Airport Baggage Scales
Procon Engineering
(A Division of National Oilwell Varco UK Limited)
 Operator & Passenger weight displays
 Four load cell open weigh frame designs
 Freestanding platform scales with top covers
 Bespoke designs to suit application
- Self Verification
Passenger/Operator Friendly
EP20 - 200 - Display and Controls
The EP20-200 Series check-in
system, is a dedicated baggage
weigher. It is a precision digital
indicator using the latest Sigma-Delta analogue to
digital conversion technology to ensure fast and
accurate weight readings.
The set-up and
calibration of the instrument are digital, with a non
-volatile security store for all setup parameters
The EP20-200 series represents weighing
electronics utilising a highly integrated design
which incorporates the weighing electronics within
the operator display. For those desks that require a
separate passenger display this is achieved with a
simple, easy to read matching counter mounted
EP20-201 display.
The EP20-200 range of electronics and displays
offer high visibility LED back lit LCD readouts
with all other normal airport requirements built in.
The front panel has a six-digit LCD display. The
above picture shows the main elements of the
front panel.
The instrument has various sections for the visual
output of weight information. Each display
section is as follows:
Weight Display
Indicates the weight readings, setup information,
errors and warnings.
EC Type Approval UK2950 Class III NonAutomatic Weighing Instruments n< 4,000
Installation, Calibration,
Commissioning & Support
Units Display
Can be set up to show the units of weight
reading as grams (g), kilograms (kg), pounds
(lb), tonnes (t) or none.
Operation Keys
SET UP - To begin digital set up for calibration and editing.
Our team of highly skilled and
trained Service Engineers have
many years’ experience working in
Airports; they hold the necessary
passes, approvals and security
In addition, we are fully approved by NWML for
the Self Verification of our Airport Baggage
Scales, enabling us to Weights & Measures
stamp them ourselves.
Installation, Calibration, Commissioning and
Support can be provided in the UK and overseas.
We also supply, install, calibrate & commission
cargo weighing and inventory systems, as well as
other general weighing, process control and
associated equipment, providing a very cost
effective 24-hour, 7 days per week “Total Site
Service”, as required.
Each of the primary operation keys
has two separate functions.
Status Annunciators
Typical System Configuration
(your conveyor on top)
Desktop Mounting Pods
In airports where check-in desk space may be more limited, we can offer our
Desk Top Mountable Pods that can house either a single Operator display, or both
an Operator & Passenger display.
The Passenger display is usually mounted on the 60 degree sloping front of the
pod and the Operator display on its vertical back.
The pods are all stainless steel construction; case size is
220mm long x 132mmn high x 168mm deep.
Technical Compatibility
 Stainless steel bezel –flush mount fitting
 Full digital set-up and calibration
 Heavy bag detection with relay output
 Highly compact profile minimising desk
Procon Airport Baggage Scale Systems have been
specifically designed for ease of installation. They
can simply be integrated into existing baggage
scale systems with no complex wiring
incompatibility problems. Connections and ports
are designed to be easily identified. Compatible
with single, dual or four cell weigh frames and
platform scales.
 20mm, 6 digit LCD Display with LED
 Scale electronics integrated into operator
 Totaliser and bag counter for up to 99 bags as
Up to 30,000 divisions, minimum of 0.25µV/division
Zero Cancellation
Span Adjustment
0.1mV/V to 3.0mV/V full scale
Stability / Drift
Zero: <0.1µV/ºC (+ 8ppm of dead load max)
Span: <8ppm/ºC , Linearity <20ppm, Noise <0.2µVp-p
5 volts for up to 4 x 350 or 8 x 700 ohm load cells (4-wire or 6-wire plus shield)
Maximum total load cell resistance: 1,000 ohms
A/D Type
24bit Sigma Delta with 8,388,608 internal counts
A/D Conversion Rate
20Hz with FIR filtering > 80dB
Operating Environment
Temperature: - 10 to +40ºC ambient
Humidity: <90% non-condensing
Storage: -20 to +50ºC ambient
IP65 when panel mounted
Case Materials
Stainless Steel, ABS, Silicon Rubber, Nylon, Polycarbonate
Size and Panel Cut Outs
Size: 120mm long x 113mm high x 30mm deep. Cut Out is 182mm long x 94mm
LED Backlit LCD with six 20mm high digits with units and annunciators
Set up and Calibration
Full digital with visual prompting in plain messages
Digital Filter
Sliding window average from 0.1 to 4.0 seconds
Zero Range
Adjustable from ±2% to ±100%of full capacity
Power Input
Standard Power Input
12 to 24VDC, (2.5 VA max) - ON/OFF key with memory feature (locked by default)
AC Plug pack: 110/240VAC 50/60Hz in 12VDC 2.5A out
RS-232 automatic transmit for EP201 Passenger Display
RS-485 network or printer connection
Drive Output
1 single pole dual throw relay output (2A Max)
Battery Backed Clock
Battery life 10 years minimum
Procon Engineering
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Issue 1. January 2014
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