Enterprise Erase Array Enterprise Erase Array

Enterprise Erase Array Enterprise Erase Array
Enterprise Erase Array
Designed to Streamline Data Elimination from
Hard Drives in Storage Towers
The typical method of erasing data from hard drives
contained in storage towers has been to remove
each drive and erase them in an external device.
Enterprise Erase Array eliminates the need to do this.
Enterprise Erase Array direct connects to the shelves
contained in the storage array, allowing access to the
set of hard drives contained. Once these drives are
presented, the operator can erase them while they
are still contained in the shelf.
Take advantage of the following key product
Empowers user to direct connect to shelves
contained in storage towers
Empowers user to be able to erase drives in
tower without removing them
Configurable to interface with either SCSI or
Fibre Channel storage shelves
Compatible with many Dell, HP, Sun, EMC,
NetApps and IBM storage shelves
Capable of erasing up to four shelves at a time
(60 drives)
Configured as easily transportable 2U chassis
Comes complete with reusable shipping case
Loaded with Enterprise Erase software
Shipped with SCSI and/or optical cables
(configuration dependent)
Enterprise Erase Array - Operation
Enterprise Erase Array is designed to work in one of two
ways: By empowering the user to directly connect to
the tower controller or system switch, or to empower
the user to directly connect into the individual shelves
comprising the tower. Each is detailed below.
NOTE: While the majority of this document details Enterprise Erase Array
as an appliance, it is sold as a software package which can be easily
installed on equipment supplied by the customer.
Directly Connecting to the Tower Shelves
Enterprise Erase Array empowers the user to erase drives
inside storage towers by directly connecting to the tower
shelves. This bypasses the configuration settings of the
tower’s system controller, allowing the user to see and
erase the fourteen to sixteen drives contained in each
The Enterprise Erase Array
appliance is configured with
three fibre channel, SCSI, or
SAS cards, each with two ports.
This gives the user the capability to erase multiple shelves of
drives simultaneously. Current
customers are overwriting ~200
hard drives simultaneously in
SAN environment.
Directly Connecting into
the Tower Controller
or Switch
Some storage tower designs allow for direct connection
through either the system controller or the system
switch, allowing the Enterprise Erase Array appliance
access to all of the drives contained in the entire tower
(all shelves). The Enterprise Erase Array software can
detect and erase up to 240 drives simultaneously.
Enterprise Erase Array: Product Brochure
Enterprise Erase Array –
Recommended Hardware Setup
Tabernus recommends the following hardware for
running Enterprise Erase Array Software:
A desktop or server chassis
2 gigabytes of memory
3 Ghz dual core processor (AMD or Intel)
LSI or Qlogic fibre channel card with SFP connectors for versatility (for use with FC protocol
Keyboard (PS2 or USB)
Mouse (PS2or USB)
Key Product Advantages
Other Items that will be needed for Operation:
• Monitor
Appliance directly connects at the shelf level,
bypassing storage tower controllers. This avoids
issues with configuration of the storage tower.
Adaptec U320 SCSI card (for use with SCSI protocol towers/servers)
Appliance allows user to erase drives contained
in storage towers WITHOUT having to remove
the drives from the storage tower shelves.
LSI SAS card (for use with SAS protocol towers/
Erasure reports are organized and stored on
appliance internal hard drive
Configurable erasure options:
Note about FC cards: FC cards come in various speeds (1 gig, 2 gig, 4
gig, and 8gig). It is best to match the speed of the card used with the
speed of the tower being erased. Some cards will automatically step
down in speed (for instance, erasing a 2 gig tower with a 4 gig card), but
this is not always the case. Whether or not the card will step down is
dependent on the functionality of the card.
In addition, directly connecting to a storage tower
requires cables. The actual cables required will depend
on the tower that the customer is erasing. Here are the
standard cable types:
Optical cables (often come with purchase of FC
SFP to DB9
SCSI (68 pin wide or narrow ends)
CESG HMG1A single Pass (Lower
CESG HMG1A three pass (Higher
DOD 5220.22-M
Contact us today to discuss your data
erasure needs!
1-888-700-8560 US
+44 845 689 1350 Europe
Accreditations & Certifications
Tabernus is headquartered in Austin, Texas, USA with an office in Newport, Wales, UK.
Enterprise Erase Array: Product Brochure
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