CM208TB Tech Data Sheet
Product Technical Data Sheet
Model CM208W-TB
The CM208W-TB is a dual 8” subwoofer intended for background music
playback. It is specifically designed for installation in tile grid ceilings.
The input section includes a low pass crossover as well as high passed
outputs that incorporate our series parallel network for driving four 8 ohm
satellite speakers at an 8 ohm total load. Additionally, by removing a pair of
jumpers the subwoofer can be used with DSP based bi-amp designs while
still incorporating the series parallel network for the high pass satellite
outputs to avoid using 70V transformers.
As an option the subwoofer can be ordered with an internal 70V 60W
transformer. This transformer is in circuit before the crossover so the
subwoofer and four CM Series satellites can be powered by one 70V
amplifier channel if desired.
Key Features
Operating range extending down to 32Hz using dual 8” poly cone drivers
Small format design
Built in crossover with high pass series/paralell outputs for use with other CM
series speakers. This configuration can also be biamped with DSP crossover
based designs for maximum performance
Optional factory installed 70V 60W transformer that can power the subwoofer
and the satellites or just the subwoofer with one 70V amplifier channel
Barrier Strip inputs and outputs
Comes with an installation ring that can be delivered in advance of the
subwoofer for mounting during project construction.
Enclosure and installation ring painted with a Class A fire rated finish
Paintable white grill
High quality business music playback
- Retail
- Restaurant
- Hospitality
Commons area fill music
Rev: 805
Product Specifications
Operating Range 1
Sensitivity (1W/1M) 2
Power Handling 3
Max SPL (calculated) 1 Meter
Recommended Amp Power for Max Output
Nominal Impedance
Suggested DSP Crossover Frequency - HPF
Optional Accessories
32Hz - 200Hz
200W RMS (40 Volts)
112dB SPL
400 Watts @ 8 ohms
8 Ohms or optional 70V 60W tap
30Hz - 4th order BW
100Hz - 4th order BW
Dual 8” Woofers
Barrier Strip
19” L (48.3cm)
19” W (48.3cm)
15.75” D (40cm)
13ply Baltic Birch
45 lbs (20.4kg) Shipping 63lbs (28.6kg)
Included eye-bolts (4)
Internal 60W 70V transformer
White Grill with white trim (paintable)
1. LF at -10dB
2. Full bandwidth pink noise is applied and amplified to a level and
measured at the loudspeaker terminals - corresponding to 1 Watt as
referenced to the loudspeakers nominal impedance. SPL is measured in
a half-space environment in the loudspeakers far field. Data is
extrapolated to 1 Meters distance from the loudspeaker.
3. AES established with ambient temperature at 22C in accordance with
AES/2-1984 standard. IEC stated in RMS voltage according to IEC 268-5
1650 W. Jackson Ozark, MO 65721 (417) 883-4549
CM208W-TB Drawings
Included eyebolts
Matched Cut-aways
Included fasteners
Rev: 805
1650 W. Jackson Ozark, MO 65721 (417) 883-4549
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