Battery Sense FAQ`s

Battery Sense FAQ`s
Battery Sense FAQ’s
1. Is the Battery Sense App compatible with iPad? Yes, iPad WiFi 3rd Generation and up. But, on an
iPad, you will have to download the app from the iPhone app store. You will be able to see iPad
Apps and iPhone Apps in the “Purchased” section of the app store, in the upper right corner of
the screen, it will show a dropdown menu when you touch either iPad or iPhone…
2. Can multiple users have access to the same Battery Sense module? Yes, the BS Module has
memory for up to 10 separate devices no matter who the owner is – on the 11th it will drop the
oldest user to make room for the newer user.
3. How many separate BS modules (batteries) can be monitored by the app or a single device? The
Battery Sense app has unlimited capability but will be limited by your device memory. An
average of ~100 in our experience
4. What happens if you do not connect to Battery Sense module for an extended period of time?
After 7 days your Battery Sense App will remind you with a pop up notification to reconnect and
“check in” with your battery to make sure it’s not “hungry”.
5. Battery Sense does not seem to be automatically updating? You need to make sure that the
“background updates” are enabled under settings and you need to have Bluetooth enabled at all
times on your phone to make it reconnect by itself. We have this option so the people who are
concerned about phone battery life could turn this off. If the option is enabled the Battery Sense
app will try to reconnect at all times and this consumes battery power. The sender module on
the battery makes measurements once every five minutes. In the background, Battery Sense
does not try to get new data unless the old data is more than one hour old.
6. I have not been able to notice that the unit is connecting when I get near the vehicle. Is it
possible that it connects quickly and downloads and then disconnects immediately?
Yes, the normal update process is to connect, retrieve new data and disconnect. This saves
phone battery life.
7. I have a fleet manager who has 200+ vehicles that he wants to manage. He wants to let each
driver use the app individually but also connect all vehicles to his iPad and connect and
download data when he sees the vehicle come into the shop, whenever that is... Will our units
work for that application? The best answer is – Theoretically, Yes, the app does not have any
limits but it would be limited by the amount of memory in the hardware. BUT…. This use was
not within the scope of the product development and it would be an “experiment” for the fleet
manager to see if he/she will like the app with this large number of vehicles being monitored…
maybe a good area for future development or product evolution?
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Further Install Note’s.
1. When connecting for the first time, the initial % is a loosely accurate number which shown more to let
the user know that the unit is connected and beginning its "triage" of your battery.
2. The % you will see over the next days is an accumulation of charge and discharge factors gathered
over time (among other secret calculations) that reports a percentage representing the true state of
charge of your battery but not the immediately measured OCV (open circuit voltage) as OCV is not
usually the true state of charge of a battery.
3. Accuracy will improve as more data about your battery is accumulated over time.
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