Le Mirage Loft at "New York - New York" Case Study

Le Mirage Loft at "New York - New York" Case Study
High-Powered Systems
Apogee Tops the
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at Banquet Hall Facility
The Challenge
• New sound installation in department store loft
• Create a festive, high-energy environment featuring
lifelike, distortion-free sound
• Loft dimensions: 162’ L (49.4m) x 64’ W (19.5m)
with a two-tiered ceiling of 26’ H (8m) and 15’ H (4.5m)
Product Highlights
The Solution
The Wedding House Taipei Corporation had used the services of
Apogee distributor Taiwan Denpo to install Apogee speakers
because of their superior sound quality. Later, when they opened
the Wedding House Taipei Sinyi — also called Le Mirage — a loft
in the high-end New York-New York department store, they naturally looked to Apogee speakers once again.
To meet customer needs and ensure a clean, crisp sound, a welldesigned, high-end configuration of Apogee speakers was selected.
Le Mirage’s décor resembles a traditional Chinese restaurant
complete with elegant oriental carpeting and crystal light fixtures.
Customers gather at Le Mirage for weddings, fashion and trade
shows, seminars, and other special events every day. “Weddings
in Taipei may include A / V recording of the newlyweds, their
family, and friends as they dance,” according to Jennifer Wang, a
representative from Taiwan Denpo.
New York-New York’s sound system was purchased through and
installed by Taiwan Denpo, the exclusive distributor for Apogee in
The speakers are located approximately 10 feet above the floor to
ensure sound flow is unobstructed by any thematic floor or ceiling displays which can vary with every event. Other components
in the Le Mirage sound system include a mixer, wireless microphone, and a CD player.
The Result
Customers at New York-New York’s Le Mirage enjoy hearing rich,
lifelike sound while attending weddings and other events. The
frequent bookings for this room attest to the level of customer
satisfaction with the sound, atmosphere, and services.
To help create the perfect sound profile, right from the start, Taiwan
Denpo chose to work with sound experts at Apogee. This professional
collaboration led to a faster, more comprehensive installation ensuring
the best placement, positioning and system design to meet the diverse
needs of Le Mirage customers.
Three amplifiers power the Apogee Loudspeakers (ALA-9) that produce
maximum continuous sound pressure levels of 136 dB to overcome the
ambient sound levels. The loudspeaker’s wide dynamic range makes
them well suited for environments where high sound pressure levels
are needed.
The ALA-9 Loudspeakers exhibit a sensitivity (1W @ 1m) of:
* Low frequency: 100 dB,
* Medium frequency: 108 dB and
* High frequency: 112 dB.
The speakers’ frequency response (1 meter on axis) ranges from
45 Hz to 17.5 kHz ± 3 dB.
To ensure deep, accurate response, 4 Concert Subwoofers (AE-12s2)
were installed. Designed for maximum power handling of 1200 watts
continuous or 4800 watts peak, these proven, high-performance
speakers provide greater power handling capacity, lower distortion,
and control of short-term impedance rise.
Another 4 Apogee Fixed Installation Subwoofers (AFI-118) emit
a deep, rich, and powerful bass in the loft. Sound dispersion is
omni-directional and can provide 125 dB continuous or 131 dB peak
at 1 meter on axis in frequencies ranging from 35 Hz to 70 Hz ± 3 dB.
Finally, 8 Apogee Fixed Installation Series Loudspeakers (AFI-3)
are used for their high frequency pattern control and rotatable horn
flexibility to provide a harmonious match between sound output and
banquet hall acoustics. Maximum power handling extends from 200
watts continuous to 800 watts peak.
Loudspeaker Controllers
To ensure optimal loudspeaker performance and manage the
multi-functional sound system, Le Mirage uses 5 Apogee Digital
Loudspeaker Controllers (DLC24). Equipped with 12 bands
of parametric equalization per input, the DLC24 Controllers help
maintain clear, powerful, and lifelike sound in the Le Mirage Hall.
By networking all five units, the DLC24 Controllers enable the DJ or
house engineer to monitor speaker status, and re-configure the
sound system depending on type of event, all by remote control.
Although DJs in Taiwan typically use analog consoles to control the
whole system, the versatile Apogee Digital Loudspeaker Controller
(DLC24) also permits control via a computer. These features allow
for optimal speaker performance in any setting.
Equipment List
• 8 Apogee Acoustic Linear Array Loudspeakers (ALA-9)
• 4 Apogee Concert Subwoofers (AE-12s2)
• 8 Apogee Fixed Installation Loudspeakers (AFI-3)
• 4 Apogee Fixed Installation Subwoofers (AFI-118)
• 5 Apogee Digital Loudspeaker Controllers (DLC24)
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