Running Audio Cable Sucks. Get CobraNet® at the Wall. Da

Running Audio Cable Sucks. Get CobraNet® at the Wall. Da
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September 2010
Running Audio Cable Sucks. Get CobraNet® at the Wall.
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PreSonus FaderPort Overview
Running StudioLive with iPad
TV ONE adds EDID & CEC Selector.
Allen & Heath adds new cards
and XDR-16 for iLive Series and new
Manufacturers currently running
Hosa - 25% off XRR & XFF XLR Series
- 30% off SH-16x4-50 Stage Box
Let's face it, live audio installations can be a royal pain in the assets. Cabling is
expensive. Architecture limits your placement options. Expansions create a
patchwork rat's nest. Mystery ground loops, faulty connections and EMI buzz
make you run in circles.
Think of how much simpler it would be if you could just convert your signal to
digital and send it over a CAT-5 cable. Attero Tech's Out-of-the-Box A/V products
let you do just that: get a CobraNet® networked audio system installed quickly,
easily, and cost-effectively. It's all of the digital, none of the analog, and you
won't have to grab your ankles on the price.
Check Out Our Full Line of CobraNet A/V Products
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Da-Cappo DA12 Earworn Miniature Microphone
Line Card
The DA12 is an earworn miniature microphone, the boom being only 2.5mm in
diameter. It is worn under the ear and uses hypoallergenic surgical latex that is
adjustable to fit any ear. The latex makes the microphone very comfortable to
wear over long periods of time and heats to the body temperature so you forget
you are wearing it. The capsule is broadcast quality and is manufactured by a
Danish hearing aid manufacturer.
The DA12 has a removable cable and adapter system that uses a compact screw
and o-ring to create a secure watertight connection. The DA12 comes in a zipper
leatherette case containing the microphone, cable, cable clip, and wind sock. The
DA12 is comparable to the DPA 4066 in quality but priced like the Countryman
Click here for more information
Did you know about all of the Digital Audio Networking options that Allen & Heath has for the iLive and iLive-T Series for handling up to 64
channels of bi-directional audio is available. These small interface cards can be fitted to Slot A and Slot B * in iLive MixRacks and Surfaces
fitted with the RAB2 module, and to Port B in the T Series MixRacks. They greatly expand the capability of the system providing digital snake,
mic splitting, networking with other mix, broadcast and personal monitoring systems, multitrack recording and more. Popular industry
standards are supported such as EtherSound, MADI, ADAT, Aviom™ as well as the cost effective point-to-point Allen & Heath ACE™ link.
More will be made available as new standards become established.
Click here for more information.
Allen & Heath ZED-428 - Regular Dealer - $1199.40 - Your Price - $1079.46
Audix DP7 - Regaular Dealer - $759.40 - Your Price - $607.52
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...Plus More..................
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