Digital Audio, Video and Evidence Capture and Management Solution

Digital Audio, Video and Evidence Capture and Management Solution
Digital Audio, Video and Evidence
Capture and Management Solution
VIQ Solu ons provides a complete, integrated digital audio, video and evidence capture and management so ware workflow for courts, police/public
safety, hearings, military, medical, education, transportation and more.
Our simple but sophis cated so ware uses powerful database technology to
take mul -channel digital audio/video capture to the next level. Advanced
features like indexed mul media a achments, powerful search capabili es,
integra on with third-party databases, automated fixed/cloud centralized
storage, granular user customiza on and unmatched security let you control
the capture, workflow and collabora on of your digital AV recordings.
VIQ is compa ble with a wide range of video and audio capture hardware to
give you the most flexibility. We provide the solu on that’s right for you, from
a single camera and microphone to a country-wide installa on of hundreds
of units.
With VIQ, you can:
A ach other digital files: Pictures,
scanned documents, reports, and
more instantly become an indexed
part of the record
Monitor recordings remotely:
Monitor mul ple live audio/video
feeds from a remote loca on
Clip audio/video files: Long recordings easily become smaller,
manageable incidents
Secure your recordings: Robust security and chain of custody tracking on all files on the system protect your recordings and help keep
them tamper-free
Customize your system: VIQ’s extensive so ware profiles not only
support mul ple languages but
also customer-specific nomenclature across all so ware
Three ways to capture...
For fixed loca ons, VIQ Satellite’s
Advanced UI offers mul -channel synchronized audio and video
capture and advanced features
like remote, mul -room monitoring and control and sophis cated
playback and repor ng func ons.
If you’re on the move, VIQ
Satellite‘s Simplified UI provides all the features of VIQ’s
capture so ware in a simplified, touchscreen-friendly mobile package.
The VIQ Satellite for
iPhone app provides
basic AV capture funcons with VIQ’s powerful back-end management.
With all these great features, it’s important to remember that the VIQ
solu on lets you start simple. You can
start with a single recording worksta on and grow from there as your
needs change.
Op onal Central Repository
(Fixed or Cloud-based)
for centralized storage, redundancy,
sharing and collabora on
Digital Audio, Video and Evidence
Features of VIQ Continuum
Capture and Management Solution
VIQ Solutions makes recording, searching and sharing audio and video easy, with a
customizable software interface to give you the look and feel your organization needs.
We have:
Over ͸ͻ years experience with over ͸,ͻͶͶ installations in North America and
around the world
Customized software solutions for courts, police/public safety, hearings, military, medical, education, transportation and more - our flexible interface can
be customized for any market
Superior solutions with competitive pricing
Innovative database technology for added security and access
Modular, flexible software that grows with you
VIQ So ware Offers:
Multi-channel digital audio and
video capture
Any video source, anywhere: IP,
Indexed, multimedia annotations
Secure, searchable database
Automated synchronization across
multiple network tiers
Multi-room monitoring and recording control
Flexible audio and video hardware
Industry-leading security protocols
and encryption
Recording Worksta ons
(Mul -channel audio/video capture
via external device)
• Windows 7 Professional, Ul mate, or Enterprise (SP1) (64 bit)
• SQL Server 2008 R2 Express with
Tools (SP1) (64 bit)
• IIS 7.5 installed
• Intel Core i5 2.0 GHz (Core i7 3.0
Quad or higher if capturing video)
• 8GB RAM (12GB RAM min. if
capturing video)
• High capacity 7200 RPM (min.)
hard drive (Disk space depends
on storage requirements)
• GB network card (connected to
a Gigabit switch)
• 1024 x 768 display resolu on (32bit color depth min.)
• WDM-compa ble audio device
for playback
• ASIO-based digital recording
device or card. USB 2.0+ port or
PCI slot may be required.
Tablets (Mul -channel audio/video capture via external devices)
• Windows 8.1
• 12GB RAM
• 256GB SSD or be er
• i7 or be er
• Network port
• Touch screen
• ASIO-based digital recording
device. USB 3.0 port required.
iPhone (Single channel audio/
video capture)
• iPhone 5S or be er
• 64GB RAM or be er
VIQ Satellite Advanced UI
Available Add-ons
Extend the power of your VIQ so ware with the following upgrades:
rd Party Database Integra on: VIQ’s Database Integra on Tool can integrate your VIQ
recording system with your rd party databases like Case Management systems, Docket
Management systems, and more for the import, export and sharing of crucial informa on.
• Remote Playback: With VIQ Media Manager, you can easily access recordings for remote
playback or transcrip on.
• Web-based Access: Secure online access to audio, video and notes through a standard web
browser with VIQ AccessPOINT Portal.
• Web-based Transcrip on: VIQ’s NetScribe provides an end-to-end web-based transcrip on
workflow that gives instant access to recordings.
• Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (SP1) (64 bit) or Windows 7.0
Professional (SP1) (64 bit)
• SQL Server 2008 R2 (SP2) (64 bit)
or SQL Server 2008 R2 Express
SP1) (64 bit) (Dependent on installa on size)
• High-capacity fault-tolerant disk
array (RAID 5) – SAN/NAS
• 8 GB RAM minimum (higher
• 1 GB network card (connected to
a GB switch)
• Pen um Dual-Core Xeon processor
Contact VIQ for full list of
compa ble recording devices. Addi onal hardware
may be required for video
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