Secure and easy
VPN Remote
Access to your
Outbound via HTTPS
port 443
Who is eWON?
eWON is the leader in remote connectivity for industrial automation.
Headquartered in Belgium with additional offices in the United States and
Japan, eWON has provided Machine Builders and System Integrators with
secure and easy remote access to their machines for over 10 years.
How does an eWON work?
eWON industrial routers (DIN rail mounted, 24VDC) are built to fit within the
automation panel and can communicate with both Ethernet and serial
devices. All eWON routers make an outbound connection via UDP or HTTPS
to our cloud based VPN servers (Talk2M). Using our VPN client eCatcher,
authorized users are able to login to their FREE Talk2M account and
connect to their eWON routers anywhere in the world. The Talk2M server
acts as a secure broker and completes the encrypted VPN tunnel between
the remote user and the equipment connected to the eWON.
What does my IT department need to do to use the eWON?
Typically nothing! Talk2M tunnels are initiated by the eWON and use only
outgoing connections. No incoming connections are made, so no ports
need to be enabled in your corporate firewall for incoming connections. In
addition, Talk2M is designed to be minimally intrusive by using outgoing
ports that are usually already enabled (HTTPS port 443 or UDP port 1194).
What information does the eWON unit need about my factory network?
The eWON needs the same type of settings as a PC connected to the
factory network (IP address, subnet mask, gateway, and optional proxy
settings). However, the eWON is typically configured as a DHCP client so it
receives network settings automatically. The eWON can also be configured
to use a static IP address that is assigned and controlled by the IT
department if preferred.
Is my information secure?
Yes, eWON routers create a VPN (virtual private network) tunnel that allows
encrypted data links between two remote locations. Tunneling
encapsulates the stream of data within an encrypted protocol, making
everything that travels through the tunnel unreadable to anyone along the
transmission path. Using eWON’s VPN access is a good way to ensure that
data will not be seen by anyone other than you and the people you trust.
Will my network be accessible by the remote User?
No, the remote user can only reach the devices connected directly to
the eWON’s LAN. The factory network cannot be accessed.
Additional Security Information
Compatible with existing networks - Leave your firewall settings and configuration alone. Usually,
there is no need to change routing policies, open ports or add exceptions.
Robust VPN security - An SSL/TLS session authentication certificate using 2048 bit key exchange ensures
that each eWON talks only to your Talk2M account. This guarantees that only authorized users can
communicate with any eWON. All communication is over an encrypted VPN tunnel.
Customer keeps local VPN control – Use a key switch or HMI button to the eWON's digital input to
manually enable or disable the VPN connection on-site.
Powerful user management – The administrator has full authority to manage and control which users
have access to the devices within their Talk2M account.
Connection Audit Trail – A report provides
traceability about whom, when, and how long
each user has connected.
LAN Firewalling – Powerful control over which
devices connected to the eWON’s LAN are
accessible to the user.
Key Benefits
No reoccurring costs - The eCatcher software and Talk2M Free+ service are free. However, you can
upgrade your Talk2M account to a Pro version if needed. www.talk2m.com for more info.
Eliminate downtime and travel expenses - When problems occur, the machine’s engineer can
immediately analyze and resolve the issue remotely, limiting costly downtime and travel expenses.
Using eWON VPN products, you make it easy for the machine builder to setup and control a secure
connection to your machines while keeping your corporate network integrity secure.
Easy Web Access – M2Web provides an easy and secure connection to your remote VNC panel, Web
HMI or remote PC from any smartphone or tablet.
A user friendly way to manage your eWON devices - Login to your Talk2M
account using eCatcher to see your list of eWON devices and establish a
VPN connection.
For more information visit www.ewon.us | (412) 586-5901 | info@ewon.us
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