Datasheet Giganetix Plus Camera GCP3381M

Datasheet Giganetix Plus Camera GCP3381M
Giganetix Plus Camera
The Giganetix Plus series constitutes the
technological flagship of our Industrial GigE Vision
Camera portfolio. It is designed for industrial
imaging applications which benefit from Sony’s
latest advances in CCD and CMOS imaging
technologies, like EXview HAD CCD II™ and
Pregius™ Exmor™ CMOS Global Shutter
All sensors from two to twelve megapixels show
unbeaten light sensitivity. Thanks to our longstanding experience of camera design, the
Giganetix Plus series offers optimal low noise
performance in applications with less light and
short exposure times, e.g. in high-speed
automation. In outdoor surveillance and border
control applications, the high NIR sensitivity and
resolution of our cameras allow for new system
designs and higher performance.
Besides the fine selection of image sensors and
the superior image quality, the Giganetix Plus
cameras provide a rich feature set comprising
Power over Ethernet (PoE), two input and output
lines plus a robust and compact enclosure of
The fully GigE Vision compliant hardware and
driver interface, the comprehensive Windows and
Linux compatible Giganetix GigEVisionSDK as well
as the utilization of industrial connectivity
standards ensure the seamless integration also in
existing cost-sensitive systems – without any
compromise in quality!
Giganetix Plus Series:
 Sony’s latest Pregius™ Exmor™ sensors from
2.3 to 5.1 MP
 Four Sony high-end 4-tap CCD sensor models
from 2.8 MP up to 12 MP
 Factory-calibrated taps on all multi-tap models
 Power over Ethernet (PoE)
 Heat optimized footprint with 50x50x48mm
 Partial scan and area of interest features
 Enhanced set of supported features
 Fully GigE Vision and Gen<i>Cam compliant
hardware and software
 Comprehensive SDK for Windows and Linux,
supporting C, C++, .NET and Delphi
 Plug & Play, attach the camera to your Ethernet
network and start working
 Standard C-Mount lens adapter
 Precise mount to image sensor alignment
 Sealed image sensor
 2 inputs and 2 outputs, opto-isolated
 3 years warranty
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Giganetix Camera GCP3381
Specifications: GCP3381 GCP3381M GCP3381C
GCP3381M / GCP3381C
Sensor Type
Sony ICX814
Sensor Technology
Progressive Scan CCD (4 Tap), Global Shutter
Sensor Size
Pixel Size
3.69x3.69 µm²
3376x2704 (9.1 MP)
Frame Rate (8-/10-/12-/16bit)
12 / 8 / 8 / 5 fps
Video Formats
Mono (8, 10 Packed, 12 Packed, 16), Bayer (8, 16)
ADC Bitdepth
8 / 14 bits
Exposure Time
10 µs - 10 s
Analog Gain
12 - 24 dB
Power Consumption (PoE)
ca. 4.4 W (5.6 W)
The platform concept of this camera series and its powerful on-board FPGA allows for flexible, fast, and costefficient customization of the mechanics, electronics, and the embedded camera software tailored to customer
needs – also for low quantities.
Spectral sensitivity:
GCP3381M (Monochrome):
GCP3381C (Color):
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Giganetix Camera GCP3381
Further Specifications:
Video interface:
Exposure control:
Optical filters:
Digital input:
Digital output:
Power supply:
Operating temp.:
Storing temp.:
Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-T
Via external trigger; single shot or free run
Freely programmable via GigE Vision interface
IR-cut default for color models
2 input channels, opto-isolated
2 output channels, opto-isolated
10-24V DC (via GPIO) or Power over Ethernet (PoE)
from 0°C/+32°F up to +50°C/+122°F (housing temperature)
from -30°C/-22°F up to +60°C/+140°F (housing temperature)
ca. 150g
Software Environment:
Firmware update:
via Ethernet
Client software:
SMARTEK Vision GigEVisionClient
Camera stream display and image capturing, intuitive graphical user interface for the
adjustment of all available settings, GigE Vision and Gen<i>Cam compliant
GigE Vision compliant Giganetix IP filter driver for all Windows™ and Linux platforms
SMARTEK Vision GigEVisionSDK with documented API
Validated with Halcon™, VisionPro™, Matrox Imaging Library™, LabView™,
Scorpion Vision™ and others
Ordering Information:
GCP 1931 X M – IRC
3 4
Giganetix Plus
Model index
Image sensor options:
Standard image sensor
Image sensor
without cover glass*
* available for particular image sensors on request
Color type:
Filter glass type:
Uses default glass option**
with IR-cut filter
with clear glass
without filter glass
**IR-Cut for color cameras and clear for monochrome cameras.
Accessories (sold separately):
Our team assists you in finding the optimal accessories (lenses etc.) for your camera.
Standard I/O cables with flying leads and end ferrules
Ethernet CAT5e/6 with straight RJ45 plugs and screw lock
All cables are also available with angled plugs and in chain / hi-flex versions
Power supply:
12V wall mount power supply
Strobe controller:
SMARTEK Vision IP Strobe Controller with 1, 2 and 4 channels (up to 200V@20A)
Mounting plates:
Tripod mount adapter for standard 1/4" tripod mounts
SMARTEK Vision · Dobrise Cesarica 5 · HR-40000 Cakovec · Croatia
Tel.: ++49 (89) 381 5330 55 · Fax: ++385 (40) 493 819 · ·
Giganetix Camera GCP3381
General Purpose IO Interface (GPIO):
EIAJ (Hirose compatible) 12 pin
1 – Power GND
2 – 10-24V DC input
3 – Output 1 4 – Output 1 +
5 – Input 2 6 – Input 2 +
7 – Input 1 +
8 – Input 1 -
9 – Output 2 10 – Output 2 +
11 – Input 1 +
12 – Input 1 -
Dimensions in mm / [inch]:
Housing (without mount and plugs): 50x50x48mm
SMARTEK Vision · Dobrise Cesarica 5 · HR-40000 Cakovec · Croatia
Tel.: ++49 (89) 381 5330 55 · Fax: ++385 (40) 493 819 · ·
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