Student BB9 Collaborate Tutorial-7-25

Student BB9 Collaborate Tutorial-7-25
New York City College of Technology
Blackboard Collaborate for Students
Contact Information: 718-254-8565
System Requirements:
Windows XP (32 bit), Windows Vista (32 or 64 bit) or Windows 7 (32 or 64 bit) with Pentium III 1 GHz processor
Mac OS X 10.5 (32 or 64 bit) or Mac OS X 10.6 (32 or 64 bit) with G4, G5, or Intel Processor
Needs Java version 6
256 MB RAM
20 MB free disk space
28.8 KBps Internet connection
For Windows: a sound card with speakers and microphone or headset
For Macs: an internal, USB, or external iSight microphone or headset
To check if whether your plugins are up to date, go to
Getting Started
A. To log into Blackboard Collaborate go to the CUNY portal and log into Blackboard.
B. Go to Tools in your course and click on Blackboard Collaborate.
Entering the Session
A. Click on the session to enter. Your session will automatically download. Click Open to open the session.
a) When you enter the session, you automatically get a Recording Reminder. Click Start to begin recording
your session or just click Close if you don’t want to record the session.
B. Click on the Audio Setup Wizard to run audio wizard. You must run the wizard every time you enter the
C. Setup your Preferences.
a) Go to Edit, then Preferences.
b) Scroll down to locate Connection and then click on Connection. Make sure to select the correct
connection speed. If you are using a computer on campus then you should select LAN.
Student Tutorial
c) Check your Camera Settings to make sure the right webcam is selected.
d) Click Apply and then Close.
D. Setup your Profile.
a) Go to Edit, then Preferences.
b) Scroll down to locate Profile and then click on Profile.
c) Enter you information under the Identity tab. You can also choose to upload a picture for your profile.
You may also enter your information under the Contact and Addresses tabs.
d) Click Apply and then Close.
Student Tutorial
The Participants Panel
You can view and manage your students in this area.
Image taken from Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Moderator’s Guide
1. Expand/Collapse
7. Global options
2. Feedback menu
8. Status area
3. Step Away button
9. Toolbar
4. Raise Hand button
10. Polling
response bar
11. Activity
5. Polling Response
6. Participants list
12. Participant
options menu
Activity Indicators
A. The microphone has been turned on.
B. The Audio Setup Wizard is being run.
C. Video is being transmitted.
D. The user is currently entering a Chat message.
E. The user is using the Whiteboard tools to put content into the Whiteboard.
F. An Application Sharing session is being hosted by that user.
G. The user is running a Web Tour or Web Push.
H. The user is away from the session.
Student Tutorial
1) Audio Chat
a) Use audio chat with the class if you have speakers/headphones and a microphone on your computer. To talk,
click on the Talk button. To stop talking, click on the Talk button once again.
Video Broadcast
a) Use the video broadcast feature with the class if you have a webcam on your computer. Click on the Preview
Video button to preview the broadcast before going live. To broadcast video, click on the Video button. To
stop the broadcast, click on the Video button once again.
2) Text Chat
a) To text chat with the class:
i) Go in to the Chat Panel, and simply type your messages in the Message Text Box. Press Enter on your
keyboard when done.
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The Whiteboard
A. The Whiteboard is where you can draw and write. The session begins in the Whiteboard mode by default.
B. Use the tools on the left to start drawing or writing.
C. Rich or plain text and images can be copied and pasted on to the Whiteboard. Simply copy the object from
another application and then paste it on to the Whiteboard.
D. To Save the Whiteboard pages:
a) Go to File, Save, and then Whiteboard.
b) In the Select Pages dialog box, choose whether you want to save All Pages, the Current Page or
Selected Pages.
c) Enter a file name, select where you want to save it, and then click Save. Note: Save whiteboard file as
a .pdf.
Inserting External Links
A. Click on the Simple Text tool or the Text Editor tool.
B. Click the area on the Whiteboard that you want to type the external link and begin typing the link. Make sure
you use the syntax before the address.
Taking a Quiz
A. The quiz will automatically pop up when the instructor has launched it.
B. Answer the first question and then click on the Forward button to go to the next question. Repeat for each
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C. When you are finished with the quiz, click on the Hand in the quiz button. Click Yes to confirm.
Viewing Quiz Results
A. After all the students have finished and handed in the quiz, the instructor will give each student their result.
B. Click on the Forward button to view the result of the question.
A. The instructor will ask the class a question via audio or text chat.
B. Click on the Respond to Poll button to make a selection.
C. The poll responses are displayed in the Polling Response bar. The poll response for each student is displayed
next to their names in the Participants list.
Web Tour
Instructors may give you permission to share web pages with the class.
A. To have a Web page open on everyone’s computer:
a) Click on the Web Tour button.
b) Type in the URL of the Web site you want to display on everyone’s computer and hit Enter on your
c) Check the Follow Me option if you want everyone to follow you when browse the website. Unchecking the
Follow Me option will allow everyone else to browse the website freely.
d) Switch to Whiteboard mode to end the Web Tour.
Student Tutorial
Application Sharing
Instructors may give you permission to demonstrate an application you have through Blackboard Collaborate without
the instructor and other students having the same application installed on their computers.
A. To begin sharing an application on your computer:
a) Click on the Application Sharing Mode button.
b) You can choose to share a screen area of your desktop, a window, which is just the application, or your
entire desktop. Make your selection and then click Share.
c) If you choose to share an application, a yellow outline box will appear around the application window. To
resize the box, move your mouse over the edges of the application window and drag to the desired size.
d) If you choose to share your desktop, a yellow outline box will appear around the desktop.
e) To end the Application Share session, click the Stop Sharing button. You can also pause the Application
Share session by clicking the Pause Sharing button.
File Transfer Library
Instructors can upload files to share with the class.
A. To access the File Transfer Library, go to the Window menu and select Show File Transfer Library.
B. To download a file:
a) Click on the Save File button.
b) Select where you want to save it and then click Save.
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The Graphing Calculator
To use the calculator, go to the Window menu and select Graphing Calculator.
Image taken from Blackboard Collaborate Web Conferencing Moderator’s Guide
1. Y-axis
8. Restore Default button
2. X-axis
9. Function boxes
3. Zoom buttons
10. Evaluate buttons
4. Shift view area button
11. Minimum X range box
5. Point select button
12. Maximum X range box
6. Grid spacing selection
13. Minimum Y range box
7. Privacy settings
14. Maximum Y range box
Closing the Session
To close the session, simply click on the session window’s Close button. Then click on OK when the confirmation
dialog appears.
Student Tutorial
Access an Archived Session
A. Go to Tools in your course and click on Blackboard Collaborate.
B. Click on the Previously Recorded tab.
C. Click on the session name to download the “play.jnlp” file and play the recorded session (using JAVA).
Student Tutorial
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