DSP Research, Inc. DS
DSP Research, Inc.
Key Features:
 First to implement H.264 / MPEG4-AVC
 40% lower bit rate than MPEG4-ASP and higher quality
 4 channels real time CIF H.264 / MPEG4-AVC encoding
 Audio and video
 Highest picture quality
 PCI board. Plugs in to any PC
 Cascades for up to 24 channels per PC
 Unique security feature: Water marking
 PAL and NTSC
Data Sheet
H.264 / MPEG4-AVC Encoder
When it comes to Video Compression, no other board comes
close the video quality and compression ratio of the DS-4004H
from DSP Research, Inc.
The codec yields higher picture quality and about 40% lower
bit rate than is possible with MPEG4-ASP, and even greater
improvements when compared to MPEG4-SP or MPEG2. The
board is the ultimate, most efficient and flexible in CIF video
compression today.
The new H.264 / MPEG-AVC standard
The new H.264 / MPEG4-AVC video compression standard is
the first to be ratified by both the ISO/IEC and ITU-T. It raises
the bar considerably compared to MPEG4-ASP and yields better picture quality while significantly lowering the bit rate. This
allows lower overall system cost and enables new video applications. H.264 / MPEG4-AVC is considered the greatest achievement in video compression in the past 10 years and is already
finding its way into many mainstream video applications.
Software Upgradable
The many features and flexibility of the DS-4004H along with
the power of H.264 / MPEG-AVC make this board the perfect
choice for security and surveillance applications as well as many
other video tasks. Come see why people are switching to the DS4004H. 
The DS-4004H board from DSP Research, Inc. is the very first
implementation of this new exciting standard. It is the result of
intense research and development in video compression over the
last 10 years.
The compression codec in DS-4004H is implemented in software
running on the optimized media processors. This means that it is
possible to upgrade the codec through new firmware without any
hardware changes.
The Ideal Video Encoding Board
The DS-4004H uses four media processors, each with its own
video input, VIP (Video Input Processor), memory and PCI
interface. On each processor runs our heavily optimized H.264 /
MPEG4-AVC codec.
Unit 1
Media Processor
Unit 3
Unit 2
Key Applications
 Video Surveillance
 Streaming video
 Distance learning
Four composite
video and audio
channel input
 Video on demand
 Broadcasting
PCI Bridge
Unit 4
DS-4004H Hardware/Firmware
DS-4004H Hardware/Firmware
Physical & Environmental
4 composite video channels
H.264 / MPEG4-AVC
Frame rate
25 f/s for PAL, 30 f/s for NTSC
Bit rate
VBR (70-1000 kbps), CBR
Single PCI card; 250 mm by 99 mm
(not including bracket, edge connector and retainer)
228 g
Operating Temperature
0 to 85 C
DS-4004H Software
4 channels
OS Requirements
Win2000, NT, XP, Linux
Example code
Sample rate
16 KHz
Demo application code for both local
and network version included
Bit rate
16 kbps
Complete SDK with software support libraries for all on-board devices, and for communication with the
host system, including loader. Standard C library
H.264 decoder
High performance SW H.264
decoder is included at no additional
charge. Uses very little CPU power.
For example, on 800 MHz PentiumII, only 20% is used.
Board interface
DB15 with 4 composite video and
4 audio channels. Converter cables
PCI interface
PCI 2.2 compliant
Timestamp/logo overlay
Yes, OSD
Frame rate adjustable
Yes. 1-25 for PAL, 1-30 for NTSC
Picture structure preset
I, B, P frame order (#B frames adj)
Picture quality control
Yes, VIP control
Motion detection
Yes, with alarm trigger
Watermark support
Yes. Unique security feature
Auto detect
I picture capture
Yes. bmp format available
Cascading of boards
# of DS-4004H boards
Many DS-4004H boards can run
simultaneously in any PC for realtime encoding of more than 24
video streams
Power Requirements
Power Consumption
DSP Research, Inc.
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