Submitting Assignments with Kaltura (for Students)

Submitting Assignments with Kaltura (for Students)
Submitting Student Assignments with Kaltura
Kaltura media can be used for Blackboard assignments that receive grades in multiple ways. Any
standard discussion board, blog, wiki, or journal that you might already use in Blackboard will
give you access to the WYSIWYG toolbar. From there you can create webcam records,
screencasts, upload local media, and access the My Media repository.
Students can add or create media as a Mashup anywhere in Blackboard where the WYSIWYG
toolbar appears.
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Using the Mashup button on the WYSIWIG toolbar gives you all the same tools as with all Kaltura
media. You can upload or create content from within the content item with the Add New button
or search and select from My Media.
You can add media for an assignment, discussion board, blog, etc. anywhere that the WYSIWYG
toolbar appears, or you can also add it through the My Media module on the Blackboard landing
page. Adding any media in any Blackboard area will also add it to your My Media list.
Clicking the Add New button allows you upload a file or record new media using CaptureSpace.
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To upload a video file, click Media Upload and browse to the file you want to upload.
You can keep adding files to upload by scrolling down and pressing the Choose another file
Adding accurate tags and descriptions is important because those are fields you can search later
when you’re looking for a specific video.
All the videos in you My Media repository will always be available to you to insert as a course
item later.
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Kaltura will upload the file then add it to the content area you’re in and also to your My Media
list. You will then have the opportunity to change the title, add tags and other metadata, and
more even while the video is uploading and processing.
Along with uploading video
files to your media gallery
you can also record
screencasts or record from
your webcam anywhere the
Add New button appears.
When you get a pop-up
choose “Run”
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If you have never used CaptureSpace before, you will need to download the recorder. You
will be brought to a download page and you will need to choose the appropriate
download for your system.
Once downloaded, the recorder will
You have the option to record just
your voice, record using a webcam,
create a Screen capture, use both
your screen and your webcam, or to
record a presentation by importing
a PowerPoint.
Check to make sure the correct video and audio devices are selected, import a PPT if you are
using the presentations tool, and when you are ready, click “Record”
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Choose whichever of these options
you want to use.
When you’re finished you will follow the
same steps as with other videos to add a
title and metadata tags, click upload, and
the video will be added to your My Media
You can also submit a video through Kaltura through an assignment link, such as when you
submit a paper to the instructor. When you click on an assignment link, you will see a button
labeled Write Submission.
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When you submit the content using the Mashup button on the toolbar, you’ll see your video
represented in the text box, like this example. You can add additional text, links, images, etc.
around the video if needed.
Clicking on that button will reveal
the Blackboard WYSIWYG toolbar
(the same as in discussion boards,
blogs, and journals.) The Mashups
button is in the third row on the
toolbar, just as with other content
However, the toolbar might appear to the student as a single row of buttons, with the
other rows hidden. You will need to press the double-down arrow to the right to reveal all
the buttons.
A thumbnail will appear in the
assignment, and they will be able
to add other text or information
for the instructor, if
needed. Press the submit button
at the bottom and the assignment
will be sent to the instructor just
as with an attached written paper,
PowerPoint, etc.
The instructor will see the video embedded right into the assignment for easy grading and
feedback, just as if you had submitted a document or PowerPoint.
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When you press the Mashups button
you will be able to add Kaltura Media
to the assignment right from the My
Media Library or create or upload
new media.
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