Grow Your Audience with help from nextKast

Grow Your Audience with help from nextKast
Internet Radio Automation Software
No complicated Databases / Clean User Interface
NextKast uses .mp3 tags and flat files and windows folder structure to store
information about the operation, this eliminates the need to set up a Database, and
makes setup much quicker and simple. Logs are still kept and can be used in any
external database if desired
Features That Make your Station Sound Professional
Adjustable Cross fade Times, Easy to implement Sweepers, Intro and Outro Marks,
automatic Silence Trim, adjustable Audio Processing and many more features that give
your station a professional sound.
Grow Your Audience with help from nextKast
With unique features like audience pleaser and song tune in/out statistics, play more
of the music you audience wants. TuneIn AIR API is also built in to help give a better
audience experience to listeners who use
Music Scheduler + Playout Systems + Encoder in ONE
Everything you need, no need for separate modules. Schedule, Play, and broadcast
from one software
Drag and Drop or Menu Driven
Import tracks and modify setup using a touch screen or by standard windows right
click menu options
Run In Auto-Rotation Mode
Create one rotation or many and just let them run, nextKast will separate songs and
Artist automatically, and will run through and pick songs automatically.
Schedule Rotations or Playlists as needed
Rotations or Playlists can be scheduled to start at hour or minute intervals in weekly
Top Of the Hour
Simple method of setting top of the Hour station ID’s and the ability to force TOH
breaks on the exact top of hour
USA Based Development and Support
Internet Radio Automation Software
Built In Voice Tracking and Playlist Generation
Generate playlist up to 30 days in advance and pre-record and place voicetracks in.
Playlist generator uses rotation scheduler, which makes it seemless.
Run studio and broadcast soundcards separately
NextKast uses default soundcard as studio audio by default. A separate broadcast
sound card can be used to stream just what should be on air (in case of fm/am
broadcast) using a second sound card.
Air Skype/VOIP calls
Air Skype or VOIP call using our line in feature with instructions from our website.
Second sound card and patch cable required.
Run in Automated or Manual Mode
Easily drag tracks and run in manual mode, while doing live Mic breaks, or run in
Automated mode.
Microphone Input
Run Microphone directly into nextKast, set attenuation level and mic level. Set mic to
run directly to stream to avoid delay in ear.
Update Song Catagories Visually
Using visual category folders to organize your music allows for the ability to visually
create and modify more effective rotations
Record your shows Live
Built in recorder to record your shows and re-play them later
Assignable Audio FX buttons
Assign up to twelve sound fx buttons/music beds with shortcut keys
Created by an Internet Radio Operator
We use nextKast on our own station 24/7
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