laundry or a piece of cheese always
uncovers the next mouse.
Ending and winning the game
The game ends after the last mouse has been caught or the last cheese has been
given out. All players now count up their points:
• Each mouse scores ························ 1 point
• Each “dirty“ piece
of clothing scores ··························· 1 minus point (no matter if
face down or face up).
• Each piece of cheese scores ······· 2 minus points
cheese piece:
–2 points
pieces of clothing:
–3 points
caught mice:
10 points
5 points
Whoever has the most points wins the game.
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Author: Chislaine van den Bulk
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