Capax Copy Connect / Protect Duplicator

Capax Copy Connect / Protect Duplicator
Capax Copy Connect / Protect Duplicator
Introducing the high powered Copy Connect DVD / CD and Blu-ray duplicator
from Capax Technology, Australia’s leading supplier of media duplication products.
The Capax Standard Duplicator is not only the most advanced duplicator on the Australian market, it’s also extremely simple to use. With the ability to copy all disc
formats including –R, +R and DL, it’s the perfect solution
for all your duplication needs.
Suitable for both small or large business needs.
Capax duplicators are locally assembled with components sourced from leading US manufacturers including
burners from Sony Optiarc or LG.
These same components can also be found under the US
Xerox Duplicators brand so you know you are buying a
pedigree product.
All duplicators are backed by a 12 month return to base
warranty on parts and labour.
We also provide a swap over guarantee if the product
fails within the first 14 days.
USB connection
Using a standard USB 2.0 cable, you can transfer master
images from a PC to the duplicator’s in-built hard disk.
This eliminates the need to create a disc master first,
plus lowers the fail rate caused by poor quality originals.
Features a
Hard Disk
Available with 7, 11 or 15 targets. (7 and 11 target pictured)
Number of burners
Discs per hour - 350 MB CD 48x
Discs per hour - 2.5 GB DVD 16x
Other models and options
Blu-ray Bridge
Unique to Capax, you can add one or more Blu-ray
burners when you purchase or at a later time.
Copy Lock dongle
Copy Lock licenses are supplied on a USB with 30, 50
or 100 ‘master disc’ encryption tokens.
Copy Protection Software
Protect your DVD content against unwanted and unauthorised duplication with the supplied Copy Lock software. Use in conjunction with the Copy Lock license dongle to create an encrypted master and duplicated copies.
The Standard model is a straight disc to disc copier that
offers all the features you would expect in a pro quality
device. Just insert a master, blanks and press GO.
Load and Copy
In this mode, the duplicator will create a temporary copy
from your master disc first, before burning.
This increases burn reliability plus a faster throughput.
This is a single button operation that uses the built-in
500GB hard disk.
Account Management
32 usernames to protect against unauthorised use.
With LightScribe technology, you don't need a printer
as the label is created using the duplicator itself.
A very unique finish.
Daisy Chain
The Daisy Chain models can be linked together to form
one continuous burning station with thousands of trays.
This is an ideal solution for very large runs as you only
require one master to feed the entire chain.
Available from Capax direct and authorised Capax resellers
Capax Technology Pty Ltd
Unit 3, 103 Derby Street, Silverwater NSW 2128
Phone: (02) 9648 4977
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