GENERAL: The GAM/McKim Split Lead Antenna is designed for Single Side Band Marine
Radios with Tuners. You will need 34 feet of space on your backstay . The backstay diameter
should be between ¼” and 7/16”. As the name implies, the center tube of the antenna housing is
split which allows it to be put onto the backstay slid up the stay until you have reached the height
that you desire for the bottom of the antenna housing. The antenna is supplied with 15 feet of
GTO-15 for connection to the tuner.
Step 1. Starting with the end of the antenna opposite the GTO-15 wire, open the split in the center
tube and start feeding the housing onto the backstay cable. Once started it should be relatively
easy to slide the entire antenna up the backstay. It is suggested that the split be facing away from
the mast. You may use the black nylon wire ties provided with the antenna at 4 foot intervals if
you are concerned with the ability of the housing to stay in place. The wire ties, if used, should be
tightened lightly so as to stay in place on the housing without restricting the movement of the
tube on the backstay.
Step 2. If the backstay diameter is 5/16” proceed to step 3. For 3/8” or 7/16” backstays tighten the
screws on the clamp being sure the clamping fingers remain aligned. Then drill out the clamp to
the proper size for your backstay. For 3/8” backstay use a 23/64” drill; For 7/16” use a 27/64”
drill. We recommend using a drill press and a drill vice to hold the clamp and align the hole. Be
sure to use proper drilling techniques and use eye protection when drilling.
If your backstay is ¼” diameter drill the clamp as if for 3/8” and use the small plastic tube that
has been slit over the backstay before installing the clamp over the plastic tube. This tube will
take up the space and insure proper fit and hold of the clamp. You may also choose to use
similar plastic tubing (available at most hardware/building supply stores) under each nylon wire
tie to prevent rattling of the antenna housing.
Step 3. Once you are satisfied with the placement of the antenna housing install the clamp with
the fingers over the center tube using the four screws, washers and self locking nuts supplied. The
GTO-15 wire should be bent down into the relief slots in the outer tubes to allow the clamp
fingers to engage the center tube. It is recommended that the head of the screw be on the same
side as the wire relief to reduce the possibility of abrasion of the GTO-15 connector wire. Do not
over tighten the clamp screws.
Step 4. Proceed with the connection of the GTO-15 wire to the tuner.
Notes: Since the active antenna elements are fully contained within the non conductive housing
there is no requirement to have the antenna out of reach of the people on deck. Good radio
practices and procedures should be followed.
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