 About software updates
For safety, be sure to read this user's manual thoroughly before use, and follow
them for correct use.
You can also access it
using this QR code.
Preparation for taking pictures
• Open the cover on the back of the camera and insert a microSD card (optional).
• Do not leave CM-1000 near sources of heat such as heaters. Do not heat CM-1000 or throw it into a fire. Doing so may cause bursting or
ignition of the built-in battery.
• Do not subject CM-1000 to strong shocks or throw it. Doing so may cause overheating, bursting, or ignition of the built-in battery.
• Do not deform, modify, or disassemble CM-1000. Do not use the built-in battery for other than intended purposes. Doing so may cause
leakage, overheating, bursting, or ignition of the built-in battery.
MicroSD/SDHC card of
speed class 6 or higher
(up to 32 GB in capacity)
Lamp (left)
• The operating temperature ranges for the battery are given below. Do not use the battery in temperatures outside these ranges. If the
battery is used or stored in temperatures outside these ranges, fire, injury or problems with operation may occur.
1. In use: –10°C - 40°C
2. In storage: –20°C - 60°C
Lamp (right)
MODE button
• Store it in a safe place out of the reach of children and infants. Infants may swallow the memory card accidentally as it is small.
If they swallow it accidentally, seek medical advice immediately.
User's manual
Names of parts
Observe the correct
orientation when
inserting the SD card.
REC button
• Do not leave CM-1000 in a place exposed to direct sunlight, inside a vehicle on a hot day, or other hot places. This may cause the built-in battery to leak.
• If any leaked fluid gets on your skin or clothes, wash it off immediately with clean water. The leaked fluid may damage your skin.
 Note
• We are not liable for data save errors or loss of data due to any malfunction
of CM-1000 or the SD card.
• Do not drop CM-1000. Doing so may damage CM-1000.
• Do not leave CM-1000 in an area exposed to strong sunlight for an extended
period of time.
• Condensation sometimes forms on CM-1000, such as when it is moved from
outdoors to a warm place indoors in winter. Entry of condensation (dew) into
the product may cause a malfunction. To prevent condensation, seal the
product in a bag and after coming indoors, leave it at ambient temperature
for a while before removing it from the bag. Finally open the cover and
leave the product for a few hours.
• If CM-1000 gets seawater on it, wash the salt, sand, and dirt attached to
CM-1000 off with fresh water such as from a shower. Then, remove the lens
cover and dry CM-1000.
• Do not expose the camera lens to direct sunlight for an extended period of
• To clean the lens surface, lightly blow off the dirt and dust with a blower and
gently wipe the lens with a soft, dry cloth.
• Do not rub the lens surface hard. Doing so may scratch the lens surface or
cause a malfunction.
• Straight lines in pictures taken by CM-1000 may be distorted due to a
characteristic (distortion) of the lens, but this is not a malfunction.
• If CM-1000 becomes hot after continuous use, the protection circuit may turn
on to stop the operation of CM-1000.
• About the waterproof function
* CM-1000 is equivalent to JIS waterproof grade 8 (IPX8) and can be used at
depths of up to 10 m for up to 2 hours.
* The waterproof capability is as per our test standards and does not
guarantee the complete prevention of damage, malfunction or
waterproofing under all conditions.
* If you subject CM-1000 to a strong impact by hitting it, dropping it, etc.,
the waterproof function is not assured.
* Do not use CM-1000 under water pressure higher than the specifications,
in hot springs, or in water at temperatures of 40 °C or higher.
* The waterproof function of CM-1000 is effective only against seawater
and fresh water.
* Malfunction resulting from the penetration of water caused by
inappropriate use is not covered by the warranty.
• Use the underwater lens protector when using the CM-1000 underwater.
The lens protector may prevent the device from performing adequately, for
example by limiting the angle of view or preventing proper focus.
• The underwater lens protector can only be used for a viewing angle of 135
To ensure the waterproof function, be sure to attach the protector.
 Cautions when disposing of the memory card or giving it to
someone else
The data in the memory card may not be completely deleted using
"Format" or "Deletion" functions of CM-1000 or PCs. If you intend to give
the memory card to someone else, we recommend you delete the data
completely using data deletion software for PCs.
When disposing of the memory card, we recommend you destroy the
memory card physically.
• Contact the place of purchase for updates of the component software.
The most up-to-date information is available on the Shimano website.
• Please review any precautions that apply to use of the mount you are utilizing.
• Products are not guaranteed against natural wear and deterioration from
normal use and aging.
• For maximum performance we highly recommend Shimano lubricants and
maintenance products.
Underwater lens
Connecting to a smartphone
 Switching the power on and off
 Downloading a custom app
Pressing the MODE button once turns on the
camera with two beeps. At that time, the
two lamps turn on.
Holding down the REC button turns off the
camera with four beeps.
• When the camera is turned on, the two lamps at the
center of the camera light up for about 2 seconds.
• The left lamp indicates the battery level and the right
lamp indicates the remaining capacity of the SD card.
Battery level and SD card capacity according to lamp
display color.
• Download the smartphone application from App Store for iPhones or
Play Store for Android phones.
Type "shimano" to search for the smartphone application.
 Connecting your smartphone to the camera through
Wi-Fi using the smartphone application
Flashes in green
51 - 21
21 - 5
100 - 51
Press down
0 - 30
• If it will not be used for an extended period of time, charge the battery
before storing it.
• If the battery has become completely empty, charge it as soon as possible.
If the battery is left uncharged, it will deteriorate.
• Products are not guaranteed against natural deterioration from normal
use and aging.
30 - 60
60 - 120
120 +
SD card capacity (minutes)
 Recording video
• Pressing the REC button once starts video recording with two beeps.
• Turn on the camera and hold down the MODE button until you hear a
beep, then the lamp turns green to indicate that the camera is
transmitting Wi-Fi signals.
 Smartphone settings
• Pressing the REC button again stops video recording with five beeps.
(with lens protector preinstalled)
Mount set
(mount A, mount B, bolt, leash, belt, rubber, adhesive tapes)
USB cable
Underwater lens protector
 Charging the built-in battery
Open the waterproof cover and connect the USB cable provided to the
socket F. Connect the USB cable to the PC and fully charge the battery.
• Standard charging time: 4 hours
• Lamp status
• Recordable Time : Approximately 2
Charging: Yellow (Flashing)
hours (Full HD)
Fully charged: Green (Lit)
 Replacing the SD card
Taking pictures
 Battery
 Package contents
Use the standard or underwater lens protector,
whichever is suitable for your needs.
Install each protector with the marked side facing
Lens protector
• 2.4GHz digital wireless system
2.4GHz-frequency digital wireless technology, which is the same technology
used for wireless LAN.
However, in a very rare occasions, objects and places may generate strong
electromagnetic, waves and interference, which may result in incorrect measurement.
* Television, PC, radios, motors/engines, or in car and trains.
* Railroad crossings and near railway tracks, around television transmitting
stations and radar bases.
* Other wireless computers or digitally controlled light.
• Observe the general rules of etiquette when shooting.
• Be aware that taking pictures of others and making them available to the
public may violate their rights such as their image right.
• Do not use CM-1000 in a manner against public order and morals, such as shooting
commercially available books or literary works whose shooting is prohibited.
• Save important data to a PC, etc.
• Inserting the memory card in the wrong orientation may damage the
memory card, memory card slot, or image data.
• Do not insert anything other than a memory card of supported size into the
memory card slot. Doing so may cause a malfunction.
• Be careful as the memory card may pop out unexpectedly when it is inserted
or removed.
• CM-1000 is guaranteed to operate under operating temperatures ranging
from -10 °C to 40 °C, but the operating temperature range guaranteed may
vary according to the type of memory card.
For details, read the user's manual for your memory card.
Battery level (%)
Use the sport camera after updating the
software to the latest version.
For details, check the "UPDATE" section of
the following website.
Open the waterproof cover and insert the memory card into the slot G with
the label side facing up until it clicks. Then close the waterproof cover.
• Supported memory cards: Micro SD/SDHC class 6 or higher
(up to 32GB)
User's manual, Quick manual
• If the REC button is pressed without an SD card, a series of warning
beeps sound to indicate that an SD card is missing.
 Switching between the recording modes
 Attaching to the mount
Slide the tab H on the bottom of CM-1000 into the mount.
 Connecting to Wi-Fi
You can connect CM-1000 to a smartphone device with the dedicated
 Connecting to a PC
Without turning off the CM-1000, connect one end of the USB cable provided to
socket F and the other to the PC. When the PC detects CM-1000 as an external
storage device, the connection is established.
 Connecting to an ANT+TM product
You can connect CM-1000 to an ANT+TM product.*
* For details on operation procedures, applications required to use peripheral devices, etc., you can also check our support website (
This user's manual is available at:
• Turn on the camera and press the MODE button to change the
recording mode.
• Each time you press the MODE button, the recording mode
changes in the order of Full HD, HD, WVGA, and Still Image.
1920 x 1080
1280 x 720
640 x 360
Full HD
Still Image
* If the frame rate is changed via the smartphone application, it will be
changed on the camera to the frame rate set.
Resetting the camera
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Industrieweg 24, 8071 CT Nunspeet, The Netherlands Phone: +31-341-272222
3-77 Oimatsu-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai-shi, Osaka 590-8577, Japan
Please note: specifications are subject to change for improvement without notice. (English)
© May 2015 by Shimano Inc. HTR
If the camera does not respond to any operations, it may have frozen. Press
and hold both the MODE and REC buttons (8 seconds or longer) to reset the
main unit.
• Turn on Wi-Fi in your smartphone and select the network "SMN_CAMxxxx".
• Enter "SHIMANO_Cam" for the Wi-Fi password to establish the
connection. After the connection is established, start the smartphone
Carefully type the password as it contains upper and lowercase
letters and an underscore.
For details on operating the smartphone application please refer to
the application help manual.
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