Instructions for S3X Fixed Gear Hub - Sturmey

Instructions for S3X Fixed Gear Hub - Sturmey
Instructions for S3X Fixed Gear Hub
1.1 Scope of this leaflet
Congratulations on your purchase of a Sturmey-Archer internal gear hub. For
the best performance, please follow the instructions in this manual. Please
contact your dealer if any problems are experienced with these products.
Riding the gear hub out of correct adjustment may cause damage to the
internal parts and possible malfunction!
This leaflet refers to the following 3-speed fixed gear hub types:
◎3-speed Fixed Gear Hub:S3X
1.2 Lubrication
No routine lubrication is required. During a major service, the hub greases
should be replenished or replaced, especially for internal hub transmission
parts. Please contact your Sturmey-Archer dealer who is equipped to carry this
1.3 Gear Changing
Continue pedaling but ease pressure on the pedals and select the gear required.
If the bicycle is stationary simply select the gear required.
8. Fit the indicator rod (10) into the axle and screw it finger tight.
9. Fit a clip (12) for supporting casing if necessary.
10. Ensure all components are fitted to the right side of axle. Unscrew the
indicator rod by up to half a turn if necessary to ensure easy fitment with the
cable connector (11). Connect the indicator (10) to the cable connector (11).
[!] DO NOT shift under loading. That will cause damage to the internal parts
and malfunction easily.
1.4 Gear Ratio
Gear 1:0.625
Gear 2:0.75
Gear 3:1.0
1. Build hub into complete wheel.
2. Fit the dust-cap (2), spacer (3), sprocket (4), lock-ring (5) onto the driver.
1. Select 2nd gear and turn the pedal crank forward to ensure the gear is
engaged. Turn the cable connector (11) until the coloured mark on the
indicator chain is level with the end of the axle, as show in diagram.
2. Tighten the indicator locknut (10-A) to lock in adjustment.
3. Select 3rd gear position, rotate the pedal cranks, change back to 2nd gear and
check adjustment. Repeat the stages described above when gear changing is
Dust Cap
A proper chain line can be achieved by different arrangement of the
Chain Line options:42, 43, 44, and 45mm
3. Tighten the lock-ring to 30Nm with a crank adaptor installation tool.
4. Put the hub axle into the rear fork end and place the chain around the
sprocket (4).
5. Fit the lock-washers (6)、dome nuts (7) on the axle. Screw the nuts finger
tight. Do not tighten at this point.
Coloured Mark
6. Locate the lock-washer (6) and guide nut (9). Insert a washer (8) if necessary.
Do not tighten nuts at this point. Align the wheel and tension the chain.
7. Tighten both nuts to 28Nm.
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