uprint_mobile from an iOS device

uprint_mobile from an iOS device
uprint_mobile from an iOS device:
Your iOS device must be connected to the Academy network in order to install this app.
In order to print from your iOS device, you will need to install an app which provides authentication
services to the Academy network. Once the app has been installed, log into it with your Academy
network credentials and leave the app running. When you wish to print, choose uPrint_Mobile from
within whatever app you are running (e.g. iBooks, Evernote, Noterize, Safari, etc.) Your print job is sent
to a hold queue waiting for you to walk up to a printer and release it. You can go back to the print app to
verify that your job is waiting for you in the hold queue.
App Installation:
From your iOS device browser, download the Printing app from http://prt.exeter.edu:9191/ios/install
Tap Install to install the Printing Profile
Tap Install Now
uprint_mobile from an iOS device:
If you have a Passcode set up on your iPad, you’ll be prompted to enter it.
Tap Done to complete the install
uprint_mobile from an iOS device:
In order to print, launch the Printing app
Enter your Academy network username (e.g. jdoe) and password
The application will now be launched presenting you with the current print jobs you have in the queue.
Leave the app running.
uprint_mobile from an iOS device:
Open an application and select the print function. Not every app has print functionality and different
apps show the print command under different locations.
NOTE: It may take a few seconds for the printer to appear. You may need to refresh the Printer
window by swiping it down. If printers do not populate, restart/reboot your iPad.
Select the print queue: uprint_mobile
To make sure your print job went to the queue, go back to the Printing app to view the queue. You
should receive a message indicating your document is being held in a queue.
Tap OK to view the queue
uprint_mobile from an iOS device:
All print jobs sent to this queue will be held until they are released by you. Jobs will be deleted from the
hold queue after 24 hours, after which time they must be resubmitted to print.
Remember, before you starting printing, make sure you have launched the Printing (PaperCut) app and
logged in with your network username and password.
You can use the Printing (PaperCut) app to check ALL your print jobs sent to the uPrint queue no matter
which device you sent your job from.
If you have questions or problems installing or printing from your iOS device, contact ITS Support:
Ext. 3693
Academy Building 018
Phillips Hall Basement 004
Data Center (255 Water Street)
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