Rack Mount Kit: RMK-6L
Rack Mount Kit: RMK-6L
The RMK-6L is a complete rack mount kit that has been developed for the Crestron
TPS-6L Wall Mount touchpanel. Use the supplied hardware to attach the touchpanel to the
rack mount kit.
Supplied Hardware
The RMK-6L consists of a mounting plate and screws to secure the touchpanel to the plate.
These items along with the touchpanel produce an assembly that can be attached to a 19”
EIA Equipment rack. The RMK-6L is 6.97 inches (17.71 cm) high x 19 inches (48.26 cm)
wide, and is designed to occupy four rack spaces. Rack-mounting hardware is not supplied.
Rack Mounting Plate, 4 RU High
Screw, #04-40 x 3/8", Pan, Phil, Blk
Assembly View
Assembly of the RMK-6L and the
touchpanel is illustrated to the right.
Exercise caution when handling the
touchpanel to avoid damaging the
exposed components. After
attaching the plate to the rack, use a
#2 Phillips head screwdriver to
secure the touchpanel to the rack
mounting plate with the four supplied
screws (do not use the screws
supplied with the touchpanel).
Torque should not exceed 11 in-lbs
(1.243 N*m). Use caution when
handling the touchpanel so as not to
damage or scratch the view screen.
After the touchpanel is secured to
the rack plate, attach the touchpanel
(4) #04-40 X 3/8"
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As of the date of manufacture, the RMK-6L has been tested and found to comply with
specifications for CE marking.
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Installation Guide – DOC. 6599A
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