gewas 191 gewas 191a alschu 480 alschu 480p gewas 200

gewas 191 gewas 191a alschu 480 alschu 480p gewas 200
No more water damage !
24-hour supervision of your washing machine
and/or dish washer or any other devices using
ALSCHU 485 OE / 3P
cpl. and ready for use incl. controller, water
probe, solenoid, signal buzzer
GEWAS 191A cpl. as above but equipped with switch-off
mechanism for supervised device in case of
alarm (up to 16A, 220 V 50 Hz)
Application: washing machine, dish washer, surgeries (eg dentists’ surgeries, water-cooled devices etc.),
hospitals, industry, research, laboratories, any other
devices and machines with water connection (eg. hot
drinks dispensers, cooling devices etc.)
Installation: easy to install - even for unskilled
persons - in two minutes without any additonal
parts or tools being required.
Solenoid valve: glass-fibre reinforced polyamide
(also used for washing machines). Extra low voltage
for safety 12 V DC. Screw connections 3/4" for direct
mounting to water tap or any other standard washing machine or dish washer connecting tube 1/2
“ with 3/4” wing/union nut at valve outlet. Valve
closes automatically in case of power failure. (Min.
pressure difference between inlet and outlet: feed
pressure min. 0.5 bar over discharge pressure)
Water sensor: highly sensitive plug-in water probe,
2 m cable. Alarm triggered as of 1/2 mm water film.
Several water probes can be plugged-in and used simultaneously by means of socket outlet adaptor GAZ 1.
2 m, 5 m or 10 m plug-in extension cable available.
Alarm triggering: in case of an alarm the valve
closes, the signal buzzer is sounding and the device connected is switched off (only for GEWAS
191A - single pole one-way switch)
Device housing with electronics: enclosed case
(not suitable for use in humid environment), electronics,
signal buzzer, plug connections for valve and water
sensor. Housing with earthing pin plug connection and
socket outlet with earthing contact. Looping-in socket
outlet with earthing contact used for GEWAS 191;
alarm controlled socket outlet with earthing contact
used for GEWAS 191 A, ie up to 16 A (ohmic load) and
220 V 50 Hz will be switched off in case of alarm.
Power consumption: approx. 3 W only using
energy-saving circuitry.
Accessories and spare parts:
GMV191 spare solenoid
GWF-1S plug-in water sensor, 2m GWF-1S / 5m plug-in water sensor, 5m GWF-1S / 10m plug-in water sensor, 10m GAZ-1 socket outlet adapter (required for each additional water sensor)
VEKA 2 extension cable 2m VEKA 5 extension cable 5m VEKA 10 extension cable 10m 98
Protection device for universal apPlug-in level controller - no moving
plication with switching output for
parts at all
any purpose - Available as plug-in or
panel mounted device.
with or without alarm transmitter and relay switching output (changeover contact)
plug-in for 230V~ (plug not included)
as above, but with volt-free switching output
Panel-mounted alarm protection device with volt-free
relay output (snap-on mounting for top hat rail in
special snap-on housing) (sensor not included)
Application: alarm in case of any liquid leaking or
penetrating, prevents water damage by closing solenoid valves of any size and by offering the possibility
to plug any number of water probes. Volt-free alarm
contact for damage report to supervision centre (eg
ALSCHU 480 P or GEWAS 200). Accoustic or optical
(flashing pilot lamp) alarm available. We manufacture
custom-designed devices for your requirements.
Specification: (ALSCHU)
Control device: (ALSCHU) 112x71x48 mm
(HxWxD), operation indicator lamp, selector
switch: pos. I (switching output de-energised in
case of alarm), pos. II (switching output energised
in case of alarm). On/Off switch, sensor socket.
Power supply: 230 V 50 Hz (approx. 1VA)
(others upon request), automatic via earthing pin
adaptor plug
Control output: sensor controlled adaptor plug
with socket outlet with earthing contact. Direct
switching capacity approx. 2400 VA (10 A ohmic
load) at 230 V 50 Hz. Volt-free output for ALSCHU
480 P for any DC or AC voltages up to max. 220 V.
Contactor to be triggered in case of higher voltages,
rotary current or higher outputs.
Specification: (GEWAS 200)
Power supply: 220 V/240 V 50/60 Hz (others
upon request), power consumption approx. 1 VA
Switching relay output: relay (changeover contact) 230 V 50/60 Hz (10 A ohmic load)
Sensor connection: direct connection for 2 water
probes GWF-1 (parallel connection for any number
of probes).
Electric connection: screw-type terminals
for filling or emptying
(as above, but without electrodes - connect. for two 2-pin. eleetrodes)
(as above, but without electrodes - connection for 3-pin eleetrode)
We manufacture electrodes of any diameter
and length according to your specifications
Application: automatic control of drain pumps
and sewage removal plants, overflow and dry
running protection, automatic filling and emptying
of containers, basins, tanks, control of liquid level
in storage tanks, aquariums, etc.
Advantages: no installation costs, only plug-in
connections, ready for use within seconds, trouble-free operation as no moveable float switches
are used, any electrode distance, can be set by
customer up to 2 m etc. etc..
Control device: housing 112 x 71 x 48 mm.
Flashing LED indicating control state. Selector switch
for emptying or filling. Plug-in socket for electrodes.
Power supply: control device 230 V 50 Hz approx. 1 VA, automatic by connecting grounded
adaptor plug.
Control output: via grounded adaptor plug with
earthing and socket outlet with earthing, electrode
control. Direct switching capacity approx. 1200 VA
at 230 V 50 Hz (approx. 5 A ohmic load). Extra
high protective capacity by external triggering of
a contactor or semiconductor relay.
Electrodes: standard design: plug-in, stainless
steel pins, PVC body and 2 m of PVC cable (any
lengths against upcharge)
Please note: for media leaving residues (such as
salt water, sewage etc.) we recommend a 3-pin
Accessories and spare parts:
GWF-1S plug-in water sensor, 2m GWF-1 water sensor without plug, 2m GAZ-1 socket outlet adapter (required for each additional water sensor)
GSS-1S level probe (plug-in float switch)
for electrically non-conductive media (normally open/
normally closed function can be selected by customer)
GNS-1S plug-in level probe 2-pin (stainless steel electrodes)
GSAS-1S plug-in, self-adhesive
magnetic contact
GNS-3P level probe 3-pin
(standard lenght: 15 cm, switching distance: 1cm, 2m cable)
other lenght available.
Upcharge each beginning 10cm
teflon covered electrode staffs, only tip
is uncovered (für electrodes used in salt water, ...)
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