Warranty Troubleshooting

Warranty Troubleshooting
PetDetect PD-700II Troubleshooting and Maintenance Guide
Updated 02/09
The PetDetect model PD-700 purchased before 10/15/2007 carried a 1 year warranty, and is now out of
warranty status. The PetDetect PD-700II introduced 10/15/2007 has a full 3 year bumper to bumper
warranty supported by Star Micronics. (Subject to change). The printer model may be identified by
referring to the graphic below. Both the PD-700 and PD-700II carry the same label on the cover of the
printer “PetDetect PD-700 Identity creator”.
Please direct your customer, only after troubleshooting, to MS cash Drawer at 1-800-544-1749, and have
your customer ask for their support department. They will provide your customer with an RMA # and
provide details for the return and repair. The customer may be responsible for freight associated charges.
Printers that fail out of warranty should be replaced with new printers, as the associated repair and
transportation costs often compare to full replacement cost.
1. Customer requires replacement driver.
The print drivers are shipped with the printers in CD form, and are not available for download due
to their proprietary nature. Should your customer ever need to reload their driver and have
misplaced their disc, please call 1-888-4IDBAND or email service@petdetect.com and we will
verify your customer’s status, and email or send them a new CD by mail at no cost.
Never install a third party driver. PetDetect has developed a specialized driver to function with
your animal care software. Drivers installed from the Star Micronics website will NOT function
with PetDetect products.
2. Installation Tips
Important note: The PetDetect driver will not function with Windows 64 Bit
systems without direct assistance from PetDetect. Please have your customer
call PetDetect at 1-888-443-2263 for driver installation instructions. For other
operating systems, install as follows.
a) Be sure you are installing the correct driver. The correct driver for the PD-700 is Version 3.2.0
and will install on Windows 2000 and XP. The correct driver for the PD-70011 is version 101107
and will install on Windows 2000, XP and 32 bit Vista.
b) Insert the CD and follow the installation instructions packaged with the printer. If your customer
has lost the instructions, they may be reprinted from the Service and Support page at
It is very important to follow the instructions and be sure they do not plug in the printer until the
CD packaged with your starter kit requests that they do so.
d) Be sure that they have 3 media rolls loaded in the printer and the left roll feeds from the bottom,
and under the black spring bar as illustrated. The remaining 2 rolls must remain in the printer as
they act as spacers, and hold the left roll in the proper position for printing.
Note the differences of the internal structure, to identify whether the printer is the earlier
PD-700, or the PD-700II. ALL PetDetect printers are labeled PD-700 on the front cover.
e) If at any time during the installation your customer receives an error message that the “ application
failed to initialize”, they must visit Microsoft.com and download the latest updates for their
computer. The PetDetect installation requires Microsoft.net framework 2.0 or later to initialize.
This download is available at Microsoft.com, or can be loaded by selecting “Windows Update” in
your customers control panel. For a direct installation of the .net framework program only, it may
be located at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=0856EACB-43624B0D-8EDD-AAB15C5E04F5&displaylang=en
To share Sharing
the PetDetect printer with more than 1 workstation, in order to enable printing from
multiple locations or multiple workstations at the same location, perform the following functions.
Click Start>control panel>printers.
Locate the PetDetect Raster printer. Right click and select the sharing tab. Select the 'Share this
printer' box.
Click 'apply' and close.
Restart this workstation.
f) Select the workstation or workstations you wish to also print from. Restart this workstation
g) Click Start>Control Panel>Printers. Select 'add a printer'
This will start the add printer wizard.
Select 'printer attached to another computer' and br owse for the PetDetect printer on the other
workstation. Select this printer and complete the wizard.
3. PD-700/ PD-70011 Driver Reinstallation instructions
The driver for the PD-700 or PD-70011 may need to be reinstalled:
a) If a third party driver has been installed.
b) If a power surge has been encountered.
If the USB port has been changed for the printer.
d) If your printer produces blank sections.
e) If it is printing in the wrong direction. (i.e. portrait)
If a new computer has been purchased.
g) If it has stopped printing altogether, is constantly throwing the error light, or acting unusual in any
If your printer requires reinstallation, please follow the driver reinstallation
instructions as follows.
Windows 2000/XP
a) Unplug the USB cable from the back of the PetDetect printer.
b) Select Start>control panel>printers.
c) Locate the PetDetect Raster Printer
d) Right click the printer and select 'Delete'
e) In the same printers window select the file menu in the top right hand corner.
f) From the file menu, select 'Server Properties'
g) Select the 'drivers' tab.
h) Locate the PetDetect driver and select 'remove'.
i) Close all windows
Select Start>control panel>add or remove programs. Once this list has populated, locate the
PetDetect driver installer or the Windows installer for PetDetect and select 'remove'.
Restart your computer and reinstall the printer using the installation CD and follow the driver
installation instructions
Windows Vista 32 bit
a) Unplug the USB cable from the back of the PetDetect printer.
b) Select Start>control panel>printers.
c) Locate the PetDetect Raster Printer
d) Right click the printer and select 'Delete'
e) In the folders menu bar on the left of the screen, right click printers and select run as
administrator if available.(You may have to expand the folders menu from the bottom of the left
menu bar to locate the printer menu.)
Select 'Server Properties'
g) Select the 'drivers' tab.
h) Locate the PetDetect driver and select 'remove'.
Close all windows
Select Start>Control Panel>programs. Once this list has populated, locate the 'PetDetect driver
installer' or the Windows installer for PetDetect and select 'remove'.
Restart your computer and reinstall the printer using the installation CD and follow the driver
installation instructions.
Troubleshooting other issues
My PetDetect PD-700 does not print at all. What should I do?
a) Be sure that your printer is properly connected to your computer. Check the power cord. Be sure
that the power light is lit on the face of the printer. Reboot the printer by turning off the printer with
the on/off switch on the face of the printer, wait 10 seconds and power on again.
b) Check that the print driver settings are configured correctly in accordance with your application
(refer to Printer Driver Instructions available at www.petdetect.com under the service and support
Open the cover and ensure that the two media rolls on the right are taped closed and that the left
roll is unwinding from the bottom and is fed under the black spring bar directly in front of the rolls.
With the power ON, pull about 3" of media out of the printer and close the lid securely. The printer
should feed and cut a section of media.
d) Reboot your computer, and recheck the driver settings in the installation guide. If this does not
resolve your problem, it may be necessary to reinstall the driver.
If the problem persists and seems to be related to your printer, please contact MS Cash Drawer
at the number list above under warranty.
My PD-700 or PD-700II jams constantly and the backing is coming off in the
This issue is due to the media being loaded incorrectly. Please be sure that the left roll in the
printer is feeding from the bottom AND IT IS FED UNDER THE BLACK SPRING BAR DIRECTLY
IN FRONT OF THE 3 ROLLS. (see illustration above) If the media is fed over the bar, it will jam
every time. This bar may be removed permanently to prevent future jamming by improper
loading. The bar is affixed to the printer by clips on each side of the bar and the clips, springs and
bar may be removed and discarded.
PD-700 Regular maintenance.
The PD-700 requires periodic maintenance. This will ensure the print quality remains sharp and
prints without lines through the print job, help to prevent periodic jamming, and keep the cutter
functioning properly.
Power down the printer and open the cover. Remove the PetDetect rolls and wipe any dust or
contaminants from the inside.
Apply Isopropyl alcohol to a soft lint free cloth and clean the rubber roller on the lid, and the print
head on the body of the printer located directly under the PetDetect label, and any other residue
or contaminants inside the printer.
Clean any yellow or sticky residue from the cutting blade directly above the print head and from
any other area it appears. Keeping your printer clean will ensure proper printing and operation.
Sometimes my PD-700 prints blank sections.
This is a function of an incorrect driver setting. It is recommended that the driver be removed and
reinstalled per the instructions above.
My problem is not answered here. How can I contact PetDetect?
You can contact PetDetect by calling 1-888-4IDBAND or emailing us at service@petdetect.com.
PetDetect will not warranty any printers purchased outside of our authorized
distribution network. Only the exclusive PetDetect Collar Media is designed to
work with our system. Any use of other thermal media products used in our
printers voids all printer warranty.
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