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Sanyo Xacti VPC-FH 1
Think GAIA
For Life and the Earth
It s not just a camcorder.
VPC-FH1 Series
» True Progressive Full HD (1080 60p)
» High Speed Sequential
» 16x Advanced Zoom
8M Photos & Progressive Full HD Videos
8M Photos & 1080 60p Videos
The 8-megapixel CMOS of the Xacti FH1 enables
beautiful photos with vivid color and intricate detail.
The MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format creates small, easy to
handie files, and longer recordings. The Xacti FH1 also
connects directly to a large-screen 16:9 HDTV.
High-Speed Sequential Shooting
The FH1 is capable of high-speed seguential shooting
at 6 frames per second (up to 9 frames) in [BM] mode,
ensuring that you won't miss important shots. It also
allows sequential shooting at 12 frame per second (up to
15 frames) in [4M] mode.
16x Advanced Zoom
The FH1 offers the latest in zooming technology, with a
special 16x advanced zoom function.
The new-style zoom gives a broader view as it zooms in,
meaning more of the scene makes it into the zoom than
ever before.
Large 2.7” LCD Monitor
This large monitor makes it easy to see images. It
rotates about 285 degrees for high/low angle shooting,
or can be turned to see yourself. Closing the monitor
activates stand-by mode, and opening it starts the Xacti
FH1 up for shooting.
HDMI Output
The supplied cradle has three ports for HDMI,
component video and USB connection. This makes it
extremely simple to watch recorded images on an HDTV,
record images to a DVD or HD recorder, and connect to a
PC or printer.
Build an Xacti Library onto an External Hard Disk Drive
A hard disk drive can be connected to the USB port of
the supplied cradle to copy image files from Xacti
without a PC, and view the images on a TV screen in
their original high quality. An Album function organizes
hard disk files.
+ Face Chaser for Photos & Videos - 1/4 (240fps) & 1/10 (600fps) Super Slow - Long Life (180min.) Li-ion Battery - Digital Image Stabilizer for Photos & Videos
E Various Shooting Mode
Digital Filter
landscape/night portrait/
snow & beach/
Digital image
life *5
High Speed
MOther Features
In camera || Versatile Е Talking Front-side ti Voice Included CITE) mM „292%
editing manual ra navigation llheadphone Playback | Self-timer Bb Internal recorder M PC video Stereo Simple Shooting: Exif Print
function ИР, guide jack zoom WS flash function J editing kit recording: mode 1 PictBridge
Multi-language Graphical User Interface:
English/ French/ German/ Spanish/ Italian/ Dutch/ Russian/ Portuguese/ Turkish/ Thai/ Korean/ Simplified Chinese/ Traditional Chinese
[12 M]: 4000 x 3000, [8M-H]: 3264 x 2448 (low compression), [8 M-S]: 3264 x 2448 (standard compression), [6.0 M (16:91: 3264 x 1840, [2 M (16:9)]: 1920 x 1080, [2 M]: 1600 x 1200
[0.9 М (16:9)]: 1280 x
[0.3 MI]: 640 x 480
Web-SHR: 448 x 336 (240 fps Rec / 60 fps Play, 1/ 4 Slow ), Web-UHR: 192 x 108 (600 fps Rec / 60 fps Play, 1/ 10 Slow )
AV output (Video: HDMI/
USB2.0 (
Photo Capacities and Recording Times
at same
cm to m
PAL; Audio:
mode )
E ОВД Video Recording Time (Total Time) CON Still Image Capacity
Full-HR Full-HD Full-SHQ HD-SHQ TV-SHQ Web-SHR Web-UHR | Audio Only 12M | 8M-H | 8M-S |6M [16:9]|2M[16:9]| 2M |0.9M[16:9]] 0.3M (sean (secte
4GB | 21 min. 52 sec. | 32min. 40 sec. | 43 min. 23 sec. | 57 min. 32 sec.| 2 hr. 45 min | 1hr.4min | 1hr. 4 min. 64 hr. 4GB | 7,000 | 1,000 | 1,470 | 1,960 | 5390 | 5,640 | 10,300 | 24,800 | 1,470 | 2,950
8GB | 43 min. 53 sec. | 1 hr. 5 min. 1 hr. 27 min. | 1 hr. 55 min. | 5 hr. 32 min. | 2 hr. 9 min. | 2 hr. 9 min. 130 hr. 8GB | 2,000 | 2,000 | 2,960 | 3,950 | 10,800 | 11,300 | 20,700 | 49,800 | 2,960 | 5,920
16GB | 1 hr. 28 min. | 2 hr. 11 min. | 2hr. 54 min. | 3 hr. 51 min. | 11 hr. 6 min. | 4 hr. 19 min. | 4 hr. 19 min. 261 hr. 16GB | 4,020 | 4,020 | 5,940 | 7920 | 21,700 | 22,700 | 41,600 | 99,800 | 5,940 | 11,800
* Available video clip recording time is shown when a re-formatted card is inserted. * Photo capacities and video recording times are approximations only and may vary according to the memory card type and manufacturer, the subject and the
shooting conditions. Particularly, when a low-speed SD card is used with Full-HR, Full-HD, Full-SHQ and HD-SHQ modes, consecutive shooting may be limited to only a few seconds. * When continuous recording time exceeds approximately
13 hours for audio, the file will be saved, and the subsequent data will be saved in a new file. Similarly, when the recording file size exceeds 4 GB, the file will be saved and subsequent data will be saved in a new file. (A new file is
automatically created for every 4 GB. Although recording will continue until stopped, recording of video clips and sound will stop while files are being saved.) * The maximum recording time for one video clip at IWeb-SHR] and IWeb-UHR] is
approximately 10 seconds (with no sound recording).
(Xacti Software CD 1.3)
"USB cable
*S-AV cable
“Component cable
-USB adaptor
e Li-ion Battery: DB-L50 e Battery Charger: VAR-L50 ¢ AC Adaptor: VAR-G9
eWide Conversion Lens: VCP-L07W1 <Available soon>
* Telephoto Conversion Lens: VCP-L15T <Available soon>
e Super Wide Conversion Lens: VCP-L04SW <Available soon>
e mini HDMI Cable: VCP-HDMI02 <Available soon>
e Filter Set: VCP-FO3SET <Available soon>
Product appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice. All company and/or product
names are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective manufacturer. SANYO makes no
warranties or representations of any kind with respect to these products.
*Li-ion battery pack -Lens cap
*AC adaptor * Grip belt
*RC unit
*1 DCF (Design rule for Camera File system) is a standard designed by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Association
(JEITA) primarily to facilitate the use of image files from digital cameras with related devices. *2 DPOF (Digital Print Order Format) is a
format for recording on storage media information specifying frames and numbers of copies for printing of images taken by digital
cameras. *3 Exif Ver. 2.2 is an industry standard established for file formatting of images from digital cameras. *4 The actual frame rates
for this model are 59.94 fps at 60 fps, 29.97 fps at 30 fps, 239.76 at 240 fps and 599.4 fps at 600 fps. *5 Number of pictures based on
CIPA (Camera & Image Products Association) standards. Video times reflect shooting in [Full-HD] mode. Playback times reflect continuous
playback. Actual times may vary.
Further details regarding this product can be accessed at
| Caution: please consult the instruction manual to ensure safe and proper operation of the product.
Distributed by:
SANYO Electric Co., Ltd.
Digital System Company
© 2009 SANYO Printed in Japan 2009.1 SI.
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