Serial Bluetooth Adapter Model: BT5701

Serial Bluetooth Adapter Model: BT5701
Serial Bluetooth Adapter
Model: BT5701
BT5701 Bluetooth serial adapter's main function is an alternative to traditional serial communication cable, users do not
need to do much to change the original plan, the original can be quickly transformed into a serial cable connection wireless
Bluetooth se rial port connection. For those who do not want to have too much blue line industrial, medical, commercial, and
other areas of surveying and mapping applications, this product provides a single point fast wireless serial communication
► Internal FLASH chip embedded Bluetooth SPP protocol software, without having to install the Bluetooth driver, you can
access the serial port on any device used to communicate pairing is complete.
► Simple and practical, which can meet the majority of wireless serial communication needs, AT command small, easy to use.
► CSR Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR chips, communication efficient and safe, strong anti-interference, the error rate is zero.
► Built-in high-quality lithium battery, the adapter provides power nearly 24 hours of work, and built - in charging circuit for the
battery charging.
Markets and the Role:
► Replace the instrument serial communication cables, such as total stations, mounts, printers, etc.
► For GPS navigation systems, utility meter reading systems, industrial data acquisition system
► Computer with Bluetooth, USB Bluetooth adapter, Bluetooth PDA phones registered devices to connect.
BT5701 Bluetooth Serial Port Adapter with male and female of the points, as well as master and slave of the points.
―BT5701 and BT5701 host can communicate with the slave, the slave can automatically search and with the same passkey to
acomplete the pairing connection from the machine, and remember last pairing slave address and password will only find it after
power-on memory from the machine, press the pairing know Removal button, the host will give up the memory, re-search
for new slaves.
―BT5701 slave uses the much broader. The slave can only wait to search for Bluetooth master device can be used with
Bluetooth notebook computers, computer Bluetooth adapter, Bluetooth PDA, Bluetooth master device for pairing connection.
Not from the memory address of the host machine, thus pressing the clear button on the slave pair is meaningless.
―Male and female choice is obvious: If you want to connect to the serial port of the device is a female, then select male
adapter; if you want to connect to the serial port of the device is male, then select female adapter.
Therefore, BT5701 Bluetooth serial adapter can be fur ther subdivided into the following four forms:
1. Male Slave, 2. Female Slave, 3. Male host, 4. Female host
In practice, male slave is the most widely used was a model, representing the sum of the four products more than 80%.
General Parameters:
► Executive standard: Bluetooth SIG v2.0
► Bluetooth protocol: Bluetooth serial port profile (SPP)
► Communication speed: 1200,2400,4800,9600,19200,38400,57600,115200 bps
► Modulation: 2.4G Direct Sequence Frequency Hopping (FHSS)
► Communication distance: 15 meters open space
► Transmit Power: 3 dBm, Class2
► Receiving sensitivity:-80dBm
► Operating current, matching current: 8mA/25mA
►Baud Rate: 9600bps
►Parity: none
►Data bits: 8
►Stop bits: 1
►Bluetooth name: IRXON (no Bluetooth host name)
►Bluetooth passkey: 0000
► Size: 62 x 34 x 14 mm
Packing List:
► BT5701 Bluetooth adapter a serial type (including built-in lithium battery, purchase, customers are required to specify male or
female, master or slave)
► USB interface 220V-5V power adapter
► USB-MINI USB cable a
► Using a manual
Made in China
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