maingear maximizes cpu heat transfer with the new maingear epic

maingear maximizes cpu heat transfer with the new maingear epic
MAINGEAR unleashes their EPIC T1000 CPU thermal cooling solution on all desktops which maximum
overclocking potential while keeping heat under control.
Kenilworth, New Jersey – February 16 - MAINGEAR, an award-winning custom PC builder
offering custom desktops, custom notebooks, pc and workstations, is excited to announce their
next innovation from MAINGEAR EPIC Labs; the MAINGEAR EPIC T1000 CPU thermal solution
for their entire desktop lineup.
The MAINGEAR EPIC T100 is an ultra-high performing phase change metal alloy thermal
interface material (TIM) offering the most effective solution to transfer heat from the CPU to
the heatsink with high bulk conductivity. The MAINGEAR EPIC T1000 deploys into all the surface
micro-asperities on the CPU lid and heat sink in a way that traditional paste solutions simply
The MAINGEAR T1000 is perfect for those who overclock their PCs and want immediate
maximum thermal conductivity without waiting for the traditional curing times found in other
solutions on the market today. This allows MAINGEAR and enthusiasts alike to reach the most
extreme overclocking limits quickly and cut off precious extra degrees, resulting in a more
stable system.
Key features highlighted below:
Maximizing Performance
The MAINGEAR EPIC T1000 has outstanding thermal conductivity-as much as 3 times better
than the best silver-filled greases. The EPIC T1000 is unmatched by any other materials except
solders, and unlike solders, the EPIC T1000 can be used between materials without matching
Coefficients of Thermal Expansion (CTEs) such as between silicon dies and metal heat sinks.
With the big reduction in thermal resistance EPIC T1000 provides, the demands on heat sinks
and fans are relaxed, leading to many desirable results: decreased costs, quieter operation, and
form-factor reductions.
Minimal Noise
The MAINGEAR EPIC T1000 also addresses a key emerging issue in the electronics industryacoustics. For comfort in the home, and for safety in the workplace, the trend of increasing fan
noise must be reversed. The EPIC T1000, by increasing the performance and efficiency of heat
sinks reduces the need for enhanced airflow.
Consistent Performance
The MAINGEAR T1000 is a unique, a cost effective solution that offers an easier, faster and
more consistent way for PC performance not to be hindered by potential issues from heat
conductivity exhausted from their CPU. Because the EPIC T1000 is a truly engineered solution
you can be guaranteed consistent, repeatable performance with each application – there is no
risk of over or under applying. This solution offers the use of the complete CPU surface heat
dissipation with a unique phase changing metal alloy thermal interface material.
The MAINGEAR EPIC T1000 will be available for the following socket solutions at the price point
 Intel Socket 1155/1156
 Intel Socket 2011
 AMD - all open lid
The EPIC T1000 will be available for purchase on as a part of their full
integrated systems as well as individually with other online retail stores such as: Amazon,
FrozenCPU and Performance PCS.
“The MAINGEAR EPIC T1000 is a powerhouse TIM that should be included in any high
performance system build.” Said Mark Frig, CEO of Frozen CPU. “FrozenCPU carries the highest
performing enthusiast components for the DIY PC market and we’re happy to include the
MAINGEAR EPIC T1000 amongst our stable of products.”
“The EPIC T1000 is a testament to our commitment to constantly looks for ways to improve and
innovative the PC performance and experience. We are developing unique solutions that help
make PCs faster and quieter while still retaining a tasteful sense of style.” Said Wallace Santos,
Founder and CEO of MAINGEAR.
The MAINGEAR SHIFT, F131, VYBE and X-Cube custom pc will have this option of selecting the
EPIC T1000. All MAINGEAR EPIC solutions are geared towards maximizing the custom built PCs
while enhancing the overall experience.
All of MAINGEAR products are supported with lifetime labor and phone support with one to
three year hardware warranty. For more information about MAINGEAR's custom pc solutions,
click here
MAINGEAR is an innovative high performance PC system builder that offers custom desktops, custom notebooks,
pc workstations and media centers. Each custom built pc is hand crafted for precision performance and
uncompromised quality, and has won multiple Editors' Choice awards from publications such as Hot Hardware, PC
World, Maximum PC, Computer Shopper and more. With a passion to build the best high performance computers,
MAINGEAR will continue to set the standard among custom pc builders. MAINGEAR's expert team custom builds
and supports all products in the United States. For more information visit:
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