C30 8 Button Configuration C30
The 8-Button C30 System:
Back Jet
String LED
Control Features:
Variable Speed Pump with Wave mode
Back Jet Massage Mode
String LED Light System with built in 30-minute timer
Two user preference set buttons
7-Segment digital water temperature display
Programmable run-timer
½ Minute automatic button dimming
High water scalding alarm
The Programmable System Run-Timer:
In order to operate the pump, the run-timer must be programmed by pressing the timer button. If the button is pressed and held, the
timer will scroll through the programmable run-times. Release the button on the desired amount of run-time. The maximum
programmable time is 30-minutes. If the light device is on when the main run-timer is programmed and the light time remaining is less
than the programmed run-time, the light will remain on until the system run-timer expires.
Variable Speed Pump Operation:
In variable speed pump mode the speed control is worked into a one-button operation. Pressing and releasing the button will turn the
pump speed full ON or full OFF depending on the current state of the pump. To vary the speed of the pump, pressing and holding the
button will start the pump at high speed and after 3 seconds begin to decrease down to the lowest speed. The digits on the display will
indicate the speed numbers down to the lowest speed setting. A release of the button on a particular setting will stop the pump’s speed
adjustment and remain on the selected speed setting. A continuous hold of the button for 2 seconds while in lowest speed (SP1) will
activate the ‘wave mode’ feature of the pump. ‘WA’ is shown on the digital display to indicate that the ‘wave mode’ has been
activated, release the button and the system will remain in the ‘wave mode’. If a variable speed pump is active, a press and hold of the
pump button will always return the pump to full speed, and cancel any activated ‘wave’ modes.
½ Minute Button Dimming Feature:
When the system run-timer is active, the keypad buttons are brightly backlit. If no buttons are actuated for 30 seconds, the
backlighting will revert to a 50% brightness level. Pressing any button will cause the display buttons to return to full brightness again.
Digital Water Temperature Display:
Once the system detects the presence of water, the digital display will show the temperature of the water and the timer LED will light
up. The timer must be programmed; then the pump motor is available for activation.
High Water Scalding Alarm Feature:
If the temperature of the detected water exceeds 111 degrees Fahrenheit, the digital display will flash ‘too’ ‘hot’. All device activation
will be prohibited. If the over-temperature is detected while system functions are operational, all functions except the light device will
be shutdown. Once the temperature no longer exceeds the high limit, the system will be available for re-programming of the run-timer.
The String LED System Operation:
The string LED device can be operated independently of the pump motor system. Pressing and releasing the string LED button
activates the string lights; a second press deactivates the string lights. Once the string light system has been activated, an internal light
timer is set to 30-minutes. If the string light system is left on for 30-minutes it will automatically be shut down.
The Back Jet Massage Mode Feature:
The system pump motor must first be operational for the back jet feature to operate. Once the pump is active, the back jet massage can
be cycled through various stages of operation; full on stage, fast speed stage, medium speed stage, and slow speed stage. The first
press selects the full on stage, second press selects the fast speed, third press selects the medium speed, fourth press selects the slow
speed, and the fifth press shuts the back jet massage off.
User Preference Buttons:
The user preference buttons are only available while the system run timer is in the count down phase. Once a preferred system
operation has been set, pressing and holding one of the user buttons until ‘Sto’ (Store) appears on the digital display will store the
personal settings profile to memory. If it is a first time program, then the display will store the setting without a press and hold of the
user button. In order to retrieve the stored setting from memory, press and release the user button once the run-timer has been
programmed; the system will recall the stored functional settings that were stored. A 20-minute timer is automatically selected when a
user preference is recalled.
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