Dual Band In-Wall Infrared Receiver Instruction Manual

Dual Band In-Wall Infrared Receiver Instruction Manual
Dual Band In-Wall Infrared Receiver Instruction Manual
The A-1140D Dual Band In-Wall Infrared Receiver receives IR signals from a handheld I R remote control and
relays this to the audio/video equipment for operation from another room. Mounts to a single gang standard
electrical box using a decorate cover plate.
1. Stylish decorate design. Available in white colors.
2. Dual color LED. Green for system status and blue for talk back .
3. Ultra thin design. Mounts easily in any J -box or P-ring.
4. Wide band IR receives IR from many types of remotes.
Receive Frequency Range:
Transmit Frequencies:
Status Power:
Wire requirements:
34 kHz to 60 kHz
38 KHz & 56 KHz
40ft. @ 38 KHz
25ft. @ 56 KHz
12VDC, 30mA max.
12VDC, 3mA max.
2 twisted pair, with or without
Connect the A-1140D to the A-1139 connecting block using 2
twisted pair wire. Use one pair to connect GND (GROUND)
and IR (SIGNAL). Use the other pair to connect ST (STATUS)
and V+ (+12VDC). If the wire has a shield, connect it to the
ground at both ends. See Figure 1 for detail of these
Figure 1
To use the status indicator on the A-1140D connect the 12 Volt 100mA
or higher power supply to the STATUS line of th e A-1139 connecting
block as shown in Figure 2. Plug the power supply into the switched
outlet on the stereo receiver. When the receiver is on, the power
supply will turn on the system status line and illuminate the LED green
of the A-1140D.
Mount the A-1140D to the standard electrical box using the screws that
are supplied. Mount cover plate to the IR receiver. See Figure 3.
Figure 2
Figure 3
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