Capacity. - Instawares
Holds a 32-gallon Brute®
Container for mobile waste collection.
Convenient storage compartment*
holds small tools and helps conceal
* Storage compartment/lid feature is standard
on the Cleaning Trolley 2000 (6173-02),
optional on Janitor Cart 2000 (6173-00).
Janitor Cart 2000
Cleaning Trolley 2000
Modernize your cleaning operation with the
Rubbermaid® Janitor Cart 2000 and Cleaning Trolley 2000.
Today’s challenging cleaning tasks require modern
tactics. Equip your cleaning and maintenance staff with
the Rubbermaid ® Janitor Cart 2000 and Cleaning Trolley
2000, featuring a range of the latest design innovations
to help your staff work more efficiently.
We’ve increased the storage capacity of all shelves
by 16 percent so workers can transport more essential
supplies right to where they’re needed and added a wireform holder to keep polyliners secure and accessible. An
optional tamper-resistant storage cabinet helps keep costly
and potentially toxic supplies under lock. We’ve also added
features for carrying more small tools and equipment with
handles, allowing a lobby dust pan and angle broom to be
held in downward positions for hygienic transport, two floor
sign holders — even a special holder for keeping a mop
handle secure. Plus, a convenient refuse bag cover with
storage compartment* that holds small tools and helps
conceal refuse. All this extra carrying capacity helps minimize time-consuming return trips to the supply closet.
The task of mobile waste collection often demands
frequent lifting and pulling efforts from cleaning personnel. And it’s often impossible to pull a full polyliner up
through the polyliner holder on comparable products. To
ease the task of removing and emptying a full polyliner,
the vinyl refuse bag on the Janitor Cart 2000 includes
a zippered side opening that provides full bag access
and easy removal. It’s an ergonomic feature your
workers will appreciate.
In addition to its many design advances, we’ve also
improved the overall construction of the Janitor Cart 2000
and Cleaning Trolley 2000. We’ve reinforced their structure for strength and security. They assemble quickly.
And we made them using smooth-wall plastic that’s
easy to clean.
Keep your cleaning operation up to date with the
Rubbermaid® Janitor Cart 2000 and Cleaning Trolley
2000. They present a modern solution to today’s cleaning and maintenance challenges.
Zippered side
opening in vinyl
refuse bag on
Janitor Cart 2000
allows full access
and easy removal
of full polyliner
bags without
awkward, heavy
lifting motions.
Optional all-plastic
cabinet with
door provides a
greater level of
storage and
A special holder secures an angle broom in downward
position for improved sanitary transport and storage.
* Storage compartment/lid feature is standard on the Cleaning Trolley 2000 (6173-02), optional on Janitor Cart 2000 (6173-00).
Innovative refuse bag cover
with convenient
storage compartment*
helps conceal refuse and
secures small tools and
supplies (Cleaning
Trolley 2000 only).
Front and back
hooks carry two
Floor Signs.
Handtool slots
for convenient
transport and
Shelf storage enlarged
16 percent to provide
plenty of storage capacity.
Built-in hook allows lobby dust
pan to be secured in downward
position for hygienic transport
and storage.
Front shelf accommodates
32-gallon Rubbermaid®
Brute Container for waste
collection; mop bucket and
wringer or HealthTek™ Duo
Bucket System for wet floor
Polyliner support/drip pan.
Non-marking 8-inch rear wheels
and 4-inch swivel casters ease
maneuvering and effort.
Molded holders carry a wide
range of tools and equipment
with handles.
Rounded corners are
easy on walls and
Snap-in/out holders
help secure handles
and tools.
Wire form holder on both
models keeps polyliner
secure and accessible.
Built-in paper
towel holder.
plastic construction
cleans easily and
keeps a professional
Special slot allows angle
broom to be stored in
downward position for
hygienic transport.
Zippered vinyl bag feature.
(Janitor Cart 2000 only).
Optional all-plastic locking storage
cabinet secures costly and potentially
caustic supplies.
*Storage compartment/lid feature is standard on the Cleaning Trolley 2000 (6173-02), optional on Janitor Cart 2000 (6173-00).
Rubbermaid® Janitor Cart 2000 and Cleaning Trolley 2000
modern solutions for today’s cleaning challenges.
Janitor Cart 2000/Cleaning Trolley 2000
Item No.
46” l x 21-3/4” w x 38-3/8” h
(116.8 cm x 55.2 cm x 97.5 cm)
46” l x 21-3/4” w x 38-3/8” h
(116.8 cm x 55.2 cm x 97.5 cm)
Bag: 2.6 US bu
(.1 m3)
Blue, Gray
Janitor Cart 2000
w/Zippered Yellow Vinyl Bag
Cleaning Trolley 2000
w/Storage Compartment/Trash Cover
& Bag Platform
Bag Platform Accessory
Blue, Gray
Storage Compartment/Trash Cover
Blue, Gray
Locking Janitor Cart Cabinet
Vinyl Replacement Bag
for Janitor Cart 2000 w/Zipper
Products manufactured under a quality management
system registered to ISO 9002.
©1998 Rubbermaid Commercial Products LLC
Winchester, VA 22601
Printed in U.S.A. 9/98-75M Litho SM 508
18-5/8” l x 13-3/8” w x 2” h
(47.3 cm x 34 cm x 5.1 cm)
17-5/8” l x 12-1/2” w x 2-3/8” h
(44.8 cm x 31.8 cm x 6 cm)
20” l x 16” w x 11-1/4” h
(50.8 cm x 40.6 cm x 28.6 cm)
17-1/4” l x 10-1/2” w x 30-1/2” h
(43.8 cm x 26.7 cm x 77.5 cm)
2.6 US bu
(.1 m3)
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