JA-63E - JABLOTRON alarms
The JA-63E digital bus wired keypad
The JA-63E keypad is designed to control and program alarm systems of
Jablotron’s JA-6x series. The keypad is equipped with backlit keys, built-in LED
signalling, acoustic signalling, and a display. It conveys information about the
system status in a convenient way. The keypad communicates via the control
panel digital bus. You can connect the keypad to the control panel via an RJ
cable or via a standard communication cable connected to terminals. Multiple
JA-63E keypads can be connected to a single control panel.
Remote system access
The JA-63E keypad allows you to remotely operate or program a JA-6x
system via a phone line using a JA-60U modem. Such operation requires the
system to be equipped with a telephone communicator with the remote access
feature enabled (see the security system installation manual).
Note: Remote system access via the JA-63E keypad is only possible using a
JA-60U modem of DY62012 version or higher.
Any undesirable mishandling of the keypad (like opening its housing or tearing the keypad off its position) will trigger tamper signalling. In addition, the
number of attempts to enter an access code is checked not to exceed a given
Connecting remotely to the system: Connect the JA-60U modem to the
phone line. Connect the JA-63E keypad cable to the modem’s data connector.
After powering up the modem, the keypad will show a u on the display to
indicate that it is ready to establish a connection.
The initial connection is established by keying in:
Select the desired keypad location close to the building’s entrance.
Open the keypad’s rear housing (by pressing the two tabs on the left or
right side).
Route all required cables through the hole in the rear housing and install
the housing to the desired location.
Connect the digital bus cable either to the terminal board or to an RJ
Close the keypad’s housing (attach the front housing on one side and
push it on the other side).
Switching on the control panel power makes the keypad ready for operation.
xxxxxxxx F1 y F2 ttt...t F3 nnn...n F d
is an 8-digit access code for system remote access
answering machine bypass (a so-called second call) 0not bypassed, 1-bypassed
call back tel. number – if call back is not requested just
enter F3 after F2
the remote system tel. number (a pause can be specified
by keying in F0)
dialling method: 4-tone, 5-pulse
After the d parameter is entered, the modem will establish a connection
and the keypad will display the remote system status. The keypad then behaves the same way as if it had been connected directly to the system. Depending on the quality, the telephone line might be slower in its response. A JA63 remote connection disables the 4 big keys on the keypad’s right side. Use
keys F0 to F9 instead.
The connection is terminated by pressing key
A re-connection (using the same modem) is established by entering F6. The
connection parameters are memorized.
If you perform a call to a control panel which has the same access code
but a different telephone number, you do not need to re-enter the whole connecting sequence. Instead, it is sufficient to key in nnn...n F4 – i.e. the control
panel tel. number followed by one of the F4/F5 keys (depending on the
tone/pulse dialling method).
Technical specifications
Connecting cable
with a cable to the JA-6x digital bus connector
4 core cable with RJ connectors (4/4 1:1) or
ordinary telephone cable (terminals)
Length of the inlet cable
max. 100 m when a paired cable is used
Power supply
10 –14 V (taken from the digital bus)
Power consumption
25 mA
114 x 134 x 31 mm
Complies with
EN 50131-1, EN 50131-3 grade 2
Environmental class
II indoor general -10 to +40°C
EN 50130-4,EN 55022
Contents of the kit:
JA-63E keypad, 4 m of connecting cable,
4 rawl plugs, 4 screws, 2 RJ-44 connectors.
Accessories – for keypad connection (can be ordered separately):
converter from RJ connector to 4 terminals
crimping tool for RJ connectors
cable for RJ connectors
Installation notes:
Multiple JA-63E keypads in the system must be wired in parallel. Inlet
cables can be split directly in the control panel, in a converter, in the keypad or
in a junction box. RJ cable connection and connection to terminals can be
used in combination.
A connecting cable must be wired so that the corresponding positions (terminals) are connected. When you use a self-made RJ cable, be careful to connect
identically coloured wire ends to identically marked positions (terminals).
If the keypad does not function after being connected, disconnect the
inlet cable and check if the corresponding positions (terminals) in the control
panel and the keypad are connected.
The keypad can operate and program the system to the full extent as it is
described in the control panel manual.
JABLOTRON ALARMS a.s. hereby declares that the JA-63E is in a compliance with the relevant Union harmonisation legislation: Directives
No: 2014/30/EU, 2011/65/EU. The original of the conformity assessment can
be found at www.jablotron.com - Section Downloads.
The following table describes the meaning of symbols on the keypad LED
Power supply
Set (Armed)
Note: Although this product does not contain any harmful materials
we suggest you return the product to the dealer or directly to the producer
after use. See www.jablotron.com for details.
Wireless communication indication
Functions F1 through F0 can be used as described in the control panel manual. Besides this, there are 4 extra keys with the following functions:
Setting (Arming)
(equal to F1 entry)
Partial setting
(equal to F2 entry)
The JA-63E wired keypad
Door opening
(equal to F3 entry)
Panic (access under
(equal to F7, before
access code entry)
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