1. Product Name 2. Product Code 3. Colour 4. Brief

1. Product Name 2. Product Code 3. Colour 4. Brief
1. Product Name
Infinity Wireless Speaker
2. Product Code
3. Colour
As shown.
4. Brief Description
For visual and auditory stimulation. The effect moves in time with your music. With an LED
equalizer, built in mirror and 3W of sound.
5. Contents
1 x Infinity Wireless Speaker
1 x AUX cable
USB charging cable
6. Snoezelen® Stimulations
7. Best Use
Use indoors in an appropriate area on a flat, stable surface where the interior lighting effect
of the speaker can be seen. Select music that has a heavy bass line to activate the colour
effect in the speaker.
8. Compatible ROMPA® Products
ROMPA® have a large range of products to provide different lighting effects. Please refer to
our website www.rompa.com.
9. Starting Up
Assess the area where you are considering putting the equipment.
Put the equipment on a suitably safe level surface.
Place out of reach so that the item cannot be accidentally or intentionally knocked or
Charge Speaker for 2-3 hours
Connect an appropriate device
Select a music track that has heavy Bass to activate the colours
10. Detailed Description
For visual and auditory stimulation. The effect moves in time with your music. With an LED
equalizer, built in mirror and 3W of sound. Compatible with most wireless devices e.g.
MP3/4. Connect via Bluetooth or AUX input. Includes a 3.5mm AUX cable and an integral
1200mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery. Charging time: 2-3 hours.
11. Safety
When using this product, please familiarise yourself with the following safety cautions:
Take care when handling this device as it is made with fragile glass.
Improper use of this product can cause damage and injury to the user
Do not put this product in water or any other liquid
Do not expose speakers to heat or fire
Do not expose the speaker to extremely high or low temperatures as it can destroy
the battery
Avoid storage in direct sunlight
Don’t use abrasive cleaning products to clean the speaker
Check cables regularly for any damage. If so, replace immediately.
Always use correct charger.
Do not attempt to dismantle the speaker as damage could occur.
Do not leave battery on charge, when not in use.
Dispose of product properly; do not dispose in a fire as it will result in an explosion.
Cells and batteries must be charged before use.
In an event of a cell leaking, do not allow liquid to come into contact with the skin
If contact has been made, wash affected area with water and seek medical advice.
Use the cell/battery in the application for which it was intended
Do not open or shred cells or batteries.
12. Technical Specification
Battery Type:
Operating Distance:
Working time:
Charging time:
1200 mAh lithium ion
10 metres (max)
1-5 hours
2-3 hours
Via Bluetooth or AUX Cable
13. Installation
Using the infinity speaker (Bluetooth mode)
 Turn on the infinity speaker via the ON/OFF switch located at the back of the
 When the speaker sounds and the LED indicator turns blue, the device is ready to
 To pair with a new device, turn on the Bluetooth function. Please refer to your
manufacturer instructions on enabling Bluetooth on your device.
 One the Bluetooth fuction has been activated, elect the chosen device labelled
“infinity speaker” from the list of available Bluetooth devices.
 The infinity speaker will sound again when it has successfully connected to the
Bluetooth device.
 The speaker will remember the device that you choose to pair it with. Therefore,
automatically pairing when the Bluetooth is activated and within range.
Using the infinity speaker (AUX cable mode)
 You can connect the infinity speaker to most devices using the AUX cable (included).
Connect the cable to your device and the AUX input on the speaker.
Charging instructions
 The speaker has a built in 1200mAh lithium ion rechargeable battery.
 To charge, connect the USB charging cable to a power source (PC/laptop) and the
other end to the micro USB port of the speaker.
A red LED will appear whilst the speaker is charging.
Allow 2-3 hours for the speakers to fully charge. Once the battery is fully charged, the
red LED will switch off.
One full charge of the Infinity Speaker lasts approximately 5 hours.
You can use the speaker when it is being powered by the USB charging cable.
Function Button
The function buttons of the infinity speaker are located at the top of the device.
Press and hold this button
to increase the volume
Press this button to play
the next track
Press and hold this button
to decrease the volume
Press this button to play
the previous track
14. Care and Maintenance
Use a soft cloth to wipe clean.
15. Troubleshooting
The Speaker is not responding
 Check that all the connection cables plugged in securely?
Further copies of these instructions can be downloaded at www.rompa.com
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them further your comments will be greatly received – please contact us at
INFINITY SPEAKER 21927, February 2016
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