E-seek M250 Barcode Reader Brochure | Southeast ID

E-seek M250 Barcode Reader Brochure | Southeast ID
Model 250
2D BarCode Reader
The affordable 2D and Magstripe*
reader for Age/ID Verification.
* Reads 3-track magstripe.
Standard Product Features
High Performance 2 Dimensional (PDF 417) Bar Code Reading.
Built-in High Performance 3 Track Magnetic Stripe Reader
Small Footprint for Ease of use in all Checkout, Front End and
Security sensitive Environments.
Unique, Breakthrough 2D Barcode Reading Technology.
Easy Operation, Simply insert and remove the 2D
Encoded ID Card.
Simple RS - 232 output is easily integrated into most software applications.
Biometrics, including photo matching, is possible when
Utilizing ID cards with biometrics encoded in the 2D Barcode.
Affordable Electronic Age Verification (EAV)
As more states and Federal Agencies standardize on
the use of 2D Barcode as a method of encoding data
on Drivers Licenses and other forms of ID, it is imperative that a reliable, low cost method of reading the
code be available. The inherent advantages of 2D
Barcode, including the ability to encode Biometric
information, make the ability to efficiently read 2D
Barcode not only desirable, but mandatory for
applications requiring Age Verification, ID Validation
and Security. The Model 250 additionally provides for
the reading of ID cards through the transition phase
as magnetic stripe cards are replaced with 2D
Barcode versions. This solution is also ideal for POS environments as the Mag Stripe reader can
also be utilized for swiping credit card information to process sales transactions.
Breakthrough Technology in 2D Barcode Reading
The E-Seek Model 250 2D Bar Code and Magnetic Stripe Reader provides a reliable and
affordable business solution for Age Verification and transaction processing while concurrently
reducing the risk inherent in face-to-face transactions. The E-Seek Model 250 reader combined
with an Electronic Transaction or POS terminal solution provides a reliable, low cost method of
Age Verification, ID Checking and transaction processing utilizing the benefits provided by the
2D Barcode. Additionally, this is a solution for today using the Mag Stripe that also becomes a
solution for the long term as the 2D Barcode evolves to become a national standard for Drivers
License and ID card data encoding. The Model 250 incorporates breakthrough technology and
revolutionary decode software both designed and developed by E-Seek to provide a 2D Bar Code
reader and Magnetic Stripe read capability unsurpassed in performance, ease of use and price
as compared with any product available in the market today.
The Result - High Performance Accurate Reads AND Ease of Use for
both 2D and MagStripe
Breakthrough Technology in Bar Code
The Model 250 provides the ability to add high performance 2D Barcode reading and Age
Verification capability today at a truly affordable price thereby gaining protection for the retailer
against potential infractions in age sensitive application environments. With the addition of the
Model 250 the merchant can have a comprehensive Electronic Age Verification (EAV) capability
today that is both affordable and long term. Additionally the Model 250 provides the accuracy
and reliability required in Security and badge reading applications. There are simply no moving
parts or motors to break or fail. The only movement required for the Model 250 is from the
person’s hand that inserts and removes the 2D encoded card or swipes the Mag Stripe.
Model 250
Product Specifications
2D BarCode Reader
The Model 250 includes the benefits of the
Model 200 while adding the ability to read
the magnetic stripe. All valid government
issued drivers' licenses and ID cards can
now be electronically read by one device.
Airports, hotels, banks, check cashing facilities, etc. can now have electronic ID reading with one small add-on unit.
Two Dimensional : PDF-417
Linear Barcodes : Code 39, Code 128
Card Operating Mode
Hands-free, Manual Insertion Of
ID Card or MagStripe Swipe action
RS-232C Serial Port, RJ 45 - 10 Pin
Power Requirements
36 ma @ 5VDC - Idle; 400 ma
2.25" H x 2.64" W x 4.79" D
198 grams (7.0 oz)
Card Size
ISO Standard Size
2.125" (53.98 mm) x 3.375" (85.73 mm)
ABS plastic in Black or OEM color
Operating Temperature
32 to 122° F (0 to 50° C)
10% to 90%, non-condensing
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Breakthrough Technology in Bar Code
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