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Philips 6400 series Pressurized ironing system GC6440
Philips 6400 series
Pressurised ironing system
Double your ironing speed with pressurised steam
Compact powerful ironing system with Carry-lock
Have all the convenience of a compact and portable sized system iron and double your
ironing speed with pressurised steam.
Fast and powerful ironing
• Up to 4 bars of steam pressure for fast ironing
• Continuous steam up to 100 g/min for fast crease removal
Comfortable ironing
• Ergonomic and lightweight 1.2 kg iron
• Non-stick soleplate coating
Easy to use
• Lock and carry your system effortlessly with one hand
• Variable steam settings to suit every garment
• Easy set-up and storage
ECO-setting: Save energy consumption
• Save 20% energy and 40% water consumption
Pressurised ironing system
Carry-lock ECO
Comfortable ironing
• Anti-scale management: Easy Rinse
• Cord length: 1.9 m
• Ergonomic iron design: Ergonomically designed
iron for comfortable ironing
• Hose length: 1.7
• Safe in use: Overheat safety stop
• Suitable for tap water
• Water tank capacity: 800 ml
Crease removal
Continuous steam: Up to 100 gr/min
Pressurised Steam: Up to 4 bar
Soleplate: Optimal vent pattern
Vertical Steam: Continuous vertical steam
Easy to use
• Control: Steam ready light, Temperature ready
light, Variable steam settings, Water tank empty
• Easy to set up and store: Carry-lock, Compact
design, Easy cord and hose storage
• reaching tricky areas: Button groove, Steam tip
Up to 4 bars steam pressure
Smooth gliding
• Soleplate: Non-stick soleplate
Technical specifications
Boiler wattage: 1370
Frequency: 50–60
Iron wattage: 800
Start-up time: 6
Voltage: 220 - 240
Weight and dimensions
• Product dimensions: 319 x 199 x 166
• Product weight: 5.25
Double your ironing speed with pressurised steam.
Pressurised steam penetrates deep into fabrics,
making your ironing fast and easy, even on difficult
Continuous steam up to 100 g/m
Continuous steam output up to 100 g/min thanks to
the small amounts of water that are pumped into the
boiler each time. For perfect and fast crease removal.
Ergonomic iron
The ergonomic design of the iron facilitates
comfortable ironing by putting less strain on the
wrist. The upwardly sloping handle ensures a natural
position reducing strain during ironing. The iron
design also prevents the repetitive movements
caused by placing an iron on its heel. The iron is light
(1.2 kg) for an easy and comfortable ironing
Carrying your steam system has never been so easy.
Lock your iron to the base using the lock-lever at the
back and carry the entire system with a single hand.
This enables you to carry and store your system
immediately and safely, any time you want.
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