Compact Portable
 Miner Act Compliant
DRUM 100
Compact Portable Underground Radio
г Kutta Radios
- Technology
The DRUM 100 Medium Frequency Radio is a battery powered,
analog frequency modulation, single-channel voice communication
radio. This radio can use either magnetic induction or direct
coupling in the medium frequency (MF) band to propagate its signal
parasitically across metal infrastructure in an underground / tunnel
M S BJ A Occupational Safety and Health
DRUM 100
The DRUM 100 operates in one of two configurations:
Standalone MF Radio - Speaker / Mic Connected to Audio Interface
Cross Band Repeater - Handheld Radio Adapter Connected to Audio Interface
DRUM 100 — Standalone MF Radio
5 Watts at 450 kHz
50 Ohm Antenna Impedance
High Efficiency Class D Amplifier
Tone Squelch Support
High Dynamic Range Receiver
llluminated Power Switch
MSHA Permissible
Analog Point To Point Operation Standalone MF Radio Cross Band Repeater
1 Watt Speaker Audio
Long Battery Life General
Rugged Design with Dust-Tight Enclosure Frequency Range 450 kHz
FM Modulation of Audio Signal Number of Channels 1
Battery Voltage 7.2 VDC + 20%
Speaker Microphone w/ PTT and Emergency
Wideband Deviation for Optimum S/N Ratio
DRUM 100 — Cross-Band Repeater
Dual Band Repeater (MF to Handheld)
Up-Converts MF to Handheld Frequency
Down-Converts Handheld Frequency to MF
Adapters Available for Many Handheld Radios
MF Output Power: 5 Watts typical
High Efficiency Class D Amplifier for MF
Tone Squelch Support for MF and Handheld
Simplex or Duplex Handheld Operation
lluminated Power Switch
MF Antenna Coupling Accessories
On / Off Speaker / Mic
Antenna ( О О
Port A
24 9”
Battery Life (5-5-90 duty cycle)
Battery Life (10-10-80 duty cycle) 10 hours
14 hours
Operating Temperature Range 0* to 70% C
Frequency Stability 10 ppm
Antenna Impedance 50 ohms
Total Weight 4.8 Ibs
(Including Battery, Antenna, Cable and Speaker / Mic)
3rd Order IMD
Amplifier Type
Sensitivity (12 dB SINAD) 0.5 uV
Selectivity 12 kHz @ -6 dB
Intermodulation Distortion N/A
Audio Output 1 Watt < 10% distortion
Spurious Rejection > 60 dB
Noise Figure 3 dB typical
Input IP3 (3rd order intercept) -23 dBm
Input P1 dB (1 dB compression) -33 dBm
RF Power Output 5 Watts
Emission Designator 16K0F3E
Spurious Emission <-60 dB
-31 dBc @ 5 Watts
Class D
Kutta Radios, Inc.
2075 W Pinnacle Peak Rd - Suite 102 - Phoenix, AZ 85027
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