Syncing your Passwords between computers in

Syncing your Passwords between computers in
Syncing your Passwords between computers in Active Directory
If you have both a desktop and a laptop configured for Active Directory, there may be a time when your
passwords are not in sync. The following will explain how this can happen and how to easily resolve the
Your Active Directory password (please note this is also your EMail, Meeting Maker, and other IT Services
password) must be changed every 180 days. So if you are at work and you change your password, all the
services you connect to will use the new password. However, until your laptop is connected to the network,
it will still remember your old password. The password syncing can only happen once the laptop is
connected to the campus network either directly or via VPN.
To Sync Your Passwords if you are On-Campus and Connected to Ethernet BEFORE Startup
If you have your laptop on campus and have connected it to an Ethernet connection BEFORE starting it up,
you can simply enter your NEW password and the passwords will be synced.
To Sync Your Passwords if you are Off-campus or Connecting Via Wireless
Start up your laptop
Enter your OLD password (the one you were using prior to the change you just made)
Connect your computer to the Internet via Home Ethernet or Wireless
Connect to the UMass Dartmouth VPN (You should have a shortcut to UMassD VPN on your desktop)
Pleas contact the IT Service Center if you need assistance with VPN
Once you have successfully connected the UMass Dartmouth VPN, press Ctrl-Alt-Del to get to the
Windows Security Screen
Select Lock Computer
Press Ctrl-Alt-Del again to Unlock the Computer
Now Enter your NEW password
Congratulations, your passwords are now Synced
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