Operating Instructions
Operating Instructions
Seat height
Pull up on the lever and press
down on, or remove weight
from the seat. The seat is
locked at the height at which
the lever is released.
the arms
Armrest height Lift
Thigh to trunk angle should
be 90˚ or slightly more to help
keep your pelvis up-right and
your spine aligned in a natural
‘S’ shape.
Kg Tension
The strength of the synchro
mechanism can be adjusted
to your weight by rotating
the front tension control.
(Turn clockwise to increase
resistance, and anti clockwise
to decrease resistance)
Create the feeling of floating
to encourage improved blood
circulation and comfortable
changes of posture. The
tension should not be too soft
so that you instantly recline
and not too hard that you
can’t naturally push back.
upwards to
height - (when they reach their
maximum height they will
travel freely downward to their
lowest position).
Back height
The armrests should touch your
forearms when your shoulders
and elbows are relaxed at your
side. This will avoid strain in the
neck and upper limbs.
Back Lock
Push down on the lever and
lean against the backrest
to recline the seat and back.
Pull the lever up to lock
in position.
Note: The synchromove action
features a safety lock system push back on the cushion and
then lean slightly forward to
release the lock after pushing
the lever down.
Keep the chair unlocked most
of the time. Make full use of the
chair movement - especially
when on the phone or reaching
behind you.
Lift the back upwards into
the desired position, it will
incrementally click into place.
(When the back reaches
its maximum height, it will
travel freely downward to its
lowest position)
The back lumbar should
fit the small of your back to
maintain the natural ‘S’ shape
of the spine.
Seat Depth
Press the button in, and slide
the seat into the desired
position to increase or decrease
the seat depth.
There should be up to three
fingers gap between the front of
the seat and behind your knees.
This will ensure adequate thigh
support without obstructing
leg movement.
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