Philips HX7990/02 Datasheet

Philips HX7990/02 Datasheet
Philips Sonicare
UV Brush Head Sanitiser
Kills 99%* of bacteria
on your brush head
Philips Sonicare introduces a new innovation with a UV Sanitiser that helps kill up to 99%
of bacteria* on your toothbrush. With a simple push of a button, UV Clean technology
sanitises your brush head to clean right down to the bristles.
• UV clean technology helps kill germs on your brush head
• All around clean reflection for optimal results
• Simple push of the button safeguards against germs
• Auto shut-off turns off after 10-minute cycle is complete
• Hygienic storage for your brush head
Additional features
• Fits Sonicare e-series and ProResults brush heads
• Fits Oral-B FlexiSoft and FlossAction brush heads
UV Brush Head Sanitiser
UV clean technology
One touch
Items included
• Brush head clips
• UV sanitiser
Technical specifications
• Bulb type: UV-C 254 nm
• Power consumption: 5.4 @ 100 V/6.0 @ 240 V W
Design and finishing
• Colour: Dental White with silver base
Specially engineered Philips UV sanitising technology
helps kill germs on brush heads.
Simple push of the button safeguards against germs.
Auto shut-off
All around clean
The reflector distributes sanitising light around the
entire top of the brush head for optimal results.
Turns off after 10-minute UV clean cycle is complete.
Hygienic storage for your brush head.
Issue date 2011-02-10
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