You have just purchased a qualified Wireless 2.4GHz Baby Monitor.
Please read this instruction carefully before using the product. Keep
these instructions for future reference.
Parts and Quick Reference
AC Adaptor
(for Baby Unit)
AC Adaptor
Color Parents Unit Baby Unit (for Parents Unit) &
Baby Unit:
1. Camera Lens 9. AC Adaptor Jack
2. Night Vision Infrared LED's 210. VOX On/ Off Switch
3. Microphone 11. Wall Mount Hole
4. PVC bendable neck 12. Rubber Feet
5. Night Light 13. Battery Compartment
6. Heat Release Hole 14. ON/OFF/NIGHT Switch
7. Antenna 15. Channel Selection Switch
8. Power Indicator
HandHeld Parents Unit:
1. Power Indicator 8. Belt Clip / Monitor Stand
2. LCD Display 9. Battery Compartment
3. Sound Level Sensitivity Meter 10. Antenna
4. Speaker 11. Power ON/OFF and Volume Control
5. Brightness Control Button 12. Channel Switch
6. AV OUT Jack 13. Operation Modes Selection Switch:
7. AC Adaptor Jack NORMAL / AUDIO / VOX
AC Adaptor:
The AC Adaptor is device that allows you to power on the
system with your household electricity. Separated adaptors
connect to corresponding DC IN Connectors of the Parent
Unit and Baby Unit. Please be reminded to switch off the
system before plugging or unplugging the adaptors.
CAUTION: These adaptors are with exclusive design for this system.
Please NEVER try to power up the system with different
adaptors or use them for any other appliances.
Safety Caution
Please read the following carefully before use:
1. Read and follow all instructions carefully.
2. Read and observe all warnings on the product and in this instruction
3. This product is not intended to replace adult supervision but
assistant tool. It is important that users should stay within the
communication range of the system all the times when using it.
4. lt is essential to check reception regularly. Please see the Reception
section for complete instructions.
. Both Parents and Baby unit are intended for indoor use only.
. Never put the system near water. For example, do not use it near a
bathtub, bathroom sink, laundry tub, kitchen sink or in a wet
basement, etc..
7. Always unplug the AC adaptors for not using the system for long
periods of time.
8. Position the system with a good ventilation environment and prevent
the components from overheating.
9. Do keep the system away from heat sources such as radiators, heat
registers, stoves or other appliances producing heat. Also keep
these components out of direct sunlight.
10.Use only the AC adaptors provided. Use of any other adaptors may
damage the system. Plug the AC adaptors into standard household
current only! To prevent entanglement and overheating, DO NOT
use extension cords.
O сл
11.The adaptors may be slightly warm during operation. This is normal.
12.The battery compartments may be slightly warm during the
operation. This is normal.
13.Position the AC adaptor cords so that they are not walked on or
pinched by items placed upon or against them, paying particular
attention to cords at AC adaptor plugs, wall plugs, and the point at
which the cords attach to the system.
Care and Maintenance
Wireless 2.4GHz Handheld Baby Monitor intended for indoor use only.
Do not place the Baby Unit where it will receive direct sunlight indoors.
Outdoor use may damage the system.
The outer surface of the Baby Unit and Parents Unit can be cleaned
with a cloth LIGHTLY dampened with water or a mild cleaning solution.
Do not immerse any part of the product in water. As with any other
electronic product, care should be exercised so as not to drop the
product or physically damage it. Electronic components may be
affected by such abuse.
Privacy Protection
Always remember that you are using public airwaves when you use the
Wireless 2.4GHz Handheld Baby Monitor. Sound and video may be
broadcasted to other receiving devices. Conversations, even from
rooms near the Camera, may be broadcast as well.
CAUTION: To protect your privacy, always turn the system off when not
in use. It is possible that the Parents Unit may be interfered from other
devices in the 2.4GHz frequency range. To minimize this potential
problem, three independent channels have been provided for your use.
If you experience interference while using one channel setting, simply
switch to another channel.
Location and Set Up
You can position and adjust the Baby Unit in a variety of ways to
provide the best view of your baby. To optimize the performance,
position the monitor unit 3 ft (1m) away from the baby
The Baby Unit can be easily mounted on a wall or ceiling by using the
wall mount hole at the bottom of the base, or it can be simply placed on
a stable, flat surface, such as a dresser, table top.
Set up removable Mounting Clip (Optional)
The Baby Unit can be clip on the table edge by the removable
mounting clip. After inserting the mounting clip at the base bottom,
user can easily fix the Baby Unit into different location. Setting and
disassembly method are shown in the figure.
BEFORE INSTALLING any wall mount screws. If interference or other
problems occur, please refer to the Trouble Shooting section at the end
of this manual.
NOTE: Use only the AC adaptor included with
o Unwrap and fully extend the AC adaptor cord.
e Plug AC adaptor into a standard wall outlet.
e Wrap up and secure any excess AC adaptor cord.
Battery Installation
Battery Installation for Parents Unit
1.Open the battery compartment door by pulling the belt clip down. It is
not necessary to remove belt clip for inserting the batteries. (Figure A)
2.Insert 5 alkaline AA batteries according to the polarity shown in the
battery compartment. (Figure B)
3.Close the battery compartment door and realign the belt clip.
4.User can directly operate the unit by the supplied DC adaptor.
| TH | PT | PT | PT
English(&) | |__| |English(Æ) | || |English(Æ) | |__| |English(Æ) | |__| |English(z)
Battery Installation for Baby Unit
1.Ореп the battery compartment door at the bottom. (Figure C)
2.Insert 4 alkaline AA batteries according to the polarity shown in the
battery compartment. (Figure D)
3.Close the battery compartment door.
4.User can directly operate the unit by the supplied DC adaptor.
NOTE: Danger of explosion if battery is incorrectly replaced. Replace
only with the same or equivalent type.
o Do not mix battery types (Alkaline or other batteries).
e Remove batteries when the system will not be used for long period of time.
e Do not mix old and new batteries.
e DO not short supplied terminals.
e Insert batteries oriented for the correct polarity ( as shown in battery
compartment ).
e Do not submerge any part of baby monitor in water.
e Do not recharge the non-rechargeable batteries. It may have a fire.
Disposal of Batteries
Batteries bearing on of the symbols shown opposite must not be
disposed of in normal domestic waste.
“7D X XX
Operations Procedures
A. Parents Unit
1.Connect the Parents Unit with the DC adaptor. Plug it into the nearby
standard electrical outlet or insert 5 AA alkaline batteries.
2.Turn on i at the right side upward of the unit until a click sound to be
heard. Pull more upward for louder sound heard, pull downward for
low sound. The power indicator LED lights up indicate the unit is in
full battery conditions.
3.At the same time, you should see the image and hear sound from the
speaker. CHANNEL
4.Select the channel by bottom slide switch + 2 .
5.Select the appropriate operation mode by the slide switch —=C— at
the bottom. Three modes are available for users' selection.
6.Adjust the appropriate volume level by moving |
B. Baby Unit
1.Connect the Baby Unit with the DC Adaptor. Plug it into the nearby
standard electrical outlet or insert 4 AA alkaline batteries.
up and down.
2.Turn on the unit by switching the slide switch ces located on the
left of the Baby Unit.
- Switching to ON position for bright daylight use.
- Switching to NIGHT for dark environment use.
4.Adjust the soft supporting stand on desired angles. Or adjust the
head of the Baby Unit by left / right turning 180 degree.
Reception Testing
Before using the Parents unit or changing the location of the system, it
is very important to test the video and sound reception:
To test the video reception
1.Place the Baby Unit in the most appropriate location (e.g. on top of
the table, mounting on the wall or ceiling)
2.Focus the camera lens towards the baby
3.Check the video reception on screen of the Parents Unit and adjust
the appropriate brightness level. (To adjust Brightness, please see
the “Other Function” section of the manual)
To test the sound quality
1.Speak in a whisper and with sound level of normal conversation to
Baby Unit.
2.Put the Parents Unit far away enough from Baby Unit to prevent
feedback noise.
3.Check the sound reception on speaker of the Parents Unit and adjust
the appropriate volume. (To adjust Volume, please see the “Other
Function” section of the manual)
Other Functions
1. Volume Adjustment ;
Volume adjustment rotary is located at the right side of the Parents Unit.
Rotate it for adjusting the desired volume level. Turning it upward for
increasing volume level; turning it downward for decreasing volume
Please always remember to adjust the brightness level to optimal
condition when you are changing different modes.
3. Operation Modes.
There are three operation modes in this system
3.1 Normal Mode (Audio & Video)
Turn the bottom mode slide switch &—5 to NORMAL position of
Parents Unit. The sound could be heard and image on LCD screen
at the same time.
3.2 Audio Mode
Turn the same switch ES to AUDIO position. User can hear the
sound only, 5 sounds level meter will indicate the sound strength.
There will not be image on LCD screen to save battery.
3.3 VOX (Voice activate the video)
Turn the same slide switch — to VOX position. Once the Baby
Unit senses the loud sound (e.g. baby cry), the system will
automatically turn on the communication. This is also a battery
saving feature. When VOX operation is selected, both audio and
video signal will be provided in Parents Unit LCD screen.
Noted: There is a VOX activation switch located at the bottom of the
Baby Unit. It should turn to “ON” positive at the same time for VOX
4.Power Indicator
When the unit is with low power, the Low Power Indicator may remind
for changing the batteries.
5. Out of Range Alert
When the connection between Parents and Baby Unit broken (e.g. one
of the units is turned off, two units are not in line with channel selection
or one of them is in low power), the Out of Range Alert will be activated:
“Bi Bi” sound will be heard continuously.
6. Sound Level Sensitivity Meter
5 Sound Sensitivity LED light located in the front of the Parents Unit to
indicate the strength of the sound level received from the baby.
- One or two LEDS lighted up means shallow sound received.
- Three to five LEDS lighted up means louder sound received.
7. Connect Parents Unit with TV Set
“AV OUT” located at the left side of the Parents Unit allows to connect
the system to your TV. User could see the image captured via a TV
cable provided.
8. Night Light (Optional)
There is a Night Light at the front of the Baby Unit for Night Vision.
To switch on the Night Light, turning the switch (mm) located at the
left side of Baby Unit to “NIGHT” position. Meanwhile the Infra-Red
LED will be activated.
Note: For those user select without night light feature, only infra-red
light will activated
Remark: Only Black % White Color will be shown on the Screen during
this operation.
9. Wall Mount
User can mount the baby unit at wall by the wall mount hole at the
bottom of the base.
10. Cutie Soft Cushion (Optional accessory)
Note: Turn back to ON position when it is daytime. level - co 3 opti ; ,
NA" as oa ptional soft cushions (Camera Head Covers: Flower, Sun, Moon)
The power indicator LED lights up indicate the unit is in full battery Power Indicator Indication are also available for beautiful decoration at baby's room. They are
conditions. 2. Brightness Adjustment Light On Power is good used to cover the camera head of Baby Unit.
Instead take them to a collecting point for old batteries or special waste o 3 Parents Unit
products (as your local authority for details) or return them to the dealer 3.Select the s ame channel with Parents Unit by adjusting the slide Volume adjustment button i Î is located at the left side of the Parents Unit. Flashing Low power
you bought them from. He will ensure they are disposed of safely. switch ©) located on the right. No picture and clear voice may Press A button for the higher brightness level. Babv Unit Light On Power is good
receive if two units are in different channel. Press V button for the lower brightness level. aby “ni Light Off Low power
8 9 10 11 12
English(3) | (| |English(#) | [| |English(#) |
Trouble shooting
Baby Unit's -Baby Unit is not -Slide the ON/OFF/NIGHT
power indicator | turned on. switch to the ON position
light does not -Power is switched under daylight condition and
light off. the NIGHT position under
-Batteries may be dark condition.
used up. -Make sure that power outlet
-AC Adaptor not on the wall is turned on.
properly connected. |-Replace new batteries
-Check AC Adaptor jack-to-
socket and plug-to-outlet
Baby Unit -Mode may be set to | -Turn on the Baby Unit. Setthe
screen does not | Audio only. Parent unitto NORMAL /VOX
illuminate and -Batteries may be mode.
No sound used up. -Replace new batteries
-Power is switched | -Operate the Parent unit by
off. using the adaptor.
-AC Adaptor not -Make sure that power outlet
properly connected. | on the wall is turned on.
-Check AC Adaptor jack-to-
socket and plug-to-outlet
-Be sure it is plugged properly
with adaptor.
No sound or -Wrong channel -Turn both units in the same
picture -Wrong mode channel.
-Signal interference | -Adjust the brightness as needed.
due to other -Change the Parent unit to the
household suitable mode.
appliance, cordless |-Change different channel
or cellular setting on both Parent Unit
telephone, etc. and Baby Unit.
Sound, but no -Baby Unit or Parents | -Test reception by moving the
picture Unit near metal Baby Unit and / or Parents
concentration. Unit to different locations
-Low brightness level | throughout the house.
-Wrong mode -Adjust the brightness as
-Wrong channel needed
-Signal interference | -Check the mode setting. Set
due to other the Parents Unit to the correct
household mode.
appliance, cordless |-Turn both units in the same
or cellular.
Picture, but no |- Low volume level :
Sound Adjust the | button to desired
Picture flickers in | -Object is too closed |-Remove objects that are too
low light to the Baby Unit close to the Baby Unit or
-Baby or Parents relocate Parents / Baby Unit.
Unit near metal -Test reception by moving the
concentration. Baby Unit and / or Parents
-Signal interference Unit to different locations
due to other monitors | throughout the house.
cordless or cellular |-Change the channel setting
telephones, etc. -Identify and eliminate the
source of interference
Audio feedback |-Two units are put too |-Keep away from two units.
(squealing) close -Lower the volume
-Volume is too high.
Dark picture at |-Power is switched |-Check the Baby Unit and/or
Night off Parents Unit power indicator.
-Batteries may be -Replace new batteries.
used up. -Check the connection of the
adaptor and the Parents unit.
-Adjust the brightness level
-Change the mode to “NIGHT”
if it is in darkness.
Technical Specification
Handheld Parents Unit
1.Handheld operation voltage: DC 8V 700mA or “AA” Alkaline Battery X 5
2.Low-voltage indication: < 5.7V
3.Temperature Range : 0°C ~ 50°C
4 Power consumption : = 5.0W
5.Operation Frequency : 2.4GHz ~ 2.465GHz
6.Max Range (clear line of sight) : up to 150m (in open area)
7 Video System : PAL Mode
8.Resolution : 490 X 240 Pixel
9.LCD : 1.5” Color LCD
10.Size of Hand Held : 172 X 83 X 35 mM
Baby Unit
1.Operation voltage : DC 7.5V 300mA or “AA” Alkaline Battery X 4
2.Power Output : 10 dBm
3.Temperature Range : 0°C ~ 50°C
4 Power consumption : 2.2W
5.Operation Frequency : 2.4GHz ~ 2.465GHz
6.Sub-carrier Frequency : 6.5MHZ
7.Mic Sensitivity : 1 to 2 meter
8.Size of Baby Unit : 208 X 84 X 100 mm
9.Object Distance : 1-2m
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