Thank you for purchasing iTalk iPod Voice Recorder. In a few
moments you'll be using your iPod in ways you never thought
possible. With iTalk you can now record voice memos, ideas,
seminars, meetings - all with the simplicity of your iPod
wherever you go.
Getting started is simple. Just connect your iTalk to the top of
your iPod and its recording functions will automatically appear.
For more details, please read the complete step-by-step
instructions on the inside of this booklet.
If we could offer one suggestion, always keep your iTalk close at
hand. You never know where inspiration may strike, and now
your random thoughts and brilliant ideas have a home - iTalk.
Be inspired.
Follow these simple steps to get started recording and playing back Voice Memos.
1 Securely connect iTalk to your iPod. The red LED on iTalk will blink when it is
recognized by the iPod.
Your iPod will automatically switch to Voice Memo mode, ready to record.
3 Press the Play button 4
( ;) on the iPod to begin recording. The iTalk’s red LED
will light up to indicate it's recording and a 'Recording' prompt will pulse on the screen
of the iPod. To temporarily pause recording, press Play (4
;) again. You can pause
and continue recording as often as you want.
4 When you are finished recording, turn iPod's wheel to select Stop and Save and
press the Select button on the iPod. Your iPod will tell you it’s saving your memo, and
will automatically go to a another Voice Memo page, where your memo will be listed
by date and time recorded. You can choose to Play or Delete any Voice Memo by
simply scrolling to that memo and pressing iPod's Select button.
After recording, you can play back your Voice Memos from your iPod in Extras>Voice
Memos. When you sync your iPod to iTunes, you can transfer your Voice Memos to
iTunes where you can listen to them as well. Your voice memos will be available in an
iTunes playlist called Voice Memos.
You may be aware that your iPod has an Alarm Clock function. But you may not know
you can use iTalk to play any audio you choose as an Alarm. With iTalk connected:
Select Extras>Clock>Alarm Clock>Alarm On.
Set the Alarm time on that same page
3 Instead of selecting Beep under Sound, select a song. Your iTalk speaker will now
wake you up to music (or noise if you choose) instead of a simple “Beep.” And it will
keep playing until you hit the Play button 4
( ;).
Though the onboard microphone and speaker on the iTalk work extremely well, you
can use different input or output devices. For example:
• Clipping a lavalier mic to your lapel to record your PowerPoint presentation
• Using a desktop mic to record a conference or lecture
• Attaching a telephone mic to document your phone conversation
• Listening to voice memos in privacy with headphones
The 3.5mm jack on top of iTalk can be used for both input and output. Just connect any
1/8" microphone or headphones to it. Your iPod will switch the function of the jack
from input to output automatically.
My iTalk isn’t working. It doesn’t go directly to Record Mode.
Disconnect your iTalk for one minute, then reconnect. When the red LED blinks, your
iTalk is working and will go directly to Record Mode.
If this doesn't work or there seems to be a problem with your iPod, you may want to
reset it. To reset iPod, hold the Menu and Play buttons down until the Apple logo
appears. Your iPod will start up a few moments after that.
My Voice Memos disappeared from my iPod!
When you sync your iPod, iTunes will open by default. Your Voice Memo will disappear
from the iPod and re-appear in the Voice Memo playlist in iTunes. The next time you
sync your iPod, all Voice Memos will be transferred back to the iPod, but they’ll appear
in a Voice Memos Playlist on the iPod (not under Extras>Voice Memo).
Where can I find more information?
For more suggestions and tips, please go to
Physical Specs
Dimensions (2.4" x .84" x .62") (61 x 21 x 16 mm)
Weight - 1.2 oz (30 grams)
iPod Connection
Headphone/Output - 3.5mm stereo (with iPod audio play through)
External Mic Input - 3.5mm mono (input switched when connected)
Impedance - 8 Ohms
Max output power - 2 Watts
Speaker size -16 mm
Freq Response 20Hz - 20kHz
Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
- 30 dB Ratio
- Attack Time - 100 ms
- Recovery Time - 3.5 sec
Dynamic Range 20Hz - 20kHz
Recorded File Specs (iPod Specified)
8kHz, 16 bit mono WAV files
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